Leyton Family<3 {My hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 trích dẫn for my hàng đầu, đầu trang 10 couples} Tyrion/Sansa ; your yêu thích quote?

Pick one:
"I will pray for your an toàn, két an toàn return." "Will you?" "Just as I pray for the king's."
"Lady Stark. bạn may survive us yet."
"My lady, I am sorry for your loss."
"I am loyal to my beloved Joffrey." "Of course bạn are."
"I want her. I want Winterfell, yes, but I want her as well."
"She is no longer yours to torment."
"I promise bạn one thing, my lady. I won't ever hurt you."
"I won't share your bed. Not until bạn want me to."
"The disgraced daughter and the demon monkey. We're perfect for each other."
"Has lord Tyrion mistreated you?" "No." "Has he been kind to you?" "He's tried."
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