Leyton Family<3 {Female personality countdown ; Round 11} Atie ; pick the female character who bạn think is LEAST like her personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Mary Stuart
Elena Gilbert
Peyton Sawyer
Allison Argent
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Clarke Griffin
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 XxXrachellXxX posted hơn một năm qua
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XxXrachellXxX picked Mary Stuart:
Allison Argent - Teen Wolf
- Allison is a very kind, loving young woman. She is always there for the people she loves. She can get a bit sensitive and overemotional, too, but she is a very badass person. She is very gifted with the bow and arrow, and definitely doesn't need anyone's help in protecting herself. She's romantic and selfless, as well as very determined and independent with a heart of gold.

Clarke Griffin - The 100
Clarke is the co leader of the sky people along with bellamy..she's a born leader,she's smart,caring and very strategic. She knows when to make the hard choices,she cares about others more than her own self.she is always a little too hard on herself.and tries her best to save everyone even when she knows she can't.
She's also very brave and can put people in their places and she can go all hbic if someone messes with her friends.

Mary Stuart - Reign
- Mary is very passionate and strong. She loved her country and will do anything to protect it. She starts off the show as somewhat naive and too trusting but she soon begans to realize that the world isnt such a great place and is filled with some bad people. This causes her to toughen up and become more headstrong.

Elena Gilbert - The Vampire Diaries
- In the beginning Elena is introduced as a very sweet, kind person. She is a bit clumsy even, which only adds to her adorable charm. She is loyal, caring, honest and very brave. She is a believer in true love. After her parents' death, her strength was tested, but she proved to be stronger than anyone thought. After becoming a vampire, her personality changed in some aspects, but her strength and inner beauty always stayed the same.

Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
- Peyton is, as she claims, a loner. Despite this, she has a lot of people in her life that she cares about and who care about her. She is very much a fighter. She's gone through so much in life and she's still not afraid to love or be herself. She is very creative and artistic, but is a bit insecure about her abilities. She is a honest, loyal person who is very loving and caring towards her loved ones. She is strong and capable of taking care of herself and the people she loves.

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XxXrachellXxX picked Mary Stuart:
WOW, WHAT ON EARTH?? Atie, help :S
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Kirkir picked Elena Gilbert:
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mooshka picked Mary Stuart:
That was hard but Mary sometimes does some really dumb decisions lmfao.
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Elbelle23 picked Mary Stuart:
Eeeeeppppp I think...idk
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Sakkara98 picked Mary Stuart:
Not Elena ! !!!
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