Leyton Family<3 {Female personality countdown ; Round 8} Amber ; pick the female character who bạn think is LEAST like her personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Isabel Neville
Anne Neville
Amy Santiago
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Annie Edison
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Belle French
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Claire Littleton
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Pam Beesly
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Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
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XxXrachellXxX picked Isabel Neville:
Claire Littleton - Lost
- Claire is one of the sweetest people on the island. She's been through a lot in her life, but she's managed to get through it all and keeps fighting no matter what. She is caring and gentle and always eager to help others. She's curious and patient, and even though she toughens up during the course of the show, she never loses her inner beauty or her (slightly naive) open-minded way of seeing life.

Belle French - Once Upon a Time
- Belle is a very curious, intelligent person. All her life she wanted to go on adventures and be brave. And once she was given the chance to do so, she proved herself braver than anyone would have thought. She's very selfless and righteous. She's romantic and believes in true love. She is extremely loyal to the people she loves and even though she can be a bit judgmental sometimes, she is very open-minded and gentle.

Annie Edison - Community
- Annie is someone who is very intelligent and competitive. She is ambitious and enthusiastic and always strives to be the best. She can also be a bit naive at times. She is also a character who can come across as a bit quirky from time to time. But overall she is a very caring character who cares about the people that she loves.

Amy Santiago - Brooklyn Nine Nine
Amy is very type A. She has a nerdy side and can be intense and over achieving at times. She always wants to win. Amy knows shes not everyones ideal girl but she loves the way she is and would never change herself.

Pam Beesly - The Office
- Pam is a very modest character. She is definitely not attention-seeking, and often stays calm and patient in all situations. She's very logical and practical, and very hardworking. She's empathetic and romantic, and is a very gentle friend as well as a girlfriend/wife. Her sense of humor slightly differs from her co-workers, but she still has one and she still knows how to have a good time as well as work hard.

Anne Neville - The White Queen
- Anne is the younger Neville sister who was always overshadowed by her sister. Once the family's power struggle for glory started, she was hesitant at first, eager to see the good even in their enemies. She remained innocent and gentle for a very long time in a group of people who were anything but. By the end of the show she became more ambitious and cunning, but still kept some of her innocence.

Isabel Neville - The White Queen
- At first Isabel was very eager for the chance of rising high with the help of her family. She was very classy and polite, always acting very ladylike in any sort of situations. However, as she began to realize the cost of power, she became more hesitant and more eager to just have a normal life with her husband. She was always very intelligent and patient, as well as gentle and kind towards the people that she loves.

Snow White - Once Upon a Time
- Snow is one of the kindest characters on the show. She can appear as a bit naive from time to time, but she is very gentle and forgiving. She is open-minded and very motherly towards everyone she knows. After she had to run away from the Evil Queen, she also found her strength and bravery and managed to take care of herself all on her own. She believes in true love and would do anything for the people she loves.

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Round 1: Lorelai Gilmore

This actually hurts more than I can describe. But I just CANNOT vote for anything else yet. Actually, I can't vote for anything. Can we just close these picks?? :P
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Sakkara98 picked Isabel Neville:
OMG ! That's impossible ! They're all Amber soo much !
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Elbelle23 picked Isabel Neville:
I DON'T KNOW...Maybe the others a tiny tiny bit more
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XNaley_JamesX picked Isabel Neville:
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marakii picked Isabel Neville:
following 'cause i have no idea :p
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