Leyton Family<3 {Female personality countdown ; Round 7} Maria ; pick the female character who bạn think is LEAST like her personality-wise! (READ descriptions, please)

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Meredith Grey
Miranda Hobbes
Carrie Bradshaw
Kate Beckett
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Lily Aldrin
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Peyton Sawyer
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Rachel Green
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Rachel Berry
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Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard
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 XxXrachellXxX posted hơn một năm qua
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XxXrachellXxX picked Meredith Grey:
Kate Beckett - Castle
- She's really smart ,strong, loyal and moral. A very logical person ,whos's always searching for the truth because she wants to find justice for everyone and make people's life better.Her walls are up and she is difficult to open up to but once she does you realise the funny and teasing side of her personality.She's also romantic and she's not so secretly fangirling over her favorite shows/books.

Rachel Green - Friends
- At first Rachel is seen as a quite spoiled young woman who has nothing to do with her life. But as time goes on, she decides to change her life. She slowly becomes a very respectful career woman with a heart of gold. She's always there for her friends no matter what, and besides that she is very romantic and passionate. She can sometimes be seen as a bit naive or sensitive, but all in all she's very intelligent and kind.

Peyton Sawyer - One Tree Hill
- Peyton is, as she claims, a loner. Despite this, she has a lot of people in her life that she cares about and who care about her. She is very much a fighter. She's gone through so much in life and she's still not afraid to love or be herself. She is very creative and artistic, but is a bit insecure about her abilities. She is a honest, loyal person who is very loving and caring towards her loved ones. She is strong and capable of taking care of herself and the people she loves.

Meredith Grey - Grey's Anatomy
- Meredith is a character who comes across as "dark and twisty" at first. She is very private and uneager to let people in, but as time goes by, she develops and becomes more open and kind-hearted. She is very loyal towards the people that she loves and would do absolutely anything to protect them. She is fun to hang out with, and even though she has her messy periods, she can also be very professional and supportive.

Rachel Berry - Glee
- Optimistic girl who wants to make her dream come true and become a star. She started off with her high school glee club and made her closest friends there, who learnt to love her with her flaws.She's hard-working, bossy, organized, smart, a loyal friend and a very strong perso that overcame anything life threw at her with joy, confidence and passion of what she does.

Snow White - Once Upon a Time
- Snow is one of the kindest characters on the show. She can appear as a bit naive from time to time, but she is very gentle and forgiving. She is open-minded and very motherly towards everyone she knows. After she had to run away from the Evil Queen, she also found her strength and bravery and managed to take care of herself all on her own. She believes in true love and would do anything for the people she loves.

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City
- Carrie is the typical American girl, she's dating, shopping, and having her best times with her girlfriends. Carrie is thinking and analyzing a lot which usually ends up creating problems where there are not any, is a very confidant and supportive friend, searches for real love, loves fashion and writing and her biggest love is New York.

Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother
- Lily is a sweetheart. She is a kindergarten teacher, and she is an excellent mother figure. She can be very responsible and caring, but at times can also let it loose and be fun to hang out with (again, not that these are mutually exclusive). She has very high standards that she lives up to and expects others to live up to as well. She is very imaginative and creative, and sometimes lets her mind wander. She is very romantic and very good at long-term relationships of all sorts.

Miranda Hobbes - Sex and the City
- She is a single lawyer in NYC, the cynical and feminist of the group. She loves her job and her girlfriends more than any guy and she's not trying to find love until love finds her. Her guilty pleasure are soap operas and gossip magazines.

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None!!! I'm only picking Meredith because of what Mooshie said last round about her being a little too dark&twisty and extreme sometimes... but none :/
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Sakkara98 picked Meredith Grey:
^Yeah, same =)
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Elbelle23 picked Meredith Grey:
I think Meredith...and mainly what Rach and Mooshy said about her being a bit more dark and twisted
posted hơn một năm qua.
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tvdlover picked Meredith Grey:
^ Yes! But none!
posted hơn một năm qua.
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marakii picked Meredith Grey:
I'm following the rest of you because, even though lately I found myself relating to Mer a lot, a) I have no idea who to choose ,b) the others fit more .

p.s. I would go w/Carrie but then Carrie is thinking and analyzing a lot which usually ends up creating problems where there are not any
THAT'S ME ! Overanalyzing everything
posted hơn một năm qua.
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Nicolas97 picked Carrie Bradshaw:
It's either Carrie or Meredith for me =]
posted hơn một năm qua.