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 Luisana Lopilato 2012
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tranh sáng tạo của người hâm mộ
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 bạn became real Những người bạn to me <3
You became real friends to me <3
Some nice words from your yêu thích Jess,right? :P
Well giáng sinh is coming & as much as I tình yêu the Secret Santa, I still wanted to give something to all of bạn . So I decided to put my tình yêu for each one of bạn into words & I hope bạn like it {well of course bạn like it, I mean bạn get compliments,right?}
Btw, while listening to this have this song as a backkground sound: link

Nad ;
For me Nad has this really underrated artistic side. She is so talented with graphics & should get a lot thêm credit for what she does.She is really funny,which bạn can see on her tumblr post often &she...
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 Laura's beautiful OTP <3
Laura's beautiful OTP <3
I would like bạn all to know my very good friend, Laura. I think bạn already do know her, she goes bởi the tên người dùng leytonfaan_18 here on fanpop and bởi givemetradegy on tumblr and she's totally awesome. Now I shall share my view of this person with all of you.
Oh, and excuse me if my view of life seems really dark in this article, this is one of those days ;P Laura will understand <3

1. Laura is an incredible friend. She's always there for bạn when bạn need her and god knows, she lets me fangirl about GoT all I like ;P She's loyal and smart and she gives great advice. Anyone who isn't her friend...
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Những thiên thần nói dối
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Everything I want to do before I die is on this danh sách ♥

1.Fall in love
2.Go to Disney land
3.Travel the world
4.Go to New York
5.Watch the Ball drop in Time square on New years
6.Kiss in the Rain
7.Marry the tình yêu of my life
8.Sleep under the stars
9.Kiss underwater
10.Meet my online friends
11.Scuba Dive
12.Watch a meteor Shower
13.Lose my virginity with someone I love
14.Watch all the harry potter phim chiếu rạp in one da
15.Go on a road trip
16.Build a treehouse
17.Ride in a hot air balloon
18.Write a book even if it never gets published.
19.Visit the wizarding world of harry potter
20.Ride an Elephant
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 Celine weds Stefan♥
Celine weds Stefan♥
This is from Rach and I for all of you♥ Same các nữ diễn viên and tình yêu interests from ADF! It's just a fun, fluffy cheesy, little piece;)

Atie Reed took a deep breath and brushed her short brown hair out of her brown eyes and walked into the wedding hall. She looked around and smiled when her eyes landed on the sign. "Celine weds Stefan." she whispered to herself. She couldn't believe Celine and Stefan were actually getting married today. After all the drama and rollercoaster of emotions they had made it.
She turned around and her smile...
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Nhật ký ma cà rồng
Người sói teen
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