Leyton Family<3 Themed biểu tượng Contest [ROUND 11] OPEN

Sakkara98 posted on Feb 28, 2019 at 04:42PM
Okay so here is the forum where you will add your icons.


-Make an icon matching the theme given.
-You will have a week to submit your icon, but I can give an extra time if necessary.
-Icons must be squared.
-Icons must be made by you.
-You can't use the same icon twice.
-You can use an old icon you've made, as long as it's yours.
-Don't vote for yourself.
-Have fun !

ROUND 1 [CLOSED]: Hair [Winner : Aline]
ROUND 2 [CLOSED] : Close crop [Winner : Amber]
ROUND 3 [CLOSED] : Sad : [Winner : Amber]
ROUND 4 [CLOSED] : Villain [Winner : Diana]
ROUND 5 [CLOSED] : Quote [Winner : Holly]
ROUND 6 [CLOSED] : Black and White [Winner : Inès]
ROUND 7 [CLOSED] : Blue Eyes [Winner : Amber]
ROUND 8 [CLOSED] : Vibrant [Winner : Diana]
ROUND 9 [CLOSED] : Angry [Winner : Amber ]
ROUND 10 [CLOSED] : Corner [Winner : ]
ROUND 11 [OPEN] : Pattern
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