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Elbelle23 posted on Sep 10, 2015 at 07:12AM
So you may not like this idea/forum but I need to do something.
Change can’t happen if no one is honest about their feelings. And I honestly was blindsided by how many people didn’t feel comfortable in this spot…and that actually wanted to leave.

So this forum is going to be a place where we share our thoughts, feelings, confessions in a way and what we want to change. I don’t want this spot to break up…but it also can’t go forward if people stay silent or keep their feelings hidden.

This is going to be a no judgement zone, and you don’t need to mention names….BUT if you do please keep it more positive and DON’T blame anyone. I also do encourage you to seek people out and talk to them…be honest. So things can get better and people don’t need to be so careful with what they say or feel.

So yeah, please use this. I want everyone to feel better about themselves and for this spot to remain the best spot in Fanpop….PLUS FOR RANA MY MOOSHY MOO TO COME BACK <3

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hơn một năm qua Elbelle23 said…
Hi guys…I will start!!!
So I came back after a 2 year hiatus…and I was honestly amazed at how much fandom ruled. I honestly didn’t understand this whole Queen/King idea and why it mattered so much. But I don’t know….I found it hard to fit back in at first. Someone told me that someone now took over all the things I loved and I was ok should that matter? That just meant I had someone to fangirl with.
But then I started talking to people….and I noticed that someone had something they ‘owned’ I guess….and I don’t know I guess I was confused.

Then I did some picks….and I picked a couple of wrong things, and then some of the girls got really upset because I picked them (they still don’t know it was me). And I was like shit….I made a mistake.
But then talking to Rana ages ago….I realized…I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty about choosing a certain option…yet I was.

I also really don’t like the LPF cast picks….I am sorry to everyone who does…but I just, I hated hearing that someone else should have gotten a character that I won…or practically being told I didn’t make a good enough character by not being chosen even though I felt like I related to them. I also don’t like people being dubbed ‘the character of this spot’ I feel like that isn’t fair to someone else who also adores that character or is also very similar to that character.

I just think that this spot needs to think less about fandoms and more about us as friends and people and look at our personality more <3 we should be defined by our qualities and not our characters and couples.

Anyway this is my confession/thoughts and yeah.
I really hope this gets used <3
hơn một năm qua marakii said…
I agree that it's stupid to fight over something fandom related, love is not measurable ;)

I was ok should that matter? That just meant I had someone to fangirl with.
A G R E E with every word of that <3.

I have to admit though that I love the cast picks ,I think they are fun :D and just because only one wins that doesn't mean that other members are not like this character (for example if Nic is Brooke then no one else is Brooke, that's not the case because there are 3 or 4 members that are a lot like her!) -and I'm using Nic because I know he won't have any problem w/that ;p - I think is more than fine and allowed for more than one members to relate to the same character ;P
(me and Celine are even joking about it by having Snow/Mary-Margaret as our friendship ;P).
Sometimes I don't get characters I relate to or even like but that's fine because it's just for fun so I don't have a problem w/ it ! But if you guys don't like them and feel like this we could stop doing them :)

I think we should all be a little bit more open to such things and of course not fight over fandoms, we should be glad that we can fangirl w/each other & mostly we should be glad that we have each other and we can talk about reall life stuff too <3 .

Love you all !
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hơn một năm qua Piu95 said…
I really agree with you on the fact that people should focus more on us being a group than individually being the queen/king of certain things.
I, for one, really don't mind sharing my fandoms and what I love and I really am all for letting people love what they love and express it in this club. People are allowed to be vocal about things and passionate and that shouldn't be a point of contention but just be seen as someone passionately talking about what they love. Though we should also be considerate if/when someone else in the family isn't feeling comfortable with what you said (I don't know if you guys understand what I mean). I completely understand and I think it's normal that we all have tendencies to want to claim certain things, it's not necessarily wrong but there's no need to be petty if you don't agree or want a claim too. What is not normal is to feel like you don't belong. Now I'm only going to talk about myself because obviously I don't know what you guys experienced, but there had been times where I felt like I was pushed out/denied of a fandom/thing that I loved or like I expressed loving something and people didn't want/or just didn't for some reasons acknowledge that and it hurt my feelings because I had done nothing wrong. Sure I liked being given certain things I love - not that I mind sharing them - but I liked it less when it felt like I was being put in a corner (I'm not pointing at anyone here or like thinking at anyone in particular, it's just that's it's a sort of feeling that is there and I don't even know when/where it came from tbh)

I'm not holding a grudge or anything because maybe it was even unconsciously done but I think we do need to talk as adults to solve out this thing.
That said I love you all and I really hope nobody feels offended by what I just wrote :)
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hơn một năm qua Kirkir said…
The thing about someone owning a fandom or a character or whatever is just stupid. No offense to anyone. I'm known as the Skins girl but I'm always really excited whenever I find out that someone is also a fan of Skins.
I also don't like that some picks are done and everyone is forced to pick what the majority picked. Like picks are supposed to be based on our real opinions so what's the point of making a pick if you don't accept what the others think of you and force them to change their pick?
I don't know these are some of my thoughts.
hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
So I'm not much of a talker when it comes to stuff like this, but I guess I can say a few things:
I realize that I am definitely part of the problem in the things some of you mentioned. I'm definitely overly sensitive and a bit of a control freak, and maybe even a bit too passionate about what I love, but I'm working on it. I'm trying my best to be the best that I can, and I feel like if everyone on the spot just kinda, I don't know, tries to understand each other and talk to each other more (I don't just mean serious stuff, I mean chatting, wallposting, everything!), I'm sure we'll be okay.

As for some of my personal things, well... I... I do feel very lonely sometimes, but I'm sure that's just my imagination. I would love it, though, if more members talked to me (obviously I should talk to them, too!), because I do want to be good friends with all of you!
As for picking certain things in picks, that's deffo something I am personally pretty neurotic (though I am trying to be less vocal about it :P) about, but I do realize that not everyone agrees with me, and everyone is allowed to pick what they want. BUT I would really, really love it if more people commented in each other's picks! Especially if you pick something that everyone else didn't. Why did you pick that? Just out of curiosity, I'd love to hear your thoughts (in all sorts of picks, for everyone) and know why you think what you do, because I care and I wanna know. So I think that more comments would be really great :) But of course I understand that that may be too much to ask!

I definitely think we could do some non-fandom related picks more. Just something about personalities and everything, I think that'd be great. Because even though the fandom stuff is great - and I don't know if you guys agree, but I do feel very strong about what i love - it would probably be good to do some other stuff for a change, too! :)

I'm absolutely not trying to tell anyone what to do, or claiming that I'm not a part of the problem, because I am. But I want to make an effort, so yeah :) I don't know.