Leyton Family<3 LPF Member biểu tượng Contest (Reopened - Round 7: Moosh)

XxXrachellXxX posted on Jul 29, 2014 at 05:09PM
Same stuff as before. Figured to reopen this.

- I give you a member each round & you make an icon of something that reminds you of them (mostly fandom stuff)
- Icons must be 100x100 or 200x200
- Only positive stuff in the icons. Nothing insulting.
- Only make one icon per round (or if you want to make many as options, ok, but only one of them will be in the final pick)
- If a subject is already been submitted in the round (like an icon of Peyton has already been submitted) you CAN make one that is of the same subject, but let's try to make a variety of choices in these icons, though, okay?
- For your round you can make an icon for yourself as well.
- Don't be biased while voting
- Don't vote for yourself
- And when you join the rounds, you do realize that your icons become snaggable the moment you post them, right? :P

Round 1: Celine (Deadline 3rd of August)

Round 2: Ade (Deadline 11th of August)

Round 3: Maria (Deadline 17th of August)

Round 4: Amber (Deadline 25th of August)

Round 5: Nic (Deadline 30th of August)

Round 6: Fatemeh (Deadline 6th of September)

Round 7: Moosh (Deadline 16th of September)
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