Leyton Family<3 ADF 5in5 biểu tượng contest (Round 10 OPEN)

XxXrachellXxX posted on Jul 24, 2014 at 10:08PM
1. All the icons must be about A Dustland Fairytale, the fanfic written by me and Aline. You can use any screencaps, pictures, screenshots, whatever you need, as long as what you intend to make is an icon about THAT fandom. So I don't wanna see any, idk, Delena icons, because this icon contest is ONLY about ADF.
2. I'd like it if you'd use creativity. Don't only use couples whose actors just happened to have had scenes together (like many might be tempted to use only Bee/Percy because it's easier to find a picture of Lily and Logan together). Get creative. It's only 5 icons after all. Of course you CAN use "canon" pictures, and you should, but not only those. You are welcome to use quotes from the chapters.
3. Don't be biased when voting. Vote for the best icon, not the icon that has your character/ship in it if you agree that another icon is of better quality.
4. You have 5 days to make 5 icons about the themes I give you.
5. Make your icons preferably in 100x100 or 200x200, thanks.
6. I can't think of anything else.
7. OH and also, don't always use the same characters/couples, that isn't nice.

Round 1: Deadline 31st of July
1. Red (Winner: Fatemeh)
2. Secret (Winner: Ines)
3. Threat (I suggest you use a quote with this one, but it's your choice) (Winner: Rachel)
4. Dress (Winner: Ines)
5. Hairporn (Winner: Fatemeh)

Round 2: Deadline 8th of August
1. Blue (Winner: Fatemeh)
2. 1x01 (Winner: Bee)
3. Weapon (Winner: Maria)
4. Favorite chapter (Winner: Aline)
5. Smile (Winner: Ines)

Round 3: Deadline 13th of August
1. Green (Winner: Maria)
2. 1x02 (make an icon about Maria or Maria/Darren or any of Maria's friendships - 'cause Maria's chapter) (Winner: Rachel)
3. Dance (Winner: Maria)
4. Recast (choose a different actress - or actor for Nic - for one of the LPF characters) (Winner: Inés)
5. Crying (Winner: Fatemeh)

Round 4: Deadline 19th of August
1. Orange (color)
2. 1x03 (make an icon about Rachel --- heeeyyyy it's gonna be a rule for every round --- or Rachel/Robbchard (yes pretty please!!) or any of her friendships - 'cause Rachel's chapter)
3. Necklace
4. Anger
5. Favorite episode title

Round 5: Deadline 28th of August
1. Purple
2. 1x04 (only Fatemeh-related icons)
3. Blonde
4. Favorite scene for your character so far
5. Black & White

Round 6: Deadline 6th of September
1. White
2. 1x05 (only Celine / Stefan&Celine-centered icons)
3. Recasting your own character (use an actress who you think could also play you well)
4. Flowers
5. Something you'd like to see happen in a future chapter

Round 7: Deadline 18th of September
1. Rainbow (aka an icon with many different colors)
2. 1x06 (only Peter/Nic-related icons)
3. Rain
4. Alone
5. Joy

Round 8: Deadline 2nd of October
Themes: (all about our own characters this round)
1. Favorite quote for your character
2. Which version of your character do you prefer, the Rosedell counterpart or the fairytale one? Use the one you prefer in the icon.
3. Favorite ship moment for your character so far
4. Favorite chapter for your character so far
5. An outfit you'd like to see your character wearing

Round 9: Deadline 17th of October
1. Friendship between your character + another member's character
2. 1x07 (icons only about Aline-related things)
3. Shoe
4. Evil
5. Dark hair (one of the member characters)

Round 10: Deadline 10th of November
Using your suggested themes!
1. Yellow
2. 1x08 (Only Holly-related icons)
3. Worried
4. Full body
5. Facing right
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