Leyton Family<3 LPF 10in10 biểu tượng Contest [Round 65 OPEN]

XxXrachellXxX posted on Feb 11, 2013 at 04:40PM
Okay, so, I felt like starting a 10in10 icon contest, and since the idea was supported by you guys, here we are ;)


1. You have 10 days to make 10 icons
2. You have to make the icons yourself (obvs :P)
3. Don't vote for yourself in the picks, okay? ;) Oh, and don't vote based on your FAVORITE THING, vote based on which ICON you think is made the best!
4. If you're NOT going to post the icons as soon as you enter, please let me know you're going to join, anyway, so I'll know to wait for you
5. Try to stick to the deadline, though. I'll post the deadline with each round so you'll know how much time you've got!
6. In the contest there are 4 theme icons, 3 category icons & 3 artist's choice icons
7. Stick to the topic I give you. For example, if I say: "The pilot episode of your favorite tv-show" and your favorite show was, say, The Vampire Diaries, you'll only make icons from 1x01 of TVD. Cool? ;)
8. Icons have to be 100x100 OR 200x200!

I'll (once I actually get around to it) give 3 props to the winner, 2 props to the one with the second most votes, and a prop to the third one :)

Oh, and "X" stands for finished.

Enjoy! :D

Round 1: {Voting done} Your OTP
1. Kiss {Winner: Celine}
2. Black & white {Winners: Atie & Holly}
3. Quote {Winner: Celine}
4. Angst {Winner: Celine}
3 icons of your favorite scenes for your OTP {Winners: Atie & Celine x2}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Rachel & Celine x2}
- 7 props for Celine, 2 for Atie & 1 for Holly and Rachel

Round 2: {Voting done} Cancelled TV-Show (aka a tv-show that is no longer on air)
1. Show name {Winner: Celine}
2. Couple {Winner: Celine}
3. Death {Winner: Celine}
4. Happy {Winner: Holly}
3 icons of your favorite CHARACTER (only the first) in the show {Winners: Celine x2, Holly, Atie}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Celine x2, Holly, Atie}

Round 3: {Voting done} HBIC
1. With someone who you ship her with {Winner: Rachel}
2. Actress {Winners: Ale, Rachel}
3. Hairporn {Winner: Atie}
4. Sad {Winner: Nikky}
3 icons of the character in your favorite outfits (that she has worn) {winners: Rachel, Nikky, Holly}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Rachel x2, Holly, Atie}

Round 4: {Voting done} One of your favorite movies
1. Favorite scene {Winner: Celine}
2. Premiere {Winners: Celine, Holly}
3. Favorite cast member (actor/actress) {Winner: Amber}
4. Drama {Winner: Celine}
3 icons of the couple you ship the most in the movie {Winners: Amber x2, Celine x2, Albie, Ale}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Amber, Holly, Celine}

Round 5: {Voting done!} A season finale
1. Most dramatic scene {Winner: Rachel}
2. Favorite character {Winner: Atie}
3. Quote {Winner: Rachel}
4. Friendship {Winners: Rachel, Holly}
3 icons of your three favorite scenes in the episode {Winners: Rachel x2, Ale, Atie}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Rachel, Ale, Atie, Albie}

Round 6: {Voting done!} Your favorite friendship
1. The character you like more/the most in the friendship {Winners: Atie, Albie}
2. Hug {Winner: Holly}
3. First scene together {Winner: Holly}
4. Us against the world {Winners: Atie, Ale}
3 icons of icons with different colorings {for ex. red, blue & green shades in different icons} {Winners: Rachel x2, Atie}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly x2, Rachel, Ale}

Round 7: {Voting done!} A redhead {meaning a character/actress/celebrity - YOU CAN do like I did and pick both an actress and a character, as long as it's the same.. face}
1. Hairporn {Winners: Rachel, Holly}
2. Smiling {Winner: Amber}
3. With someone you ship them with/a friendship {if you don't ship them with anyone} {Winner: Holly}
4. Dress {Winner: Ale}
3 icons of the person with three completely different expressions on her face {for ex. one with a smile, one with them crying, one with a shocked expression etc...} {Winners: Aline, Celine x2}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly x2, Rachel, Celine, Aline}

Round 8: {Voting done!} Your favorite male + your fave female {meaning as an AU/crossover couple/friendship ; obviously canon if they're from the same fandom}
1. Angst {Winner: Celine}
2. Longing looks {Winner: Celine}
3. Black & white {Winner: Rachel}
4. As friends {Winner: Albie}
3 icons with song lyrics in the icons {Winners: Rachel x2, Celine x2}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Celine, Albie, Rachel, Atie}

Round 9: {Voting done!} Opposites attract {you can interpret this however you choose}
1. Close crop {Winner: Holly}
2. With text (in the icon) {Winner: Atie}
3. The end (again, interpret any way you want) {WInner: Atie}
4. Falling in love {Winner: Atie}
3 icons of your favorite scenes for whatever it is that you chose for this round {Winners: Ale, Atie, Aline}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Atie, Ale, Rachel 2x, Amber, Holly}

Round 10: Voting done!} You
1. Your 2nd fave couple {Winner: Holly}
2. An actress you're often connected to {like, who'd play you best according to others} {Winner: Rachel}
3. Your current hair color {Use a female character with that colored hair} {Winner: Rachel}
4. Your style {Use a female character with those type of clothes} {Winners: Ale, Aline}
3 icons of your current crush {male} {Winners: Amber 2x, Holly 2x}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Rachel 3x, Margot}

Round 11: {Voting done!!} Character you're often connected to/compared to
1. Favorite hairstyle {Winner: Rachel}
2. Ship {Winners: Albie, Aline, Amber}
3. Epic acting skills (a scene you think is very well done on the actor's part) {Winner: Rachel}
4. Scenary {Winner: Rachel}
3 icons with someone (who isn't their love interest) in the icon with the character {Winners: Holly 2x, Atie 2x, Rachel, Aline}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Amber 2x, Atie, Rachel, Holly}

Round 12: {Voting done!} Summer/Free Round
1. Your favorite summer outfit (an actress/character wearing a dress, shorts etc..) {Winner: Nic}
2. Favorite ice cream flavor (yes, a picture of an ice cream. Yes.) {Winners: Atie, Rachel}
3. Couple you're currently most obsessive over (Don't use your OTP, thank you!) {Winner: Nic}
4. All-time favorite fandom {Winner: Rachel}
3 icons of any female character of your choice (but not your very favorite one, muahahhaa) {Winners: Holly, Atie, Rachel, Amber}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly, Nic, Amber, Rachel}

Round 13: {Voting done!} Movies
1. Your favorite action movie {Winner: Rachel}
2. Your favorite comedy {Winner: Holly}
3. Your favorite fantasy movie {Winner: Maria}
4. Your favorite horror/thriller movie {Winner: Ale}
3 icons of 3 of your favorite movie actors/actresses {aka ones you love because of their movie roles, not due to tv-show roles - 1 icon per actor} {Winners: Rachel 2x, Aline}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Albie, Atie, Holly, Nic}

Round 14: {Voting done!} TV-Shows
1. Your favorite show {Winner: Atie}
2. Show you used to love (and don't - at least as much - anymore) {Winner: Aline}
3. Favorite show that focuses on teenagers (basically a teenage drama) {Winner: Laura}
4. Favorite show that doesn't focus only on teenagers {Winners: Holly, Rachel}
3 icons of 3 of your favorite TV-show actors/actresses {aka ones you love because of their TV-show roles} {Winners: Maria, Rachel 2x, Aline, Holly 2x, Amber, Laura}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Laura, Holly, Atie}

Round 15: {Voting done!} Interpreting a song {aka you pick a song & in every icon use some song lyrics & something - probably fandom stuff - that you think fits the lyrics in the icon}
1. Your favorite lyrics in the song {Winners: Holly, Aline}
2. Saddest/most bittersweet lyrics in the song {Winner: Holly}
3. Lyrics in the song that fit a female character you love {Winner: Holly}
4. Lyrics from the chorus {Winners: Rachel, Maria, Holly}
3 icons with lyrics NOT from the chorus - with the fandom stuff of your choice in it {Winners: Holly, Atie, Nic, Aline 2x}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Albie, Maria, Holly}

Round 16: {Voting done!} Your favorite female character
1. Favorite scene {Winner: Ale}
2. Favorite quote by her {Winner: Bee}
3. Actress {Winner: Holly}
4. Your favorite quality in the character {write the word in the icon, for ex. strength, intelligence etc..} {Winner: Aline}
3 icons of your favorite ship for the character {Winners: Albie, Aline, Holly}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly, Ale, Atie, Aline, Bee, Maria}

Round 17: {Voting done!} A RL-friendship
1. Favorite picture {of the friendship} {Winner: Bee}
2. Favorite person {in the friendship} {Winners: Celine, Laura}
3. A movie/tv-show they starred in together {if there are any - if not, just make an icon of one of them together or something} {Winner: Aline}
4. At a premiere {Winner: Laura}
3 icons of your favorite person in the friendship as your favorite character for the person {for example, if Celine were to use.. I dunno, Paul Wesley & Ian Somerhalder for this round, she'd make 3 icons of Stefan, in the category, because she prefers Paul over Ian & Stefan is her fave role for him} {Winners: Bee x2, Laura, Atie, Nic}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Celine, Maria, Ale, Aline, Amber, Maria}

Round 18: {Voting done!} Your Favorite TV-Show
1. Saddest moment on the show {Winner: Rachel}
2. Character you dislike {Winner: Rachel}
3. Character you love but everyone/most people seem to dislike {Winner: Albie}
4. Scenary (Preferably your favorite set on the show) {Winner: Amber/Atie}
3 icons of your top 3 characters on the show {Winners: Atie x3, Albie, Ale, Maria, Rachel}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Ale, Atie, Amber, Rachel}

Round 19: {Voting done!} Semi-Free Round
1. Current female obsession {Winner: Holly}
2. Current male obsession {Winner: Amber}
3. Current mood (like make an icon of a character with your current mood as a facial expression) {Winner: Amber}
4. Someone handsome/pretty (shallow, I know ;P) {Winners: Albie, Maria}
3 icons of a character you relate to with texts from a song you relate to {Winners: Maria, Ale, Rachel x2, Aline, Atie, Holly, Nic}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Albie, Amber, Holly x2, Aline}

Round 20: {Voting done!} Your favorite villain ; You can judge yourself what villain means in this case
1. Favorite outfit {Winner: Atie}
2. Favorite quote {Winners: Holly, Nic}
3. Best interaction (whose scenes do you enjoy the most with the character) {Winner: Maria}
4. Least favorite scene {Winner: Holly}
3 icons of your 3 favorite scenes for the character {Winners: Holly x3, Atie x2, Maria}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Albie x2, Maria x3, Rachel, Atie, Holly}

Round 21: {Voting done!} A character death that marked your fandom life (suggested by Nic)
1. First scene the character ever appeared in {Winner: Rachel}
2. The last scene the character appeared in (before the death scene) {Winner: Amber}
3. Favorite scene {Winners: Aline, Holly}
4. Death scene {Winner: Nic}
3 icons of your three favorite quotes from the character {Winners: Rachel x2, Holly x2, Aline}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Celine, Aline, Holly}

Round 22: {Go vote in the picks!!} A random couple you love (not your OTP)
1. Someone in the fandom who ships the couple (like, for example, in TVD Caroline seems to support Stelena) {Winner: Nic}
2. First scene {Winners: Atie, Holly, Maria}
3. Favorite scene {Winner: Ale}
4. The actors {Winner: Nic}
3 icons with lyrics from three songs that you feel fit the couple {Winners: Holly, Rachel, Nic, Maria}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Amber, Atie, Holly, Maria x3}

Round 23: {Deadline 30th of October} A family relationships (siblings or child+parent)
1. Your favorite character in the relationship {Winners: Atie, Maria}
2. Most meaningful scene {Winners: Holly, Nic, Rachel}
3. Heartbreak {Winner: Rachel}
4. Black & white {Winner: Holly}
3 icons of the entire family (like for example, if you were to do.. Elena, Jeremy and Alaric, you could split the characters in the icons however you want - like each character in one icon, or two characters in one icon, it doesn't matter, as long as all the characters appear in the set at least once) {Winners: Amber, Maria, Holly x2}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Nic, Amber, Rachel}

Round 24: {Deadline 9th of November} The Leyton Family
- The point of this round is to make icons for other members. Simply follow the instructions, and when you have free hands, make icons for people of your choice of fandom/non-fandom things that you think they might like :)
AND do try to make icons for as many members as possible. And I do mean all the members, not just the ones who participate in the contest.
1. An actress/actor you could see playing the member who you are closest to {Winners: Aline, Holly}
2. Icon for someone in the family who you admire/look up to {Winner: Aline}
3. Icon for who you think is the biggest fangirl/fanboy (the icon is supposed to be the thing they fangirl about) {Winner: Rachel}
4. An icon for yourself {Winner: Holly}
3 icons for 3 random members & in the icons there needs to be your favorite quality about them written in it. For example, I could do one icon for Holly, which would say "Strength", one for Celine, which would say "Talent" and one for Laura, which would say "Intelligence." {Winners: Celine x2, Laura, Holly, Rachel\}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (aka three icons for three DIFFERENT members - preferably ones you have not used already) {Winners: Atie x2, Holly, Celine, Nic}

Round 25: {Go vote in the picks!} Your rolemodel (only including fictional characters/actors/celebrities.. basically things you can put into icons
1. Favorite quality in the person {Winners: Atie, Maria}
2. Favorite picture {Winners: Amber, Nic}
3. Favorite quote/saying/advice {Winners: Albie, Maria, Rachel}
4. + Someone else {Winner: Amber}
3 icons of the person with qualities written in the icons that YOU share with the person {Winners: Maria x2, Nic, Nikky}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Albie, Amber, Atie, Rachel}

Round 26: {Deadline 7th of December} Your least favorite couple - Suggested by Holly
1. First scene {Winner: Holly}
2. Last/latest scene {Winner: Nic}
3. Drama {Winner: Holly}
4. Outdoors {Winner: Amber}
3 icons with the same scene but a different moment in the scene in every icon {Winners: Amber, Atie, Holly x2, Maria, Rachel}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Atie, Holly, Ale}

Round 27: {Deadline 22th of December} Christmas - Suggested by Maria - For this you can use anything you want. Fandoms, scenery pictures, anything. Don't ask me if that's ok or if that's ok, 'cause everything is allowed.
1. Christmas tree {Winner: Nic}
2. Favorite Christmas-centered episode {Winner: Maria}
3. Christmas hat (on a character) {Winner: Nic}
4. A picture of what you're hoping to get for Christmas (like a present) {Winner: Nic}
3 icons with 3 Christmas colorings (red, green and gold...assuming those are Christmas-y colors) {Winners: Nic x2, Atie x2}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Nic, Rachel x2, Nikky}

Round 28: {Deadline 1st of January} Whatever you want - Seriously, whatever you want.
1. Whatever you want, as long as it's something you love {Winner: Amber}
2. Whatever you want, as long as it's something you love {Winner: Maria}
3. Whatever you want, as long as it's something you love {Winner: Holly}
4. Whatever you want, as long as it's something you love {Winners: Nikky, Rachel}
3 icons of the same theme. Like, three icons of a certain character, a certain couple and so on.. {Winners: Rachel, Holly, Atie}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Nikky, Maria, Holly, Aline, Rachel, Ale}

Round 29: {Deadline 10th of January} A couple's journey (pick a couple and then tell their storyline through icons. Endgame/any kind of ending is NOT necessary to have happened on the show/movie)
1. First meeting {Winner: Rachel}
2. First kiss {Winner: Nic}
3. First "I love you"/other kind of meaningful scene {Winner: Maria}
4. The end (or what happened to them last) {Winner: Amber}
3 icons of three major happenings in their relationship WITH quotes in the icons {Winners: Nikky x2, Rachel}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Nic x3, Aline}

Round 30: {Deadline 20th of January} A character's journey (same rules as in the round before, only now you'll be focusing on a particular character)
1. First scene {Winner: Diana}
2. First scene where he/she made an impression on you {Winner: Holly}
3. His/her most difficult decision/moment {Winner: Rachel]
4. The end (or what happened to him/her last) {Winner: Holly
3 icons of major happenings for the character with quotes in the icons {Winners: Rachel x3, Maria, Nic, Atie}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly x2, Nikky}

Round 31: {Deadline 30th of January} A TV-show finale (ONLY TV-shows that have actually ended. Finale means the last episode that ever aired of the show)
1. Saddest moment {Winner: Maria}
2. Happiest/funniest moment {Winner: Rachel}
3. The title of the episode (icon with the episode's name written on it. preferably with something that represents the name somehow) {Winner: Maria}
4. The amount of seasons the show had (icon with the number written on it) {Winner: Holly}
3 icons with parallels to the earlier seasons. For example, you do your favorite character, favorite couple and favorite friendship the way they were in the pilot compared to how they're now, in the final episode {Winners: Maria, Rachel, Holly}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Holly x3}

Round 32: {Deadline 15th of February} Your favorite song
No special themes/CATS for this round. Just use ten bits of lyrics & place them in icons with fandom things (characters, ships etc) that you think fit the lyrics in question the most!
Amber (x2)
Rachel (x5)
Holly (x4)
Nic (x2)

Round 33: {Deadline 28th of February} Word interpretations (the title says what it means. Just make icons (of fandom things?) you feel that represent the words)
1. Unrequited love {Winner: Maria}
2. Empty promises {Winner: Rachel}
3. Hope {Winner: Maria}
4. Young and beautiful {Winner: Maria}
Pick three adjectives (for example, good, brave, strong) and then pick the words' opposites (in this case, bad, cowardly, weak) and put one adjective and it's opposite in one icon (for example, good and bad in one icon), preferably using two characters, one of which represents the other adjective (ex. good), and the other representing the opposite (bad). You can also use, for example, one character who represents both the adjective and the opposite adjective. Whatever you want. Hope you got the idea. {Winner: Holly x3}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (preferably with some text in them, anything you want) {Winners: Rachel, Maria x2}

Round 34: {Deadline 7th of March} LPF couples (suggested by Nic)
The point is to make icons about the LPF ships, for example, Nic/Jess, Holly/Damon, Jon/Diana, me/Robb and what not. NO bashing/doing something else insulting, or I will come and eat you. Also, only use one ship ONCE. Make sure to use 10 ships in the round.
1. Your LPF OTP (Winner: Rachel)
2. Most adorable couple (Winner: Nic)
3. Non-endgame couple (Winner: Maria)
4. Most angsty couple (Winner: Rachel)
Pick three couples & 3 color shades to use for the icons. Like, an icon of Holly/Damon would be blue-ish, Laura/Jess would be red-ish and Moosh/Logan would be green-ish? Choose the colors yourself. (Winners: Nic, Rachel x2, Atie)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice about 3 ships of your choice (DO NOT use a ship you've already used. So I guess it isn't artist's choice after all :P) (Winners: Maria, Rachel, Aline)

Round 35: {Deadline 20th of March} AU ship (preferably not crossover, though. For those who don't know, AU is like... a ship that isn't canon. That aren't officially a couple. Get it? That usually have manips + other sort of fake scenes in fanarts and stuff. You can define what you think is canon yourself)
1. Stolen looks (Winner: Maria)
2. Most shippable quote for them (Winner: Rachel)
3. Favorite person in the ship (Winner: Holly)
4. Favorite scene (if they don't have scenes, do a manip) Winner: Amber)
3 icons of them together. Preferably manips. Aka use two individual scenes for them both and then match them together, creating a fake scene. (Winners: Amber, Ines, Rachel)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (Amber x2, Ines, Maria, Holly)

Round 36: {Deadline 28th of March} Least favorite character (suggested by Holly)
1. Favorite quote {Winner: Amber}
2. Favorite scene {Winner: Ines}
3. Favorite interaction {Winner: Ines}
4. What happened to him/her last {Winner: Maria}
3 icons of 3 different scenes with different people (like, in one icon he/she's with one person, in the next with another and in the third with another one as well. if the person doesn't happen to encounter 3 people in his/her storyline, use someone twice if you must) {Winners: Atie, Rachel, Ines}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Ines x2, Maria x2, Nic}

Round 37: {Deadline 6th of April} Quotes - For this I recommend everyone use 200x200 icons. That is, if you want anyone to actually be able to READ the quotes.
And in case it's not obvious, the quotes can be anything. Said by a celebrity, from a TV-show, book, movie, whatever.
One last thing. The icons can represent the quote, what you think the quote means, or it can have the person who says the quote in it. Don't ask me, I don't care. Use what you want. Free hands, people.
1. Favorite quote {Winner: Maria}
2. Quote you most relate to {Winners: Aline, Maria}
3. A quote by your OTP {Winners: Rachel, Maria}
4. A quote by your favorite character
(Note that it says "a quote" and only says "favorite quote" in one theme. It doesn't necessarily have to be your favorite quote in the other themes. No quotes used twice by the same icon maker, thank youuu) {Winner: Rachel}
3 icons of three quotes you would say/could imagine yourself saying {Winners: Atie, Ines, Maria}
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice {Winners: Maria, Ines, Rachel, Atie}

Round 38: {Deadline 21st of April} Letters
Okay, the deal is that I'm gonna give you combinations of letters (A, B, C... you get the deal) & for example, if I had the letter R, I'd naturally make an icon of Robb Stark or Richard Madden. So the point is that you use whatever fandom-related thing that comes to your mind when you think of the certain letter. I have a few letter combinations for you to choose from. You'll let me know in the comments below which combination you want. This is to prevent that everyone uses the same letters.

Round 39: {Deadline 5th of May} Three Ships
The rules are simple. Pick three ships (aka a couple you ship, canon or non-canon, whatever). But remember:
- You must use two different fandoms (only one couple per fandom)
- One ship must be a real-life relationship (it can just be a friendship, doesn't have to be something you "ship" with passion)
And once you've picked the ships, you make the theme icons of one ship, the CAT icons of another, and the AC icons of the third. Okay?
1. Favorite moment (Winner: Amber)
2. Plus one (aka the couple + a third person in the icon) (Winner: Rachel)
3. Up close and personal (simply "zoom" in pretty close while making the icon) (Winners: Holly, Nic)
4. Red (Winner: Atie)
Three icons with quotes said about the ship/said by the ship. You know how it is. (Winners: Maria x2, Bee, Holly, Nad)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice. Well. Almost. Use the third couple in these. (Winners: Nic x2, Maria, Bee)

Round 40: {Deadline 20th of May} Random round with random themes because I could not come up with anything. Most themes are Nad's suggestions, so thank you, Nad!
1. Disney (Winner: Holly)
2. Funny character (Winner: Maria)
3. Sitcom (Winner: Aline)
4. Kiss (Winners: Ines, Rachel)
Three favorite outfits: One worn by an actor, another by an actress and one by a character, male or female. (Winner: Holly)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (Winner: Nic)

Round 41: {Deadline 30th of May} Summer (I know this round has been done before, but give me a break, it was like a year ago, and it's ALMOST SUMMER)
1. Favorite country (Winner: Amber)
2. Dress or shorts + T-shirt (simply find a character/actress wearing either one of these outfits that fit the usual climate in the summer) - Sorry, Nic, not much of a choice for you, since the question is what YOU would rather wear :P (Winner: Ines)
3. Favorite summer hairstyle for you (actress or character) (Winner: Atie)
4. A scene from a movie or a TV-show that takes place in a very warm climate (Winner: Ines)
Three TV-shows that are on your watch or rewatch list for the summer (Winners: Aline, Amber)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (Winner: Amber)

Round 42: {Deadline 10th of June} LPF Personalities (Suggested by Moosh)
The rules:
I give you 13 personality traits, positive, of course, and you pick one member (preferably active) per personality trait, and make an icon representing the person --- write the name of the personality trait in the icon --- The icon that represents the member can be anything, as long as it's something that the member in question loves. And REMEMBER: You can only use one member once. Like, if you've already used Holly for one icon, you can't use her for a second one. 13 icons, 13 members, 13 personality traits! And also, if you see, again, for example, Holly always being put under the "bravery" trait, try to think if something else would fit her, too. Try to use some variety in this! And if you really want to, you can use two members in one icon, but preferably no more than two, and preferably only when you have to, so that most would get an icon of their own.
Personality traits you guys will use:
- Bravery (Winner: Holly)
- Compassion (Winners: Fatemeh, Ines)
- Creativity (Winner: Aline)
- Friendliness (Winner: Aline)
- Humor (Winner: Ines)
- Honesty (Winner: Nic)
- Independence (Winners: Ines, Rachel)
- Intelligence (Winner: Aline)
- Modesty (Winner: Rachel)
- Patience (Winners: Holly, Aline)
- Passion (Winner: Rachel)
- Sarcasm (Winners: Nic, Atie)
- Strength (Winners: Holly, Aline)

Round 43: {Deadline 21st of June} Favorites
1. OTP (Winner: Aline)
2. Favorite actor/actress (your #1 on your ultimate list, male or female) (Winner: Bee)
3. Favorite friendship (Winner: Aline)
4. Favorite season of your favorite TV-show (Winner: Fatemeh)
3 icons of your favorite male/female character (again your #1 ultimate favorite, you choose if it's a male or a female) (Winner: Amber)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice as long as it's something that's your #1 favorite (Winner: Amber)

Round 44: {Deadline 4th of July} LPF ships
Choose THREE LPF ships (aka a fictional character/actor (or actress, for Nic) + a member). Use one ship for theme icons, one ship for CATs and one for ACs.
1. Dream cast (aka the fictional character/actor + an actress (or an actor for Nic) who would play the member the best) (Winner: Aline)
2. Angst (Winner: Aline)
3. Black & white (Winners: Ines, Maria)
4. Happiness (Winner: Fatemeh)
3 icons with song lyrics (can be from one song, or several) that you think would fit the ship in question (Winner: Aline)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice but they have to be about the third ship (Winner: Ines)

Round 45: {Deadline 16th of July} A Dustland Fairytale
Aka the LPF fanfic. If you have some confusions about casting or roles, PM me or Aline.
1. Favorite character (so far - use one of the LPF members, not the non-LPF characters) (Winners: Fatemeh, Celine)
2. Favorite ship (so far) (Winner: Rachel)
3. Favorite friendship (so far) (Winner: Celine)
4. Favorite chapter (so far) - write the name of the chapter in the icon (Winners: Celine, Ines)
Three icons of three characters with both their fairytale and "real world" counterparts (aka for ex. an icon with both Nic and Peter Pan) (Winner: Celine)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (yes, also ADF) (Winner: Maria)

Round 46: {Deadline 29th of July} Episodes of your favorite TV-show (to make it clear, only use episodes of your #1 TV-SHOW! For ex., I only use GoT (obviously), Nic only uses Friends, Holly Lost etc....)
And guys, try not to use the same episode twice
1. Your favorite episode (Winner: Holly)
2. Your favorite episode for your favorite character (don't use the same one as in the theme above) (Winner: Amber)
3. Episode that hurts you the most (Winners: Rachel, Fatemeh)
4. Favorite episode title (Winner: Nic)
3 quotes from three episodes (aka if I use 2x08: Prince of Winterfell, I have to make an icon with the quote AND the picture both from 2x08) (Winner: Fatemeh)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (Winners: Amber, Aline, Fatemeh)

Round 47: {Deadline 9th of August} Colors (suggested by Fatemeh)
The idea is simple. I give you ten colors and you have to make icons that somehow represent these colors. You'll probably use fandom stuff. No, the icon doesn't have to be completely, for example, red. A shade here and there is enough.
1. Blue (Winner: Amber)
2. Red (Winner: Maria)
3. Purple (Winner: Rachel)
4. Yellow (Winner: Fatemeh)
5. Green (Winners: Fatemeh, Holly, Amber)
6. Black (Winner: Inés)
7. Orange (Winner: Inés)
8. Pink (Winner: Rachel)
9. Turquoise (Winner: Maria)
10. White (Winners: Maria, Fatemeh)

Round 48: {Deadline 20th of August} Meme (suggested by Maria
If you don't know what a meme is, google it, because I have no idea either. It's a thing on tumblr, ok?
(For this you will be using your #1 TV-Show again)
1. Favorite scene for your favorite character (winner: Atie)
2. Favorite episode for your favorite character (winner: Nic)
3. Favorite relationship for your favorite character (winner: Atie)
4. Favorite costume for your favorite character (winner: Maria)
3 relationships (from your all-time favorite TV-show) (winner: Ines)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (winner: Ines)

Round 49: {Deadline 29th of August} Icon styles
1. Black & White
2. Close crop
3. Fake background
4. Bright
3 icons with three different croppings of the same picture
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 50: {Deadline 10th of September} 50th round!! (suggested by Maria)
To celebrate the 50th round of this icon contest, I will pair all of the icon makers who sign up into couples. For example, if I pair Atie and Maria together, Maria will make Atie 10 icons of something she loves, and Atie will do the same with Maria.
Rachel & Maria
Nic & Nad
Inés & Atie & Amber
Holly & Celine
Aline & Fatemeh

Who you will make icons for (to clarify):
Rachel will make icons for Maria
Maria will make icons for Rachel
Nic will make icons for Nad
Nad will make icons for Nic
Inés will make icons for Amber
Amber will make icons for Atie
Atie will make icons for Inés
Holly will make icons for Celine
Celine will make icons for Holly
Aline will make icons for Fatemeh
Fatemeh will make icons for Aline

Make your pair TEN icons of something they LOVE. But remember, you can only make THREE icons of the same thing. For example, Maria can only make me 3 icons of Robb, and the rest will have to be of something else. So 3 icons about one thing is the limit! Of course it can be less, too. I'm just saying that no one should make their pair ten icons of the same character/ship etc.

Round 51: {Deadline 15th of October} Your ship
To make it clear: Make 10 icons about you and the one character/actor you ship with yourself the most. For most it'll be the ADF ships, I reckon.
1. #1 actor ship
2. #1 character ship
3. #1 actress to play you with the ship
4. The #1 member who you think ships you with the person the most
3 icons with three pieces of lyrics you feel fit you two as a ship
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 52: {Deadline 15th of November} Cartoons
1. Your favorite Disney cartoon
2. Your favorite non-Disney cartoon
3. A cartoon you dislike (if you don't dislike any, pick something that you consider overrated)
4. Character you identify with/relate to from a cartoon
3 icons of the cartoon(s) from which your ADF character/ship is based on. If you are unsure of what this might be, PM me. If you're not in ADF, also PM me so we'll figure something out.
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 53: {Deadline 5th of March} Your Myers-Briggs Type
To clarify: Make ten icons (with using the actress you identify as you to represent yourself - you can also use your ship or friendships or something, but the actress has to appear in each icon) with qualities of your personality type. For example, I'll check out what personality traits or other details fit to an INFJ and then make icons where I use Lily James as me and write down the detail I want.
It would be good to use personality traits that you think fit you personally.
So, yeah, no actual themes ;)

Round 54: {Deadline 27th of March} Tumblr text posts that describe you
To clarify: Find 10 text posts that you somewhat relate to, then, use your actress OR something else, as long as it's something that you love and are somewhat "known for". It can also be related to the text post. Such as, if the text post is about coffee, you are welcome to use a coffee cup or something.
Here is an example of a text post: link
You can put them in the icons whatever way you'd like.

Round 55: {Deadline 18th of April} Months
This round is pretty simple. Just take the first letters of each month (J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A, S, O, N, D) and make an icon of something you love that represents the letter! :) For example, for me January could be: Jaime, Jaime/Cersei, Jaime/Robb etc etc... // It can also be a non-fandom thing, such as... Jell-O? Well, you got my point XD
P.S. if possible, only use (if using characters) first name as the letter. Like, don't flip the name around because the last name is the right letter. But if you can't come up with anything else to use, then okay! :) But preferably first names! <3

Round 56: {Deadline 10th of May} Female characters
First of all, I'd like to make it clear that I love female characters and I recognize the fact that they are far more complex than the labels that are put on them, but for the sake of this round, bear with me!
HBIC, BAMF and Sweetheart! Make 4 icons of female characters of your favorite type out of these three, and then 3 icons of both the other two types! For example, I will be making 4 icons of 4 different female characters I'd label as "sweethearts" and then I'll be making 3 icons of 3 BAMF females and 3 icons of 3 HBIC females! The characters can be from any movies, TV-shows, books etc etc.
You don't have to write the labels in the icons, but you can if you want to!

Round 57: {Deadline 23rd of May} TV tropes for you
In this round you pick ten TV tropes that you feel represent you one way or another :) All the tropes can be found on tvtropes.org, and some examples are: Badass Princess, Kicking ass in all her finery etc etc... if you don't know what I'm referring to, message me :)

Round 58: {Deadline 26th of May} Rachel can't come up with round ideas <3
Themes: (in this round just use your imagination!)
1. Water
2. Fire
3. Earth
4. Air
3 of your favorite time of the year (winter, summer, spring, fall) themed-icons.
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (but it'd be cool if they'd somehow be related to the elements/times of the year!)

Round 59: {Deadline 13th of July} Hairporn
Themes: (the idea would be to use characters/actors)
1. Braid(s)
2. Short hair
3. Hair open (aka no braids or ponytails or anything)
4. With an accessory
3 icons of 3 of your favorite hairstyles
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 60: {Deadline 27th of July} Seven Deadly Sins vs Seven Heavenly Virtues
The idea is to do parallel icons. For example, use a character who possesses the sinful trait, and then someone who possesses the heavenly one. It's up to you, just parallel!
1. Lust - Chastity
2. Gluttony - Temperance
3. Greed - Charity
4. Sloth - Diligence
5. Wrath - Patience
6. Envy - Kindness
7. Pride - Humility
+ AC (three icons of your choice, preferably related to some of these traits)

Round 61: {Deadline 20th of August} History (idk about everyone else but Amber shall love this :P)
By this I basically mean historical movie/TV adaptations, such as The Tudors, Reign (I guess to some extent XD), Titanic (again, to some extent) etc etc...
1. Favorite historical person (played by an actor. for ex. Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn)
2. Favorite historical couple (it doesn't have to be historically accurate as long as it's from a show/movie that is based on actual history. ships such as Jack/Rose from Titanic qualify)
3. Favorite historical movie
4. Favorite historical TV-show
3 icons of your choice featuring 3 of your favorite historical time periods (such as the Renaissance)
'Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice (yes, still related to this subject <3)

Round 62: {Deadline 10th of September} Hogwarts houses
Pick among your favorite characters (preferably among your top 10-20 faves) and sort the characters of your choice into:
- Gryffindor (daring, brave)
- Hufflepuff (loyal, hardworking)
- Slytherin (cunning, ambitious)
- Ravenclaw (wit, curiosity)
- Make 3 icons of your two favorite houses
- Make 2 icons of the other two houses
(For example: I would make 3 Hufflepuff icons, 3 Gryffindor icons, 2 Ravenclaw icons and 2 Slytherin icons. And I would sort my favorites into each of these houses, for ex. Robb in Gryffindor, Ella in Hufflepuff etc..)

Round 63: {Deadline 28th of September} Basic icon themes
1. Fake background
2. Scenery
3. Black and white
4. Faceless
3 icons with 3 different facial expressions (on a person)
Artist's choice:
3 icons of your choice

Round 64: {Deadline 20th of October} Halloween
1. Knife
2. Dark
3. Pumpkin
4. Halloween clip art
3 icons of characters dressed up in Halloween costumes
Artist's choice: 3 icons of your choice

Round 65: {Deadline 15th of November} Your personality
In this round you'll just use the actress you see as yourself and use them in the icon along with the answer to the theme! :)
1. Your Hogwarts house
2. Your MBTI type
3. Your Temperament (info here: wikipedia.org/wiki/Four_temperaments)
4. Your Archetype (info here: link)
5. Your Personality Type (info here: link)
6. Your Alignment (info here: link)
7. Your Element (info here: link)
8. Your Color (that fits your personality most - info here: link)
9. Your Divergent faction
10. Your Season (that fits your personality most - info here: link)

Obviously you can find the info elsewhere, too, these are just examples :)
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