Leyton Family<3 LPF Awards 2012!!!!

mooshka posted on Jul 15, 2012 at 07:33PM
Yay! So the LPF awards are back! The last time we did this was link and it was around the time the LPF had just started. Now we have new members and new interests, so of course we have to do the awards again:D And this time Rachel is co-hosting these with me:D

Well, the rules are pretty much the same as last time. You can look back at the old forum if you need guidance. The two things you have to remember are THE NOMINATIONS ARE PRIVATE! and you can't nominate yourself for any category. oh and since two people are hosting them this time everyone with usernames beginning with the letters A-M send your nominations into Rachel and everyones usernames beggining with N-Z send your nominations into me:) Remember, you don't have to put a nomination in for every category but please try your best to! The more nominations the more fun.

Suggested Categories:
If there is a category that we missed and you know a lot of people are a fan of and really want it on the forum, mention it below and Rachel and I will decide if we should add it:D

If you have ANY questions feel free to ask either me or Rachel and we will gladly answer them for you:D

Here are the categories:D

*Most Out going LPF member?
*Most Talented LPF member?
*Most Craziest LPF member?
*Most Funniest LPF member?
*HBIC of the spot?
*NIcest LPF member?
*Most Creative LPF member?
*LPF member with the best ideas?
*LPF member thats always there?
*LPF president?
*LPF vice-president?

LPF Friendships:
*Closest LPF friendship?
*Most adorable LPF friendship?
*Craziest LPF Friendship?
*Funniest LPF Friendship?
*Best LPF tag team?
*Most opposite LPF Friendship?

*Biggest OTH fan?
*Biggest TVD fan?
*Biggest PLL fan?
*Biggest OUAT fan?
*Biggest Grey's Anatomy fan?
*Biggest Bones fan?
*Biggest Lost fan?
*Biggest Friends fan?
*Biggest HIMYM fan?
*Biggest Harry Potter fan?
*Biggest Doctor Who fan?
*Biggest The Notebook fan?
*Biggest A Walk to Remember fan?
*Biggest Hunger Games fan?
*Biggest Star Wars fan?
*Biggest The OC fan?
*Biggest White Collar fan?
*Biggest Gilmore Girls fan?

*Biggest Peyton fan?
*Biggest Haley fan?
*Biggest Brooke fan?
*Biggest Nathan fan?
*Biggest Lucas fan?
{Gilmore Girls}
*Biggest Jess Mariano fan?
*Biggest Damon fan?
*Biggest Stefan fan?
*Biggest Caroline fan?
*Biggest Katherine fan?
*Biggest Caroline fan?
*Biggest Elena fan?
*Biggest Hannah fan?
*Biggest Spencer fan?
*Biggest Snow fan?
*Biggest Emma fan?
*Biggest Charming fan?
*Biggest Queen fan?
*Biggest Alex fan?
*Biggest Cristina fan?
*Biggest Lexie fan?
*Biggest Brennan fan?
*Biggest Booth fan?
*Biggest Sawyer fan?
*Biggest Jack fan?
*Biggest Kate fan?
*Biggest Boone fan?
*Biggest Chandler fan?
*Biggest Robin fan?
*Biggest Barney fan?
{Harry Potter}
*Biggest Harry fan?
*Biggest Ron fan?
*Biggest Hermione fan?
*Biggest Neville fan?
*Biggest Draco fan?
{The OC}
*Biggest Seth fan?
*Biggest Ryan fan?
*Biggest Neal fan?

*Biggest Naley fan?
*Biggest Leyton fan?
*Biggest Brucas fan?
*Biggest Brulian fan?
*Biggest Delena fan?
*Biggest Stelena fan?
*Biggest Forwood fan?
*Biggest Catt fan?
*Biggest Klaus/Caroline fan?
*Biggest Hanna/Caleb fan?
*Biggest Spencer/Toby fan?
*Biggest Ezra/Aria fan?
*Biggest Emma/Graham fan?
*Biggest Snow/Charming fan?
*Biggest Izzie/Alex fan?
*Biggest Mark/Lexie fan?
*Biggest Cristina/Owen fan?
*Biggest Derek/Meredith fan?
*Biggest Booth/Brennan fan?
*Biggest Skate fan?
*Biggest Jate fan?
*Biggest Barney/Robin fan?
*Biggest Ross/Rachel fan?
*Biggest Monica/Chandler fan?
{Harry Potter}
*Biggest Ron/Hermione fan?
*Biggest Harry/Ginny fan?
*Biggest Doctor/Rose fan?
{The OC}
*Biggest Ryan/Marissa fan?
*Biggest Ryan/Taylor fan?
*Biggest Seth/Summer fan?
*Biggest Chair fan?
*Biggest Dair fan?
{Gilmore Girls}
*Biggest Rory/Jess fan?
Fictional Friendships?
*Biggest Baley fan?
*Biggest Paley fan?
*Biggest Breyton fan?
*Biggest Pathan fan?
*Biggest Brathan fan?
*Biggest Lathan fan?
*Biggest Laley fan?
*Biggest Harry/Hermione fan?
*Biggest Damon/Stefan fan?
*Biggest Seth/Ryan fan?

*Biggest Brucas hater?
*Biggest Brathan hater?
*Biggest Pathan hater?
*Biggest Baley hater?
*Biggest Brulian hater?
*Biggest Brooke hater?
*Biggest Delena hater?
*Biggest Stelena hater?
*Biggest Chair hater?

*LPF member with the best username?
*LPF member with the weirdest username?
*LPF member with the cutest username?

Suggested Categories:
*Biggest Jeyton fan?
*Biggest Suliet fan?
*Biggest SereNate fan?
*Biggest BTVS [Buffy The Vampire Slayer] fan?
*Biggest Bangel fan?
*Biggest Stefan/Caroline fan?
*Biggest Glee fan?
*Biggest Puckleberry fan?
*Biggest Smallville fan?
*Biggest Summer Roberts fan?
*Biggest Marshal/Lilly fan?
*Biggest Lorelai Gilmore fan?
*Biggest Community fan?
*Biggest Jeff/Annie fan?
*Biggest Veronica Mars(show) fan?
*Biggest Veronica Mars(Character) fan?
*Biggest Logan/Veronica fan?

More information:
so these are all the categories! have fun with it! and since they're a lot of categories and everyone is really busy the dead line is JULY 27TH!!!! Also, remember these are just for fun, so HAVE SOME FUN:D And participate<33 Love you all!

-Rachel and Moosh♥
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hơn một năm qua mooshka said…
Who is planning on participating???:D

*oh even if a person is planning on not participating you can still nominate them for a category:D just thought i would make that clear.
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua Albiee said…
I'm In :) ♥
hơn một năm qua 123Naki456 said…
Ugh, I want to participate, but I'm gonna be too busy tomorrow, I have to pack and everything and then I won't be home till 27th :/
hơn một năm qua mooshka said…
^No problem Nad! I'll talk to Rachel and see if we can extend it a little:P
hơn một năm qua Jessica4695 said…
I'm on it :)
hơn một năm qua Piu95 said…
I'm in :) but can we nominate more than one person for a category ?
hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
^ No, sorry. Just one person for one category.
hơn một năm qua xoheartinohioxo said…
I'm definitely in =]

&& suggestions for categories:

Biggest Jeyton fan

Biggest Suliet fan

Biggest SereNate fan

Biggest BTVS [Buffy The Vampire Slayer] fan

Biggest Bangel fan

Biggest Stefan/Caroline fan - This could be 2 categories, one for friendship shippers & one for couple shippers?

And this is probably asking a bit, but i know that there are quite a few of us that loved Brooke S1-6, but stopped liking her/liked her a lot less S7-9... so is there any way we could find a way to incorporate that? Like maybe do a Biggest S1-6 Brooke fan, Biggest S6-9 Brooke fan + Biggest overall Brooke fan? *Same thing for Biggest Brooke hater - Biggest overall Brooke hater, Biggest S6-S9 hater && I'm not about S1-6 since some started liking her S5...
hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
^ Uh, Moosh and I talked about it, and we decided not to go for the Brooke ideas, because if we would do that, others would like the same for other characters, too, and it would become too complicated. Sorry :/ But it was a good idea, though! And also no for Stefan&Caroline as a couple, because we didn't use any other AU couples either. But as friends, of course. And yes for all of the other stuff you suggested, which is Jeyton, Suliet, Serenate, BTVS and Bangel :)
hơn một năm qua XNaley_JamesX said…
I'm in!
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua XNaley_JamesX said…
Oh, and I also have a few suggestions:
'biggest Glee fan'
'biggest Finchel Fan'
'biggest Quick fan'
'biggest Puckleberry fan'
'biggest House MD fan'
'biggest Chameron fan' (House MD)
'biggest Smallville fan'
'biggest Marshall fan' (HIMYM)
'biggest Marshall & Lily fan (HIMYM)
'biggest Summer fan' (OC)
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua energizerbunny said…
I'mmmmmmmm Innnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn =D
hơn một năm qua rorymariano said…
I'm in!! :D

And can we also do Biggest: Lorelai Gilmore, Community, Jeff/Annie, Veronica Mars (show and character), Logan/Veronica, and Logan Echolls fans? :)
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua nicole_23 said…
The biggest Bones fan!
hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
^^ For Celine's suggestions ; We have a lot of categories already, so we had to cut some of your suggestions off. Because seriously, sooo many categories, and people just seem to want to add even more XD So, we decided to add Glee, Smallville, Marshall&Lily, Summer and Puckleberry. We considered which stuff is the most popular on the LF, and ended up with these. thank you for suggesting, though ;)

And for Amber ; All of that seems reasonable and well-known on the LF, but we decided to cut Logan Echolls off. But everything else will be added :)

And Nicole, the biggest Bones fan is already a category.
hơn một năm qua twilightlover73 said…
Umm.. I didn't have internet these last few weeks, is it okay if I nominate now or am I too late? Since deadline was July 27th
last edited hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
^ You're not too late ;) Nominate and then PM the nominations to either me or Moosh!