Leyton Family<3 What Makes bạn Think Of Us (CLOSED/OUTDATED)

XxXrachellXxX posted on Oct 21, 2011 at 06:47AM
Hi ;) okay, so I had an idea the other day, no, yesterday.. anyway. Every time I talk to someone on fanpop for the first time, the second time and so on, I start to remember them by something. Yes, the things can be things like "Oh, she's so nice/happy/clever" stuff like that, but right now I mean things like tv-shows, characters, pairings, movies. Like, for example, Jess&Peyton remind me of Moosh, like I said to her the other day ;)
So the point of this is to say what reminds you of our family :) I will put up a list of all of us [please let me know if I forgot someone] and then you write 1-5 [or more, if you wish] things about as many of us as you can. Things like Harry Potter, Peyton Sawyer, Nathan&Haley. But you can of course only pick one thing. You don't have to pick a tv-show/movie, character and a pairing for everyone. Just simply write what reminds you of them :)
I know this is a bit rubbish, but I thought it'd be fun, so give it a go, please? ;)

Here's the list of us, in case someone momentarily forgot someone they wanted to add or something:


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hơn một năm qua XxXrachellXxX said…
Okay, I'll start ;)

Elle: Rachel Berry, Puck&Rachel
Chandler: Big Brother
Laura: Robin&Barney, Peyton Sawyer, Robin Scherbatsky
Moosh: Jess&Peyton, Dragons (I'm sorry, they have to count XD)
Kelly: Lucas&Peyton
Margot: Glee
Celine: Stefan&Elena
Rach: Skins
Dalma: Sophia Bush, One Tree Hill
Ada: Ross&Rachel, Friends
Amber: Gilmore Girls, Rory&Jess
Rachel:..... forgot to say, you can pick something for yourself, but you don't have to XD and I won't
Nikky: Peyton Sawyer
Angi: Damon&Elena, Harry Potter
Maham: Supernatural
Steph: Booth&Brennan, Bones
Nad: Harry Potter, Caroline Forbes
Holly: Brooke&Lucas, Brooke Davis
Ale: Vanessa Abrams, Michelle Williams


and yes, you can pick the same thing for more than one person, if it reminds you of them ;)

hơn một năm qua Rolemodel2011 said…
Elle: Brulian, Glee, Australia ;)
Laura: Music, Friends <3
Moosh: PLL & Spanish haha
Kelly: Leyton, Friends
Margot: Singing, Celine
Celine: Naley, Margot
Rach: Leyton icon Contest
Dalma: One Tree Hill
Ada: Friends
Amber: Gilmore Girls
Rachel: Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Youtube, Tumblr
Nikky: P. Sawyer :)
Angi: PLL
Maham: Naley ♥
Steph: Bones duhhh
Nad: Harry Potter, Tumblr
Holly: Lost, Brucas, Tumblr
Ale: Fashion, clothes :)
Jess: Brucas, Brooke, Nathan, Brathan
Kir: Naley, Vampire Diaries
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hơn một năm qua XNaley_JamesX said…
Elle: Puckleberry, Mark Salling, Brulian
Chandler: Friends, Big Brother, icon contests
Laura: Barney & Robin, music, Peyton
Moosh: Peyton & Jess, LF spot, Mickey Mouse
Kelly: Leyton, Friends, Sheldon
Margot: school, movies, Cory Monteith, Santana Lopez
Rach: Skins, Katie Fitch, BH 90210
Dalma: BH 90210, TVD, SEFG
Ada: Lost, Greece
Amber: Star Wars (buddies!), Jess Mariano, Gilmore Girls
Rachel: Stelena, Doctor Who, Doctor & Rose
Nikky: Jenny Humphrey, Peyton, television 
Angi: unicorns, Damon & Elena
Maham: art genius, Castle & Beckett, Naley
Steph: Bones, B&B, Emily Deschanel
Nad: Harry Potter, golden trio, Caroline Forbes
Holly: Brucas, Skate, HBIC
Ale: Toby & Spencer, clothes, Vanessa Abrams
Jess: Nathan, videos, Supernatural 
Kir: Naley, TVD
hơn một năm qua tvfan5 said…
Elle - Puckleberry, Mark Salling, Lea Michelle, Brulian
Chandler - Naley, Nathan Scott, BJG
Laura - Peyton Sawyer, Music
Moosh - Peyton/Jess, Jenny Humphrey
Kelly - LP, ART
Margot - Singing
Celine - Naley, Amazing Art
Rach - Twin, Fellow Fangirl, all things Skins, DE, Dair, Peyton, music, SO much more.
Dalma - BH 90210
Ada - Lost
Amber - Gilmore Girls, Jess, Rory/Jess
Rachel - Doctor Who
Nikky - Peyton Sawyer
Angi - Unicorns vs. Dragons, DE
Maham - Castle, Caskett, Amazing Art, Fangirl buddy
Nad - Harry Potter
Holly - Brucas, Brooke, Sawyer/Kate, Amazing Art
Ale - Clothes, Toby/Spencer
Jess - Nathan Scott, James Lafferty, Brucas
Kir - Brucas, Naley

This is fun :)
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hơn một năm qua othobsessed92 said…
Elle - Puckelberry, Mark Salling, Australia
Chandler - Naley, icon contests
Laura - BrOTP, Barney Stinson, music
Moosh - Peyton&Jess, Dragons
Kelly - LP, stunning icons
Margot - Singing, Glee
Celine - Naley, Stelena, gorgeous art
Rach - Jeff&Annie, Katie Fitch
Dalma - BH 90210
Ada - Lost, Greece
Amber - Jess Mariano, Rory&Jess, Gilmore Girls
Rachel - Doctor Who, 10&Rose
Nikky - Peyton Sawyer
Angi - Lily&James <3, Delena
Steph - Bones, B&B, Emily Deschanel
Nad - Harry Potter
Holly - Brucas, Skate, SPN
Ale - Fashion, Toby&Spencer
Jess - James Lafferty, Brathan, Dramione
Kir - Brucas, Naley, Delena
hơn một năm qua Elbelle23 said…
Chandler - Naley, icon contests
Laura - Music, Barney and Robin
Moosh - Peyton&Jess, Articles
Kelly - LP, icons
Margot - Singing, Celine
Celine - Naley, Margot
Rach - Skins, Delena, Steph
Dalma - 90210
Ada - Lost, Greece
Amber - Jess Mariano, Milo, Jess and Peyton
Rachel - Doctor Who, Harry POtter
Nikky - Peyton Sawyer, LP
Angi - Lily&James <3, Unicorns, Harry Potter
Steph - Bones, B&B, Emily Deschanel, Rach
Nad - Harry Potter,
Holly - Brucas, Skate, Skype
Ale - Fashion, Toby&Spencer
Jess - Nathan Scott, Brathan.
Kir - Naley, Twitter
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hơn một năm qua energizerbunny said…
Elle - Mark Salling, Puckleberry
Chandler - Youtube vids, Naley
Laura - Music, Peyton
Moosh - Jenny Humphrey, Peytess
Kelly - Leyton, icons
Margot - singing, Adele
Celine - Naley
Rach - Skins, Damon&Elena
Dalma - 90210
Ada - Lost
Amber - Rory&Jess, Jess Mariano, LP
Rachel - Harry Potter
Angi - Unicorns, Harry Potter
Steph - Bones, Brennan & Booth
Nad - Harry Potter,
Holly - Brucas, Sawyer&Kate
Ale - Toby&Spencer, clothes
Jess - Nathan Scott, Brooke Davis, BL.
Kir - Naley
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hơn một năm qua xoheartinohioxo said…
Elle - Puckleberry, Rachel Berry, Skype, Kangaroos && Claire Littleton
Chandler - Friends/Chandler Bing, Icon Contests & Big Brother
Laura - Music, London, Friends
Moosh - Mickey Mouse, ♥this spot♥, Jenny & Peytess
Kelly - LP, Peyton, Gorgeous icons, Debaters & TBBT
Margot - Brilliant Singers, Celine & Glee
Celine - Haley, Naley, Margot, Gorgeous Icons♥ & Amazingly Kind people
Rach - Katie Fitch, Bangel, Sookric, Skate & Princess Peach
Dalma - 90210, Brenda & Kelly
Ada - Greece, lost & Jate
Amber - Gilmore Girls, Rory/Jess & the color Pink
Rachel - Doctor Who & Harry Potter
Nikky - Snickers, Peyton & Jenny
Angi - Harry Potter, Unicorns & Delena
Maham - Stunning art, Naley, LP & wonderfully sweet people
Steph - Bones, Bones, Bones! Booth&Brennan, Brennan, Emily Deschanel
Nad - Ninjas, LP, Delena & TVD
Ale - Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, Clothing Design & BAMF
hơn một năm qua mooshka said…
Elle-Brulian, Sister, Puckleberry
Chandler-Chandler Bing,Jeff/Jordan,PLL
Kelly-Leyton, icons
Rach-Ice Cream, LA, Queen B
Amber-Gilmore Girls, LIT, Peytess
Rachel-Doctor Who
Nikky-Jenny Humphrey, Birthday
Angi-Unicorns, Banjo
Maham-Castle, Naley, Art
Steph-Bones, Brennan, B&B
Nad-TVD, Ninja, Delena
Holly-Brucas, Skate
Ale-Private Practice, Clothes
Jess-Brathan, Nathan, Brucas
Kir-Naley, TVD,Skins

hơn một năm qua 123Naki456 said…
Elle - Puckleberry, Brulian, Lea Michele & Mark Salling
Chandler - Jeff&Jordan, Naley, Laley, Haleb
Laura - UK, Barney&Robin, Peyton, Music
Moosh - Peytness, PLL, Spots
Kelly - Leyton, Leyton, LEYTON! :D
Margot - Blonde hair, music, Celine, Bones
Celine - Art, Naley, James Lafferty, Margot, Stelena, Natalie Portman
Rach - Skins, Cassie Ainsworth, Caroline Forbes, Dair
Dalma - Serbia, Music, BH 90210
Ada - Greece, Lost, Kat, Charlie&Claire
Amber - Gilmore Girls, Rory&Jess, Lorelai Gilmore, Tumblr
Rachel - Doctor Who, Rose Tyler, Harry Potter, Ten & Rose
Nikky - Peyton Sawyer, Jenny Humphrey, Skins, Harper's Island,
Angi - Unicorns, Delena, Fred&George, Lily&James
Maham - Banners, SPN, Castle&Beckett, Quinn&Puck
Steph - Bones, BB, Emily Deschanel
Holly - Skate, Tumblr, HBIC, Brucas
Ale - Fashion, Vanessa Abrams, Chuck&Vanessa, Honesty
Kir - Twitter, Cook&Effy, TVD, Harry Potter, The OC
Cat - Amazing Idiots (lots of memories there :') ), Jokes about blondes, SPN, Castiel, Ashes and Wine song by A Fine Frenzy

hơn một năm qua leytonfaan_18 said…
Elle - Glee, Mark Salling, Australia, Brulian, Elbows
Chandler - Icon Contests, Chandler Bing, Big Brother, Naley
Moosh - Peytess, Jenny Humphreys, LP, Mickey Mouse
Kelly - LP, Gorgeous Icons
Margot - Belguim, Singing, Celine, Seeley Booth
Celine - Icons, Naley, Haley, Nathan
Rach - Ice Cream, Skins, Steph, Delena
Dalma - BH90210, Kelly, Good Music
Ada - Twins, Greece, Lost, Charmed, Charlie/Claire
Amber - Peytess, Gilmore Girls, Literati, Fanfiction
Rachel - David Tennant, Doctor Who, Billie Piper, Harry Potter, Stelena
Nikky - Jenny Humphreys, Snickers
Angi - Delena, Craziness, Unicorns, Dragons, Banjos
Maham - Icons, Naley, Castle, Stana Katic
Steph - Bones, Emily Deschanel, David Borenaz, BB
Nad - Ninjas, TVD, HIMYM, Castle, Tony/Tea
Holly - Brucas, Skate, Lost, Brooke Davis
Ale - Badass, Tony/Spencer, Clothes, Desperate Housewives
Jess - Brucas, Brathan, Nathan, James Lafferty
Kir - Great Chats, Malta, Skins, Ceffy, Naley
Cat - Music, Patrick Wolf, Castle, Supernatural, Naley
hơn một năm qua rorymariano said…
Elle - Brulian, Puck/Rachel, Mark Salling
Chandler - Naley, Big Brother, Jeff/Jordan, YT videos
Laura - Peyton, Jess, Barney/Robin, Friends, music, LLT
Moosh - Peytess, Jess, Peyton, LLT
Kelly - LP, icons
Margot - Singing, Bones, Seeley Booth
Celine - Star Wars (Buddies), Icons, Naley, Haley
Rach - Lit, Gilmore Girls, LLT, Katie Fitch
Dalma - BH90210
Ada - Greece, Lost, Charmed
Rachel - Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Stelena
Nikky - Peyton, LP, Jenny, Harper's Island, icons
Angi - Unicorns, Banjos, Delena, Crazy
Maham - Naley, Castle, Castle/Beckett, icons/banners
Steph - Bones, B&B, Temperance Brennan, LLT
Nad - Harry Potter, TVD, Delena
Holly - Lost, Brucas, Skate, Brooke
Ale - PLL, Toby/Spencer, clothes, honesty
Jess - Brathan, Brucas, Nathan, James Lafferty
Kir - Naley
Cat - Naley, Supernatural, Castiel

Loved this :D