Pretty soon the news of an animal attack spread across town.
Cast (in order of appearance):
Aline Morrison/Ariana Pendragon: Dianna Agron
Rachel Leslie/Jaime Locksley: Lily James
Tyler Hale: Tyler Hoechlin
Nicolas Grace/Peter Pan: Topher Grace
Richard Stark/Prince Robb: Richard Madden
Theo Eaton: Theo James
Colin Jones/Killian Jones: Colin O'Donoghue
Ines Clarke/Ariel: Emilia Clarke
Sam Odair/Finnick: Sam Claflin
cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly Dobrev/Elsa: Nina Dobrev
Irene Thorne/the Evil Queen: Eva Green
Red Riding Hood/Scarlett Woods: Meghan Ory
Rana Mitchell: Shay Mitchell
Klaus: Joseph Morgan
Fatemeh Tonkin/Persephone: Phoebe Tonkin
Katie: Katie McGrath
Jess/Wendy Darling: Zooey Deschanel
Celine Portman/Princess Aurora: Natalie Portman
Paul Salvatore/Prince Stefan: Paul Wesley

Chapter 9: Howlin' for you

Aline was running late. Grabbing her car keys, she opened her front door and bumped into Rachel.
"Shit." Aline đã đưa ý kiến while massaging her head. "Rachel ? What are bạn doing here?"
"Got a call from Tyler. Something happened."
Aline was about to say something but Rachel was already heading towards her car so she had no choice but to follow her.
They arrived a few phút later at a spot in the woods. Tyler was already there, waiting for them but the first thing both women noticed was the Caution tape delimiting a zone near Tyler. This meant they had to deal with a Crime scene. Getting out of the car, they headed towards Tyler and quickly noticed a body laying on the ground near him.
"What happened?" Rachel immediately asked.
"Not sure. Someone called the station saying they had found a body in the woods."
"Who?" Aline asked frowning.
"Don't know. It was an anonymous tip."
Rachel moved closer to the body and started examining it. The face had been deeply mutilated but bạn could still make out that it was a old woman.
"God. What happened to her?"
"I'd say animal attack but we have to take the body to the hospital to be sure."
"An animal attack?" Rachel đã đưa ý kiến raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah. Look at her. The cuts weren't made bởi a blade, they are too deep and I haven't found a murder weapon."
"The murderer could have taken the weapon." Rachel pointed out while taking a step back from were the victim was standing.
"So an animal did this. But what? A mountain lion?" Aline đã đưa ý kiến doubtfully
"Why not. hoặc even a wolf. Any animal with claws really." Tyler đã đưa ý kiến shrugging his shoulders.
"There are no Người sói in this area." Aline sighed. "Do bạn even recognize her?"
"I doubt anyone could recognize her at this point" Tyler said.
"Alright. Let's di chuyển her to the hospital so we can have a medical opinion." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến while taking her phone out of her pocket.
"I already called them. They are sending an ambulance." Tyler informed them.
"Okay. We'll meet bạn at the hospital then." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến while heading back to her car. "Aline, you're coming?"
Aline nodded and took her place in the passenger seat. Before starting the engine, Rachel turned to her friend.
"Are bạn okay? I know it wasn't pretty out there..."
"Yeah. But it's not that." Aline zoned out for a moment.
"Aline? What is it?"
"Hum. Do bạn remember anyone dying in this town? Ever?"
"Of course."
"Really? Because I don't."
"My father." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến with an harsh tone.
"I know your father died, Rach, but I don't remember him hoặc hearing about his funeral..."
"What are bạn saying?" Rachel was confused.
"I don't know... The whole thing is so weird."
"We'll talk about that later. We have to find out who this woman was."
Aline nodded and Rachel headed towards the hospital.

Pretty soon the news of an animal attack spread across town. Pretty much everyone believed the animal attack theory with the exception of a few who were joking about a serial killer wandering around town. Nic was skeptic. There was something really odd about that case and he knew he had to investigate. Fortunately for him, being the newspaper's redactor has its perks as he could interrogate people without being too suspicious. He had heard the body had been taken to the hospital so of course he had called Rana. He would say he needed help with the bài viết when really he was killing two birds with one stone.

They were now waiting for Dr Eaton's autopsy results with the sheriff and her deputies when Richard stormed in, somewhat agitated.
"Rachel! Thank God, you're alright!" he đã đưa ý kiến while grabbing her arm.
"Richard? What are bạn doing here?" Rachel asked a little panicked. Tyler and Aline had the decency to pretend they weren't listening but Nic only smirked.
"I heard about the animal attack... and I was worried. So I called the station and nobody answered..."
"Yeah. We were here waiting to know thêm about the victim."
Richard seemed a bit embarrassed now "Of course. I didn't think about that. I just thought bạn might be... hurt."
"Well, thanks. But I'm alright as bạn can see." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến with a small smile.
"Sheriff Leslie!" the doctor called. Rachel turned around and prepared for the worst. She feared the woman was someone she knew.
"Did bạn manage to find anything at all?" Tyler asked, rising from his chair.
"As it was impossible to identify the victim, we've scanned the tooth prints and finger prints and there was a match. The victim's name is Veronica Woods. Seventy-one. Lived with her granddaughter not that far away from the forest."
"Any thoughts on who hoặc what killed her?" Aline asked frowning
"A wild animal that's for sure. From the Canidae family I'd say, considering the bites I've found around her ankles. Most likely a wolf."
"But there are no Người sói around here." Richard said, confused.
"Well there is one now. And we have to find it. Fast." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến turning to Aline and Tyler. "We'll start with the woods. Tyler you'll go north, I'll go west and Aline, you're going east."
"What can I do?" Richard đã đưa ý kiến catching Rachel's gaze.
"You have to warn everyone. And establish a curfew. No one is allowed to go out after 10 PM and nobody goes near the woods until we find this thing."
"Sheriff, find it fast." Dr Eaton đã đưa ý kiến suddenly "This animal, whatever it is, has thêm strength than anything I've seen before."

They decided to chẻ, phân chia, split up. Aline went one way and Rachel went another, as did Tyler. As Aline headed towards the beach, she felt as if someone was following her. And fair enough, as she turned around, she almost ran into Colin.
"Whoa!" he stepped back a little with a smirk on his face. "Hello."
"What are bạn doing here?" Aline groaned. "There is a chó sói, sói on the lose, get inside, damn it."
"I don't want to, I want to help you", Colin insisted. "I can't have bạn get eaten bởi a chó sói, sói on my watch, now can I?"
Aline rolled her eyes. "Just stay close to me in case it decides to jump out of the bushes. I don't wanna be responsible for bạn getting torn to pieces."
"Oh, please, that's just your excuse for getting me close to you", Colin đã đưa ý kiến as he walked tiếp theo to Aline. "So did bạn have fun at the dance the other night?"
"You were right there. Did I seem to be having fun?"
"You seemed to be having a great amount of fun. Now, how much is that thanks to me?" Colin chuckled.
"You are so smug sometimes", Aline rolled her eyes. "Yes, it was partly thanks to you, I'll admit."
"I knew it", Colin đã đưa ý kiến with a smile. "You know, bạn look really nice today."
"And bạn look like someone drove over you", Aline said. It was a lie, he looked great. She was just trying to distract him from the blush on her cheeks.
"Maybe it's a bit colder out here than I thought", Colin smiled as he noticed the blush, but đã đưa ý kiến nothing thêm about it. They walked peacefully for quite some time, almost forgetting about the chó sói, sói altogether.

Ariel didn't know what to do. She had to make the most difficult decision in her life and she had no one to talk to. No one that would understand her anyway. Of course she thought about asking her best friend for Lời khuyên but he wouldn't get it. He liked their Thế giới ngầm so why would he? Sighing, Ariel looked at some fishes passing by. This life would never be enough for her. Not as long as he would walk the earth.
Her thoughts were interrupted when Finnick swam tiếp theo to her. He knew his best friend was hiding something but he couldn't figure out what.
"What's on your mind?"
"Nothing, little merman." She knew he hated this nickname but she loved to tease him anyway.
And as expected, Finnick made a face. "Come on, I know bạn Ariel. Something's up. Tell me what it is."
Ariel sighed once again. There was no point on trying to hide it, he would find out soon enough. "Do bạn remember about this guy I talked bạn about? Eric?"
Finnick shook his head. Of course it was about Eric. He should have known. Ariel has been talking about him for weeks now so of course her secret involved him.
"Well, I think I tình yêu him Finnick." Ariel continued shyly.
Finnick smiled at his friend. "It's only a crush Ariel, it would fade eventually."
"It won't Finnick." Seeing that he didn't believe her, she got mad "It won't, I promise. I want to give up all this for him. My life here, my tail, my immortality. I just want to be human."
Her friend froze at her words. Giving up her immortality, being human... Where did that come from ? He tried to convince her anyway "Ariel, bạn can't be together. He's from up there and you're from down here. Besides bạn can't become a human, you're a mermaid and you'll always be."
"No, it is possible. I talked to Ursula and she-"
"What? Ariel, bạn didn't!"
"I know I shouldn't have but she made me an offer. I can become human if I gave her something in exchange."
"Oh let me guess... Your life?"
"Actually no. She wants... my tình yêu for Eric."
"What? That's ridiculous. This is why you're doing this. To be with him."
"And we will be. Our tình yêu will bring us back together and will be thêm powerful than Ursula's magic."
"This is madness, Ariel. bạn don't want to cut a deal with Ursula."
"This is the only way."
"Seems like bạn already made up your mind."
Ariel nodded "I have to give my decision at the end of the day."
"This is goodbye then."
"Only for now, you're still my best friend." Finnick wanted to believe that thêm than anything but he knew it was not something Ariel could guarantee.

"Our tình yêu will bring us back together and will be thêm powerful than Ursula's magic."

Ines was waiting for the Veronica Woods's granddaughter at the hospital reception desk. She was the one designated to break the news to her. How could she look the girl in the eye and tell her that her grandmother was the victim of an animal attack? Still she had to. Sighing, Ines started to trace the lines of her tattoo with her finger. The ink reminded her of a bracelet. A wavy line that went around her left wrist that ended with a ngôi sao in the inside of the wrist as if it were a charm. Ines didn't exactly remember why hoặc when she got it -probably on a night of heavy partying - but it felt like it had always been a part of her. Her thought were interrupted when she caught a glimpse of red entering the hall. The woman walking straight phía trước, chuyển tiếp towards the counter announced her name and Ines felt her stomach twitch at the realization.
"Scarlett Woods?" she stood up and greeted the woman.
"Yes. I have been called this morning and asked to come down here."
"Thank bạn for coming so quickly." Ines đã đưa ý kiến with a shy small. From that point she didn't know how to find a way to inform her of what happened. A small silence issued as Ines was trying to come up with the most comforting way to do so.
"Is something wrong?" Scarlett asked, she could see Ines's expression and knew something was not right.
"Last night, your grandmother was the victim of an animal attack. The police department is at this very moment searching for the đã đưa ý kiến animal to catch it and prevent this from happening again so that is why none of them are here to inform bạn about that."
The woman seemed a bit shocked but quickly recovered after Ines's speech
"Okay, how is she? Can I see her?"
Ines felt a twinge of sorrow in her tim, trái tim as delivered the news "I'm afraid that your grandmother didn't survive the attack. She was found this morning in the woods."
Scarlett gasped and started to cry. Ines never felt so bad in her entire life. In one moment, she had changed the life of this poor girl and there was nothing she could do to make her feel better except staying with her and somewhat comfort her. She lead her to the nearest chair and let her cry on her shoulder.

Rachel had been searching for a few hours and still found nothing. Certainly a wild animal was harder to catch than a wandering person but still she hadn't find of pawprints nor blood. She had begun her research where the old woman's body had been found and now was deep into the woods. She hoped Tyler hoặc Aline had thêm luck than her but she kept on searching anyway. This was not like all these times where they had to chase James all around town. Someone had died and it was crucial to protect everyone in town from that threat. Rachel then remembered what Aline had đã đưa ý kiến to her earlier in the car. She had to be wrong. Of course people had died in Rosedell before. Even though she didn't remember the ngày her dad had passed away - she was somewhat young when it happened - she remembered vividly the pain she felt when she knew about it. Suddenly she heard a crack behind her and quickly pulled out her gun and aimed it at where the sound came from. She waited quietly as if not to scare the animal away. She heard rustling in the bushes and prepared to fire. She almost did as Richard came out from behind it but thankfully, she stopped herself at the last minute.
"Jesus fucking Christ! What are bạn doing here? I almost shot you!"
"Sorry. I was just trying to help." Richard đã đưa ý kiến with an apologetic look.
"Doing what? Hiding in the bushes?" she knew she was being a bit rude but she was still freaking out about the almost-shooting-him part.
"Actually I was trying to catch bạn up. bạn are tough to follow, bạn know that?"
"Yeah. Richard, bạn didn't have to come bạn know."
"I wanted to. bạn shouldn't be out here, searching bởi yourself."
"I appreciate that but I can manage bạn know? And besides I'm sure bạn have other places to be right now."
"To be honest, I do have some things to take care of." Rachel raised an eyebrow as if it proved her point. "But what good could I do if I'm too busy worrying about bạn being eaten bởi the chó sói, sói to actually do something?"
"Good point." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến and she resumed walking. "I don't mind having bạn here anyway."
"I'm glad. I don't mind chasing a chó sói, sói either." Richard đã đưa ý kiến with a smile.

Nic was worried. He knew Ines's story as well as Scarlett's and yet he didn't know who the hell killed that poor old woman. How was that possible? Wasn't he supposed to know everything? After all he was the one supposed to make them all remember and when he had touch that mirror a few weeks back, he had learned every single story that happened to these people. Still, he didn't know that. At least he knew something the others didn't. Whereas Rachel and her deputies were looking for an animal, he knew they had to tìm kiếm for a man. A man capable of shapeshifting and vicious attacks. He wanted to warn them about it but how he was supposed to make them look for a man instead of an animal without telling them exactly what was going on? He opened the nearest notebook and started making a danh sách of the town's inhabitants and their fairytale identities. He hoped to single out the creature bởi finding someone he knew nothing of. He sighed. Weeks ago, he was so ignorant about all of this, going to work, hang out with his Những người bạn that was it. Not desperately looking for a werewolf. Was this supposed to be his life now? And there was still the threat which Irene represented. He was anxious about the idea of her having power over his Wendy but what could he do about that? It's not like he was the police hoặc anything. The một giây he had thought these words, he had an idea. And it was brilliant.

The một giây he had thought these words, he had an idea. And it was brilliant.

This had been bothering cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly for days now. Who was Albie and why did she seem so familiar? So she decided to confront the only person she was sure knew the truth. It took a while to find Irene's house. cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly had almost never had to actually visit it, and she'd forgotten where it was, but as she rang the doorbell, she felt almost bad for her. She was alone, deserted, rejected bởi everyone. But she'd brought it on herself.
"Oh, it's you", Irene đã đưa ý kiến as she answered the door, opening it wide. "What do bạn want?"
cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly walked in and waited until Irene closed the door before grabbing the dao, con dao from her pocket, shoving Irene against the door and pressing the dao, con dao to her neck. "I'm going to ask bạn a few các câu hỏi and you're going to tell me the truth, okay?"
"Fine", Irene didn't seem scared hoặc surprised at all, but cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly ignored her tone as she continued: "Who is Albie Collins?"
"Just put down the knife-"
"WHO?" cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly shouted, pressing the dao, con dao deeper.
"Your sister", Irene said.
And suddenly cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly remembered. She remembered the snow man, the castle, Percy, the pain of having to leave her family behind, all of it. She gasped and backed away a little. "Anna..."
"Yes. Are bạn happy now? She doesn't remember, she'll never remember."
"That isn't all, is it?" cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly muttered. Because of two simple words Irene said, cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly now remembered all of it. "Derek. bạn raised him from my mind as well. Tyler."
"Yes, I did. It was for your own good, all of it! tình yêu is weakness", Irene đã đưa ý kiến roughly. "And it's too late now anyway. You'll never have them back."
"I can try", cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly đã đưa ý kiến roughly. "And even if it doesn't work, this version of bạn has already gathered enough enemies to turn everyone against you. And that is exactly what I'm going to do."
"You should be thêm careful, dear", Irene đã đưa ý kiến quietly as cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly opened the front door. "After all, bạn know who I am, and bạn know what I'm capable of."
cây ô rô, hoa huệ, holly smiled coldly at the woman she used to put her trust in. "Do your worst. I'll be waiting", with that she walked out, slamming the door closed behind her.

"Do your worst. I'll be waiting"

When Ariel woke up, she didn't know where she was. Apparently she had found her way to the woods and somehow ended up bởi the river. Her head pounding a bit, she sat down and closed her eyes for a moment. The last thing she remembered was talking to Ursula. She had accepted her deal and Ursula had started the enchantment. At first she didn't feel different at all, but after a while everything around her started to blur and she couldn't stand up anymore. Her tail felt heavy and her lungs were burning. She wondered if anything was normal hoặc that Ursula indeed tricked her and was now killing her. Suddenly a bracelet appeared in her left arm. A single black hoop of coral with a starfish as a charm. And as she blacking out she heard Ursula's distant voice telling her that the bracelet is what will make her a human as long as she wore it. She would have the choice to remove it during the first ngày if she didn't like being a mere mortal but after that time, the bracelet will be stuck forever.
Ariel opened up her eyes and looked at the bracelet. There was no clasp for her to take it out and she knew it was bound bởi magic. Taking it out meant breaking it, and with it breaking the promise of a better life for her. She then realized that she could breathe perfectly. She knew she would but still it was a marvelous feeling but what made Ariel perfectly happy ways laying eyes on her two long legs. She had dreamed of having those her all life and here they were, just in front of her. She touched them as if to make sure they were real and quickly got up on her feet, already enjoying the odd sensation of having two separate limbs. She tried to walk a little but she found it difficult and fell, her legs giving out.
"Hey there! Are bạn okay?"
Looking up, Ariel saw a woman wearing a red áo choàng and carrying a basket, walking towards her.
"Yes, yes. Thank you, I'm perfectly fine." Ariel đã đưa ý kiến with an hoarse voice which was not used to be out of the water.
"Alright. My name is Red bởi the way."
"Ariel." Ariel đã đưa ý kiến with a smile and standing up. She quickly felt used to having legs and was now able to stand.
"Are bạn lost?"
"No. But I can't go back home."
"Why's that?"
"I was a mermaid bạn see? And now that I'm human, I can't live with my family anymore."
"Well, bạn can go with me to my grandmother's if bạn like. While bạn figure out where to live."
"Thank you." and as Red was walking off, Ariel followed her.
"Why did bạn become human?" Red asked after they walked quietly for a while.
Ariel thought of Eric and her desire to be with him and couldn't understand why this man meant everything to her back then. She felt nothing when she was thinking of him now. No butterflies, no daydreams, no skipped heartbeats. Ursula's spell worked perfectly and every bit of tình yêu that she felt for Eric disappeared only leaving her with a vague memory of it.
"I always wanted to walk on two legs and dance. Yes, dancing seems to be the most wonderful thing in the world." Ariel đã đưa ý kiến with a smile. She didn't bother mentioning Eric to her new friend. Even though he was the reason for her transformation, she couldn't care less about him now.

"Oh my God", Rana gasped as she saw the body. Doctor Theo Eaton had been kind enough to take time off and help her bởi hiển thị her the body and answering all the các câu hỏi she might have for the bài viết they were doing for the magazine.
"I know", Theo placed the fabric covering the body back on it before gesturing for Rana to follow him. They exited the mortuary and walked over to the hallway.
"So, any thêm questions?" Theo asked.
"Do bạn think it was just one wolf?" Rana asked as she wrote the stuff in her notebook. "That looked like a lot of damage."
“We’re not sure yet, but we better hope it was just one wolf, right?” Theo sighed. “The last thing this town needs is another scandal.”
“Scandal?” Rana asked curiously.
“There’s a rumor going around that the ex-mayor is some sort of a psychopath and that she’s going to get back at Richard and everyone who helped him.”
“Talk about a chua loser”, Rana chuckled as she wrote all of it down. “I really hope this doesn't happen again. Now, I have one thêm question.”
“So do I. But go ahead, ask first”, Theo smiled.
Rana chuckled. “Do bạn think bạn could have saved the woman if you’d taken her in sooner?”
“No. The cuts were too deep. She was dead in seconds. Which, I suppose, is a good thing. That means she didn't suffer”, Theo said. “Now it’s my turn.”
“What do bạn want to ask, then?”
“Will bạn go out with me?” Theo asked with a smile on his face.
Rana had sort of expected this, but it was still a pleasant surprise. “Sure. When?”
“I’ll call you”, Theo promised.
“You don’t have my number.”
“Your friend Nic gave it to me the other day”, Theo smirked.
“Oh? And bạn never used it?”
“I was too scared you’d turn me down.”
“Scared? You? I’m having a hard time picturing that”, Rana smiled before heading for the exit. “Call me.”
“I will”, Theo asked and watched as she walked off.

It was already late at night when Tyler, Aline, Colin, Rachel and Richard finally made it back to the Sheriff's station. And as soon as they did, they stopped in their tracks to find Sam sitting in Rachel's chair, looking bored.
"Get off my chair", Rachel snapped, and he did.
"Sorry, I just... I was looking for you", he gestured at Richard. "I tried calling you. Where have bạn been?"
"Helping Rachel and-"
"Of course", Sam groaned in frustration. "Well, I đã đưa ý kiến you'd talk to the town about this problem tomorrow, in public."
"What is that 'of course' supposed to mean?" Rachel snapped.
"Let it go, Rach", Aline said, noticing how uncomfortable Richard looked. Sometimes her friend was just so blind.
"I'll talk to the town tomorrow, I promise", Richard said. "First thing in the morning."
"Did bạn find the wolf, at least?" Sam asked.
"Nope", Tyler said. "We'll try to gather up thêm people, experienced hunters, maybe, and go again tomorrow."
"Yes, but you'll do it without Richard", Sam groaned. "You have a responsibility to this town now, not just to your girlfriend."
"I am not his girlfriend", Rachel chuckled.
"I think it's time to call it a night", Tyler đã đưa ý kiến awkwardly. "See bạn guys tomorrow."
"It's past curfew anyway", Aline muttered, dragging Colin out with her.
"Did bạn at least tell them about the curfew?" Richard asked, looking at Sam.
"I did. At least one of us is reliable", Sam muttered, walking past him. "Are bạn coming?"
"He'll be right there", Rachel turned to look at Richard, and sighed when they were finally alone in the room.
"What was that about?" Rachel đã đưa ý kiến crossing her arms and facing Richard.
Richard had no idea what to tell her. He couldn't possibly just blurt out that he's got a massive crush on her... not after all that happened between them.
"Sam is mad because I've neglected my Mayor duties today."
"Why did bạn do that? I didn't need help, I was fine." Rachel expression softened.
"I know bạn don't. I just had to be there." Richard đã đưa ý kiến simply, shrugging.
"Why? It's my job, not yours to protect this town. Well actually it is, just not in that way."
"I wasn't thinking about the town."
Rachel frowned. "What were bạn thinking about?"

"Why couldn't bạn leave? After bạn knew I was okay."

Shit, Richard thought, there was no way he could avoid her các câu hỏi now. Might as well confess everything.
"You. I was worried about you. The idea that bạn were out there bởi yourself and that bạn could end up like that poor woman was haunting me. I had to make sure bạn were okay, so I just left. When I saw bạn were alright, I should have returned to my office, but I just couldn't."
There was a long pause during which Richard was trying to understand what was going on in Rachel's mind and really was just waiting for her to say something.
"Why?" Rachel asked again, confused.
"Why couldn't bạn leave? After bạn knew I was okay."
Richard didn't expect that question. He had just told her that he cares about her and she still couldn't acknowledge that.
"Because I... I..." Richard was so frustrated that he wished he could just say that he liked her and Kiss her right there. And besides why couldn't he? Determined, he took a step phía trước, chuyển tiếp and as he was about to tell her how he felt, she cut him off.
"Richard. It has been a long day." Rachel đã đưa ý kiến a bit confused bởi Richard's behavior. She didn't know what was going on with him. She was clearly worse at đọc people than anyone would've thought. "You should... bạn should go home."
Richard nodded slowly and headed for the door. He was disappointed but he knew it was too soon. He glanced back one last time and looked at Rachel standing in the center of the room, still in the same spot she was before. Sighing he opened the door and left, leaving her pondering about what just happened.

"That was a bit awkward", Colin đã đưa ý kiến as they were out of the station. Tyler nodded in agreement.
"When is Richard's announcement gonna be tomorrow?" Aline asked Sam.
"At noon", Sam said, checking his watch. "We should all get home, it is past ten."
"What about those two?" Tyler asked, gesturing back at the station.
"I think they can take care of themselves. Let's give the kids a bit of privacy", Colin smirked, turning to look at Aline. "I'll walk bạn home."
Aline was about to open her mouth to agree to the suggestion when she heard a voice: "Aline, can I talk to bạn for a minute?" they both turned around to find Nic looking at them.
"Nic? Uh, sure...", Aline smiled, turning back to look at Colin. "I'll see bạn tomorrow?"
"I thought bạn didn't want me near the wolf", Colin pointed out.
"True, but if you're with me, I can make sure bạn don't get eaten. See bạn guys", with that she walked over to Nic. "What's up?"
"I need your help with something", Nic said, gesturing for Aline to follow. They walked for a while without either saying a word, until Nic spoke. "I need bạn to help me get Jess out of the hospital."
"What?" Aline gasped. "Nic! Why? How do bạn even know her?"
"I know her, ok? And they're not treating her right. She is not insane. She doesn't belong in there, she belongs with me", Nic snapped. In truth this wasn't even the essence of his plan, but the words escaped his mouth before he could stop them.
Aline groaned. "Why do bạn want my help?"
"You're the deputy. It's your job to do the right thing. Would bạn rather I go talk to Rachel?"
"No", Aline đã đưa ý kiến quickly. "No. Fine. What do I get out of it?"
"The pleasure of my company?" Nic joked. "I'll... I will-"
"You will help me keep Irene out of the picture."
"Meaning?" Nic raised his eyebrows.
"I don't want her screwing anything up with Richard and his job, and I definitely don't want her to mess with Rachel. She's still convinced it was Irene who tried to kill her and Richard a few weeks ago."
"It was her. It's always her. Everything that happens in this town is her fault", Nic đã đưa ý kiến roughly. Maybe it was saying a bit too much but he had had enough of her games.
Aline raised her eyebrows in question, but asked nothing. Instead she said: "Let's go get Jess."

For a while Ariel's life was good. She became best Những người bạn with Red, she learned how to dance, and she lived with Red and her grandmother. It was a peaceful, human life. And despite missing her family and friends, she didn't regret not tearing the bracelet up. She had made her decision and now she was living with it. However, human life was not without its issues. There was talk of a chó sói, sói roaming the woods, and many times there had been dead bodies on the ground come morning. The hunters had done their best to catch the beast, but they all claimed it had to be thêm than just an ordinary chó sói, sói because of the size of its footprints, and the condition it left its victims in, completely torn apart. Many of the hunting parties had also met their demise on their trips.
One morning Ariel was walking through the woods (the chó sói, sói only seemed to come at night, so she wasn't worried), staring at the footprints in the snow as she walked, trying to find the wolf's prints. She knew it was a long shot, but she was as curious as everyone else. While looking at the ground, she barely noticed the man she bumped into.
"Oh, I'm sorry", Ariel rushed to say, stepping back. "I wasn't looking."
"That's quite alright", the man in front of her was about her age. He had sandy-blonde hair and a smile that had something off about it. But he was handsome, and for a moment took Ariel's breath away. "Are bạn lost?"
"No. I'm looking for the wolf", Ariel smiled. "And you?"
"The same, actually", the man chuckled softly. "What's your name?"
"I'm Klaus", he extended his hand, which Ariel took. It felt soft and warm, especially in cold weather.
"Nice to meet you."
"You as well", Ariel smiled, staring into his grey eyes. "Do bạn think you'll find the wolf?"
"I have no doubt", Klaus smiled. "I'm somewhat of an expert in the subject."
Ariel smiled back. She wasn't exactly sure what he meant bởi that, but what did it matter?

"I'm somewhat of an expert in the subject."

As Sam was walking home, he spotted Fatemeh walking out of Celine's diner.
"What.... does no one care about the curfew?" he asked in distress. Fatemeh turned to look at him.
"Oh, hey. No, not really. I mean, I doubt the chó sói, sói is going to just walk into the quán ăn and slaughter us all", she walked over to him and smiled. "As long as you're here, walk me home?"
Sam nodded with a smile on his face. They walked for a few moments in silence before Sam spoke. "So, how is your ex-boss coping with the change?"
"I wouldn't know, I haven't seen much of her", Fatemeh said. "And you, how is your boss coping with the change?"
"I think he doesn't quite understand the priorities of the job", Sam said.
"Meaning that today instead of doing his job, he ran off into the woods to help Rachel catch the wolf."
Fatemeh smiled a little at this. "That's because he has feelings for her. tình yêu makes bạn do a lot of shitty stuff bạn wouldn't normally do." Fatemeh had no idea where this was coming from. When had she ever been in love?
"Maybe", Sam admitted. "But still, it's insane."
"So bạn wouldn't do that for the woman bạn love? Make sure she's alright?" Fatemeh asked.
Sam opened his mouth to say something, but then closed it. "I would."
"Oh", Fatemeh was a little surprised. "So bạn have one, then?"
"A woman bạn love?"
"No", Sam smiled. "Not yet anyway", the stopped in front of Fatemeh's house. "I'll see bạn later, okay?" he gave her one last look before walking off. Fatemeh walked into the house with a smile plastered on her face.

It wasn’t difficult getting into the mental ward thanks to the lack of security. After Irene’s removal from office, Richard had laxed the security and put the visiting hours back to normal.
“How do bạn know which room she’s in?” Aline asked as they walked in the ward. “And we shouldn’t be here anyways.”
“Can I help you?” they turned around to find a young, beautiful, black-haired woman looking at them. She clearly worked on the ward; she had the clothes for it, and apparently the night shift to match it.
“Yes”, Nic took a piece of paper from his pocket and handed it to the woman. “I have a permission from Richard Stark to pick up a patient.”
“At this hour?” the woman raised her eyebrows as she read the paper.
“She’s my sister”, Nic lied.
“Oh”, whatever was on the paper clearly convinced the woman. “Go right ahead.”
Nic nodded, and Aline followed. “You forged Richard’s signature, didn’t you?”
“You should probably stay out here”, Nic stopped in his tracks. “Make sure no one comes in”, with that he walked into Jess’ room, closing the door.
There she was, sitting on the bed, curled up in a ball. She looked up when she saw him, and let out a gasp. And at that moment Nic knew she remembered.
“Peter”, she whispered. “Peter, you… bạn found me.”
“I did. And now I’m taking bạn with me”, Nic grabbed Jess in his arms and carried her out of the room.
Meanwhile Aline had been making small talk with the nurse, and she had this strange feeling that she knew her from somewhere, but she couldn't quite put her finger around it.
“Let’s go”, Nic đã đưa ý kiến as he walked over to them. He had hoped that Aline would get some memories back due to meeting the woman, but apparently it was a long shot. “Aline.”
“Yeah. It was nice to meet you, Katie”, Aline smiled at the girl, who smiled back.
“You too, Aline. If bạn ever wanna borrow that book, let me know!”
“What book?” Nic asked as they walked down the stairs.
“The Black Swan”, Aline said. “So… do I wanna know how bạn know her?” she tried to see if Jess was capable of having a conversation with, but she was fast asleep yet again. “Where are bạn taking her?”
“My home. I’ll see bạn tomorrow, okay?”
“You won’t do anything bad to her, will you?” Aline snapped, making Nic turn back at her in shock.
“What? No! Of course not! How can bạn even think that?”
“I don’t know. I just don’t know what you’re doing”, Aline đã đưa ý kiến quietly as they got out of the hospital.

“I don’t know. I just don’t know what you’re doing"

“Trust me”, Nic asked.
Aline shrugged. “Okay. But I’m telling Rachel where she is, and I’m telling Richard bạn forged his signature.”
“If that’s the guarantee bạn need, go ahead. I’ll see bạn tomorrow”, with that Nic walked off, his back aching from Jess’ weight, but he đã đưa ý kiến nothing, just held her close to him and walked. They were finally together again.

Aline was walking trang chủ when she almost ran into Celine, who was on her way out of the quán ăn with Paul bởi her side.
“Oh, hey”, she smiled. “It’s two hours past curfew.”
Paul smirked, wrapping an arm around Celine, who laughed a little. “Sorry. Are bạn gonna arrest us?”
Aline turned her eyes towards the sheriff’s station they could see from there. The lights were on. That could mean that Richard and Rachel – hoặc one of them – was still inside, hoặc they’d forgotten the lights on. Both options seemed just as likely. “No, I’ll let it slide this once”, she joked. “Having a good night?”
“A very good night”, Celine smiled at Paul, who leaned forwards and planted a Kiss on her lips. “Good night, then.”
“Good night”, Aline smiled and watched as the two walked off. She was happy for them, and somehow watching them together made her think of Colin. She turned her eyes back to the road and froze. There was a huge chó sói, sói staring at her. Aline had no idea what to do. She had a gun but she didn’t know how much she could di chuyển without spooking the wolf. Just as she was slowly moving her hand to grab the gun, she heard a gunshot behind her. She nearly jumped out of her skin, but to her surprise the chó sói, sói ran off. Aline turned around and saw Colin looking at her in shock.
“You missed”, she đã đưa ý kiến weakly.
“I’m sorry, I must have panicked. I just… I saw you, and I didn’t think, I just pulled the trigger”, Colin said, walking over to her and pulling her in for a hug. “I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s fine. Thank you.”
They stayed like that for a few giây until Aline pulled away. “Where did bạn get the gun?”
“That’s a story for another time. Let me take bạn trang chủ for real this time”, Colin said, and Aline nodded. The two began walking with wary steps, but Colin’s arm around her shoulder reassured Aline thêm than she dared to admit.

Tyler was still on his way trang chủ when it happened. At first it was completely peaceful. The whole town seemed to be asleep.
The chó sói, sói came out of the blue, catching him off guard. He fell to the ground at the weight of the beast, and when he sunk his sharp teeth into Tyler’s neck, he screamed in pain. But before he knew it, before he had time to react in other ways, the chó sói, sói was gone. It had only bit him once and disappeared. Tyler tried keeping his eyes open, he tried to stay awake, but eventually the pain became too overwhelming and he closed his eyes.

Eventually the pain became too overwhelming and he closed his eyes.