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Fan fiction by gothic_vamp08 posted hơn một năm qua
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Never before had my life been so ... perfect, so beautiful than the moments i spent with her. Rose. My Rose. She was my everything.

And I was absolutely in tình yêu with her.

Believe me when i say this, the girl was genuinly beautiful. Her eyes were as blue as the sea - a beautiful, gorgeous blue. Her skin was as white as snow and her lips ... Oh, don't even get me started on her lips. They were as full as Anjelina Jolie's and as red as an apple. And her curves...

She was meu inima (my heart) and I truly loved her.

Every một phút I spent with her caused emotions to spread through me like wildfire. Everytime we held hands, everytime we hugged was the best moments in my life.

But, unfortunately for me, she had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who did nothing but treat her like shit.

It pained me every single ngày to watch Rose spend time with that jackass boyfriend of hers - kissing, laughing, hugging, holding hands .... and fighting. All that had been going on for three long years, and i feared it was never going to end. Rose deserved better.
Fan fiction by ImBooOK posted hơn một năm qua
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A few facts before bạn read. I am extremely bored right now and I decided i would give bạn all a peice of my ungranted wish for Disney to be Gay made. I have tis secret (well not anymore) obsession with the Original Disney phim chiếu rạp being made for gays. I mean think about it, theres always the prinsses that falls for the (cough cough) handsome prince...why not change it up a lil and make little miss sleeping beauty fall for the Queen of all Evil? the sexy sedutive Maleficent? Eh eh? well that is exactly what my story is going to be about, and if bạn dont know Disney that well, bạn neva had a really fuffilled childhood. Sleeping beauty is about a girl who is cursed bởi the wicked Maleficent, she is to prick her finger on the needle of te spinning wheel and die. However, she just falls into a deep slumber that causes her to be 16 and unharmed until her true love, a prince, kisses herand breaks the spell. Thats the original, but i wanted to share this wonderful version.

I cannot move.
Fan fiction by ImBooOK posted hơn một năm qua
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One morning on my way to work, I stopped bởi the office to drop bởi some files and permission slips from my students. Glancing at the back of the room was Emily, a girl who came in here quite often. "Ms.Andrews" i nodded to her. she nodded back but kept silent. Emily pulled her long bangs from her face.
The chuông, bell rang and just then came flooding in was my students. "Morning class" i đã đưa ý kiến smiling. "Morning Ms.Hannah" they ecohed back. "Do we all know what todays lesson is?" "SEX?!" A boy đã đưa ý kiến jokingly. "As a matter of fact...sort of. do any of bạn know what sexuality means?" no one knew? A shy hand crept up. i pointed. "are we learning about gays? because my dad đã đưa ý kiến im not allowed to be hoặc hang out with gays.." the young man said. my tim, trái tim stopped for a minute. "why whats wrong with them?" i asked. "well he thinks that they are attention deprived,diesease spreading against nature sick perverted weirdos who cant get the opposite gender so they go for the same kind" he said. there it tim, trái tim sunk. "well your dad is wrong" i gulped. "now...who can tell me why im teaching bạn this? heres the answer. your all 9th graders, pretty soon hoặc maybe already bạn have thought about...
Opinion by desgrace posted hơn một năm qua
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think calm
i can smell her, feel her, she is near,
i reach out to touch her, but she disappears,
dont go i say,i need bạn here, i need bạn near,
she turns way and begins to leave,
she only left me, with a tear and a leaf,

i run after her, afraid of where i would be,
if she left me,
i catch her, in the midst of it all,
she lay on the grass, a tear in the fall,
i couldnt go, she says,
i tình yêu bạn too much,

i close the distance between us and take her in my arms, she shakes and cries and stirs, yet i hold on, i tình yêu her, she loves me,
it's as though we were meant to be,

Kiss me, she says, and i do,
our lips mold together like hot sun,
they di chuyển in unison, as though they are one,

we part, and she laughs away the tears,
i'm so happy she say,
i'm so happy i'm yours,

i close my eyes, and imagine our future,
happiness and laughter,
Opinion by Freaxxx posted hơn một năm qua
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She touches me in a way I cannot describe, her tình yêu floods this room with a thousand roses.
This scent of her skin drives me crazy...
hoặc is that just the presence of her body?

My hormones are taking over, passion over-whelming my 5 senses.

As I slither my tongue into her mouth I find that not only do I want her body completely-but I also want to always be-and I mean forever be-...with her.

She knows exactly what to do, exactly where to feel me.
She knows exactly what I'm begging for-even if I don't say a word.
Why the hell is she so amazing?
Am I going mad?

I tình yêu this, pressing my body against hers.
I tình yêu this, kissing those lips I so much adore.
I tình yêu her...and forever I will.

Laying down on this giường I realize;
why hadn't we done this earlier? So-so much earlier?

...oh, the irony...
I know exactly why-
because of me. I was too concerned about this harsh hell of a world.
Fan fiction by Freaxxx posted hơn một năm qua
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She wakes up under a fog looking up at the night-sky...she can't breathe.
'Last night...' She thinks, "Last night..." she repeats.

'Last night I confessed my love, out on a night in the City Lights.
Last night I fell in tình yêu all over again-out in the City Lights, again, all over again...'

She stands up and lets out a breath, flashing back to the night before this.

Her eyes shoot open, a kiss, a loving kiss.
She had a passionate kiss...with the same girl, for this girl she lives.

She loves her but is ashamed, what she usually is not.
She loves this girl, she hates to admit, but she needs to accept herself, "Just accept it..." She says.

She had dreamt about that night, in one of her beautiful dreams she fights.
She doesn't want this for what her tim, trái tim longs.
This girl, the same gender, the same sex...who cares, though?

Suicide she has thought, she wants to go with a gun shot.