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Okay, so this is something I see a lot on fanfiction sites. I've always wanted to do one for myself, just to see if it works out.

So, bạn request a character (and a plot, if wanted) and I write a reader-insert one shot about him/her!
(A reader insert is a story where the reader gets to be a part of the action. ie, instead of putting an actual name hoặc eye and hair color, the tác giả would write [name], [hair color], hoặc [eye color]. Lie this: [Name]'s beautiful [favorite color] outfit went well with her [hair color] hair.)

So, I wanted to do this for Ninjago! Just bình luận what character, theme, plot, setting. Really, all bạn have to put is a character, but just put the other stuff if bạn want.
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I opened my heavy eyes slowly. I looked up and saw the worried faces of my friends. They were smiling.
“Wh-what happened?” I asked, extremely confused.
“Dojo-Snakes. You- well bạn kinda fell off the cây fortress and then it fell on you…” Cole kinda hesitated on the last part.
“…Wh-How did I survive?” The ninja glanced nervously at each other.
“Er, well, bạn kinda, well, didn’t…”
“Urm… That makes NO SENSE AT ALL!”
“Well, we found some healing elixir…”
“You are hiding something.”
“Gaah!” chim giẻ cùi, jay sounded surprised, and scared at my words.
“Well, out with...
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LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại
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