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_a very fast Pokémon level 40 hoặc thêm that knows con nhện, nhện Web(like Ariados),Mean Look(as Golbat and Crobat),or Block.Is better that bạn give Rapid Claw at this Pokémon;
_A Pokémon level 40 hoặc thêm that knows a paralyzing di chuyển (like Thunder Wave hoặc Stun Spore);
_A Pokémon level 40+ that knows False Swipe (like Sneasel,Weavile,Scyther and Scizor);
_Max Repellents,Ultraballs,Timerballs,Darkballs,and,ifyou want,Weightballs.
AN ADVICE:do this part in the evening,you will have thêm catch rating and luck with the Darkballs!!
1)Go to a city,I suggest New Bark Town,because has only one near...
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Source: 창천동출장맛사지WwW『SOD27,NET』ㄴブ〈〈카톡:WDS77〉〉창천동출장안마ブ(창
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Source: 도곡동출장맛사지WwW『SOD27,NET』uぶ〈〈카톡:WDS77〉〉도곡동출장안마ぶ(도
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Source: 아현동출장맛사지WwW『SOD27,NET』fヲ〈〈카톡:WDS77〉〉아현동출장안마ヲ(아