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Here's this club for anyone.
This club includes learning how to do things, languages, well.. yeah. Have any questions, talk about how to do your homework maybe? It could be.

But there is no hentai here of pornography, bạn get what I mean.

The languages bạn can learn here are Chinese, probably a little bit of Japanese, English, and Korean? (If bạn can get started at that)

Ok, I know this isn't like an bài viết but this is what it is.

Have a nice ngày :)
Also, have fun with your clubs, too! I mean your own clubs.
Probably this isn't the best idea though.. This doesn't look like a guide to me for an explanation but the quiz.. was kinda hard, right? The Character câu hỏi kiểm tra bạn have answered to. The characters bài viết wasn't clear at all so here's a new one:


Mostly, Akota doesn't hiển thị up much. And.. Topica? When have I typed that in? But there's this girl Topica who died, duh, it's not always her. xD

Akota's dad is Jayostako, his whole name is Jayostako-Mato, Akota's best friend from the childhood was LiJo. They seperated when Akota went back to Japan, her country.
And that's good because Akota's dad, Jayostako met up with LiJo. Jayostako is a guru sir, and teacher of LiJo. Which means, Jo is his student.
They have learning lessons everytime and missions, too.
(Ok, once again, I wish this book is published because I am daring it to be true. I am nghề viết văn chapter 10 right now. All again, it's fake but that is the clue for ya to know)
posted by TomboySmart
This strategy learning club includes great characters! One of the characters is a athletic guru! Her name is Jo.(Made up, ok?) She is not like all beginners, when a case comes, she immediately find clues and take notes. bạn must first find notes and then talk to your guru!

Jo also called as LiJo
A (That's her nickname, mostly people call her that)
Akota(Not really much)
Jayostako-Mato(Guru Sir)
there is still more..
That's for the rest of the characters :D

Characters of the East! These characters, I do draw them. I create their characters, too. They are part of this Strategy they use. I want to make them as real manga and anime!

Read mô tả so bạn may know what I am talking about. xD
Including to the description, I am nghề viết văn a book about it, too on strategies! They have probably 32 chapters with prologue and epilogue.