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After Enter the briefing room bạn are moments away from the Airlock, but first, a little health and safety
An amazing competiton bởi all who joined in. Six games were played with a different winner nearly each time.

The first game was a SOLO, It was all versus all with only one object get the most points. Avoid getting shot and shoot others was the general message. In this match the usual 4 một giây downtime applied. It was a valient effort bởi all nine contenders. After the first 20 một phút game The winner of this round was declared chim giẻ cùi, jay Jay, with Bad chó sói, sói coming in a close một giây and ngẫu nhiên in third. (All points and places will be at the end of the article)

The tiếp theo game to be thrusted upon us was the...
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