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This Lady Gaga screencap contains nón rơm cứng, nón rơm, panama, panama mũ, thủy thủ, skimmer, mũ rơm, boater, leghorn, i thuy ÷, kiên, and panama hat. There might also be fedora, mũ phớt, homburg, stetson, trilby, cảm thấy mũ, mũ nỉ, cũng mặc quần áo người, phù hợp với, phù hợp với quần, pantsuit, người mặc quần áo, phù hợp, người cũng mặc quần áo, bàn ủi li quần, dù che, dù để che nắng, dù che nắng, and ô.

Lady Gaga is hiển thị her tình yêu of football in a new series of pictures bởi photographer Terry Richardson. The các bức ảnh have been đã đăng on Terry’s blog and advertised on Twitter. The lovely Gaga does not look like the typical football fan. In one picture, she is topless with the football strategically placed in front of her to shield her lady parts. She dons a tiny black dress and a leather áo khoác in the shoot.

The black and white các bức ảnh were đã đăng bởi the celebrity photographer yesterday. Her football picture a caption, “Lady Gaga holding a football…Go Giants.”

Gaga and Terry have a long...
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 The Fame Ball/Monster Ball
The Fame Ball/Monster Ball
The Fame Ball (Space Cowboy Edition)
This is the full hiển thị in studio tour quality except The Fame/Money Honey/Boys Boys Boys these are album version edited to sound like the “tour mix”. This is with all the không gian Cowboy edits they had when he toured with them.


* The tim, trái tim + Haus (Intro)
* Paparazzi
* LoveGame
* Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
* The Brain (Interlude)
* The Fame
* Money Honey
* Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say)
* Poker Face (Piano Version)
* Future Love
* The Face (Interlude)
* Just Dance
* Boys Boys Boys (Encore)
* Poker Face (Encore)

Bonus tracks

* Paparazzi (without Starstruck...
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Lady GaGa - Poker Face (Director's Cut ) Alternate Version
Lady Gaga
poker face
âm nhạc video bởi Lady Gaga performing Marry The Night (Official Video). © 2011 Interscope
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