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posted by deanwastedyou
Well first is that I am a huge người hâm mộ of Kristen but I was on and was looking around and found the article.
As a người hâm mộ the few pics shocked me! She's with a friend with something like a pipe hoặc whatever it is called. tiếp theo pic, she lights it, last pic she's smoking it! Yeah and I have pics for proof.
It looks very real but maybe it was for a movie hoặc something? But it is thêm likely it was pot hoặc something close to it. I'm sadened but I hope it was something else, f not well she learned being a mega ngôi sao doesn't give your room to breath.
She also did it on her front steps of her house!Yeah, stardum hasn't hit her yet. And Rob... he smokes, ciggerates only.... I think. They have video of him keeping it legal. Atleast they are young but in the light of being các biểu tượng it is a shame.

Please leave your thoughts about the lastest news.
posted by TDL92
I dont even have to say it because we all know what this is about. I truely do NOT think Kristen cheated on Rob and let me tell bạn why. For one thing the girl in these pictures there trying to call 'proof' doesnt even look like Kristen. She has different face feautures. Shes definitly a look alike though. I dont really think Kristen publicly apologized to Rob and her những người hâm mộ because there is no video for proof, theres only words that could have been writen bởi anyone. I dont think that Rupert apologized either, once again theres no video to prove it...theres only words that could have been written...
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 Kristen Stewart plays a soldier assigned to Guantanamo in "Camp X-Ray".
Kristen Stewart plays a soldier assigned to Guantanamo in "Camp X-Ray".
The Gotham Group is in the pre-production stage on the upcoming feature film "Camp X-Ray" and the Primetime Emmy Award winning casting director for the movie is holding auditions for lead, co-starring, and supporting roles. The extras, bức ảnh doubles, and stand-ins for the film's stars will be cast closer to the start of shooting. Production is set to take place in Los Angeles, CA and will begin principal nhiếp ảnh on July 15, 2013. "Camp X-Ray" tells the story of a female soldier who is assigned to the temporary detention facility at the Guantanamo vịnh, bay detention camp of Joint Task Force Guantanamo...
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posted by ebcullen4ever
There have been reports that Kristen cheated on Rob with her SWATH director,Rupert Sanders,who is married and a father of 2 kids.Some people believe she did cheat and some believe she didn't and there are some who don't know what to believe.I didn't believe it at first and I am one of those people who didn't know what to think,until now.The pictures of Kristen were bức ảnh shopped.IT IS NOT KRISTEN IN THE PICTURES!!!!!!!!! SHE IS TOTALLY INNOCENT!!!!!!!! If bạn don't believe me,take a look at the picture below and tell me it isn't bức ảnh shopped.If bạn look at the pic bạn will see a ear is missing,and...
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posted by pompeybabe
This whole cheating thing has gotten out of control, and we aren't helping the situation!

This is Kristen's business. This is her personal life and we have nothing to do with it whatsoever. I'm not saying that it's wrong to have your opinions, hoặc theory's, hoặc whatever but this is nothing to do with us and we can't keep posting all of these picks and các câu hỏi asking whether hoặc not she did it because nobody knows and it's causing a huge (excuse my language) fucking fuss.

If bạn want to defend her, fine. There's a girl on Twitter who's creating a video for her and a good friend of Kristen's may...
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 K-Stew Jan 2011
K-Stew Jan 2011
OME, Kristen Stewart , from the twilight saga' is supposed to of just signed a contract with Universal, to be Snow White in "Snow white and the huntsman".

Do bạn think K-Stew will be a phenomenal, Snow white and make the film big, hoặc do bạn think it's been miss-cast?

One big thing I will say is I am NOT gonna write any repetitive and rubbish rumors I will only write what is real! (or at least what is realistic hoặc proven)

There was a lot of speculation to whether K-Stew would accept. From a lot of online blogs it is đã đưa ý kiến to have been confirmed that she has accepted the part.
I think that Kristen has turned down the part of Lois Lane in superman.
I feel for this woman. Seriously.

What did she do to deserve the hate that is thrown her way in every article, in every review and every interview? Is it because she followed her tim, trái tim and became an actress? hoặc because she wants the privacy that everybody else on this planet deserves yet apparently isn't permitted to those in the film industry.

For some reason the press is constantly out to attack her whether it's her clothes, hoặc her hair, hoặc her latest movie role and this cheating Scandal tops the cake. It's heartbreaking that she could possibly lose her relationship and/or reputation for...
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 Tom Sturridge
Tom Sturridge
Earlier this week, các bức ảnh emerged of Kristen Stewart hanging out with Robert Pattinson’s close pal Tom Sturridge in Montreal, where she’s filming On The Road. The shots sparked speculation that Sturridge might also be in the Jack Kerouac adaptation.

Gossip Cop can xác nhận exclusively that Sturridge has indeed been cast in the movie.

“He is filming in Canada at the moment for On The Road,” a rep for the actor tells us.

As Gossip Cop reported back in May, Stewart will ngôi sao in the film alongside Garrett Hedlund and Sam Riley.

This bài viết was obtained from Gossip Cop, and was not written bởi me. This original bài viết can be found here: link
Things are about to get very ugly for Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

This week's UsWeekly cover story tells the tale of Stewart cheating on Pattinson with her "Snow White and the Huntsman" director, Rupert Sanders. The magazine says it obtained incriminating các bức ảnh of the 22-year-old actress and Sanders, calling the moments caught on camera a "steamy rendezvous."

Sources tell People, "She wasn't having an affair with Rupert. It was just a fleeting moment that shouldn't have happened." The "rendezvous" allegedly occurred recently and, to add insult to cheating injury, Sanders, 41, is also...
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ter months of movie những người hâm mộ rallying for Kristen StewartKristen Stewart's gritty project she worked on in-between Twilight and New Moon, Welcome To The Rileys only releases to a handful of theaters around the country.
The melodrama also starring James GandolfiniJames Gandolfini and Melissa LeoMelissa Leo tells the story of parents who lose their child and never dealt with their tragedy. Gandolfini runs into a hooker named Mallory (Stewart), and has her di chuyển in with him in a rental shack to take care of her, in a fatherly nature, not sexual.
Welcome To The Rileys received critical praise for the...
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WE KNOW, courtesy of the gossip mags, that Kristen Stewart spreads bơ on her việt quất, blueberry bagels and of her alleged romance with her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. And everyone from Access Hollywood to The New Zealand Herald has chewed over her supposedly “moody”, “melancholy” demeanour.

What hardly anyone outside Hollywood knows — hoặc at least recognises amid the tabloid frenzy, hyperventilating những người hâm mộ and cheesiness of the Twilight phim chiếu rạp — is perhaps the most interesting thing about her: at 20, Stewart is considered one of the most promising các nữ diễn viên of her generation, with...
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I sang this song in choir my sophomore năm maybe it will help bạn keep strong and have faith in Robsten

The Rose,
Some say tình yêu it is a river that drowns the tender reed,
Some says tình yêu it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed
Some say tình yêu it hunger is an endless aching need
It's the one who won't be taken who can not seem to give
And the soul afraid of dying never that learns to live;

When the night has been to lonely and the road seems to long and bạn think that is only for the lucky the strong;

Just remember far the winter snow, lies the seed that with the suns tình yêu becomes the rose the rose
 Mallory. the pict they were referring to.
Mallory. the pict they were referring to.
With autumn quickly approaching, we're gearing up for warm wool sweaters, copious cups of ca cao and, perhaps most importantly, some seriously great film releases. All week long we'll be rolling out exclusive clips, các bức ảnh and interviews as part of our Fall Movie xem trước Week 2010, so stay tuned!

Today, we got our hands on three pics from a movie we've been talking about forever (well, maybe thêm like nine months hoặc so): Kristen Stewart's gritty film "Welcome to the Rileys." Kristen plays runaway teen prostitute Mallory, who's taken in bởi James Gandolfini to help him ease the pain of his own...
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 It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two phim chiếu rạp being shot at the same time as if they’re one.
It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two movies being shot at the same time as if they’re one.
Boxoffice recently caught up with Kristen Stewart to discuss all things Twilight as well as her post-Twilight projects. Here’s a quick preview:

You know this character so well, what’s it like to take her through this huge change when she becomes a vampire herself?

It felt good. It was really weird. It was such a long process of the two phim chiếu rạp being shot at the same time as if they’re one. bạn shoot, obviously, out of order and bạn keep going back and forth between pregnant, human and dead vampire Bella. There’s so many different versions of Bella in this, it’s insane. It was a strange...
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“Extra’s” Ben Lyons headed down to San Diego for the first ngày at the Con, where the “Twilight” frenzy began four years ago. He caught up with Stewart and Pattinson, chatted about “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” -- and whether they’ll ever work together again now that’s it over.

Stewart told Lyons, “Oh dude, we will work together again. And I'm not being coy, but sometimes I have a few actors that I worked with before that I'm like, ‘We have to keep doing this together’ and he's definitely one of them.”

Pattinson, who has been nghề viết văn scripts on the side, concurred. “I would...
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posted by kristenfan10109
Kristen Stewarts neutral eye

What’s great about this look too, is that the màu sắc are ‘neutral’ so it can suit any eye color, 

metallic gray eyeshadow
matte light taupe/brown eyeshadow (a slight shimmer eyeshadow will do too)
highlighting eyeshadow (any color that is shimmery peach/white/champagne will do)
black shimmer eyeshadow
matte black pencil eyeliner
mascara/false individual lashes

1)Apply your metallic gray eyeshadow all over your lid. After applying it to your lid, take a smaller eyeshadow brush (or a Q-tip) and lightly draw your lower lash line with the eyeshadow. Take your finger...
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This is a danh sách of all of the Kristen Stewart related các câu lạc bộ that I thought bạn may want to join.
They are các câu lạc bộ that include herself, cast members, characters etc.

[Names may be a little different to how written here.]
Here We Go :)

Kristen & Co-Stars/Friends etc.

Kristen Stewart & Taylor Lautner
Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning
Kristen Stewart & Ashley Greene
Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed
Kristen Stewart & Michael Angarano

Kristen vs. ...

Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson
Kristen Stewart vs. Megan Fox
Kristen Stewart vs. Bella Swan

Kristen and...
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That’s the opinion of hàng đầu, đầu trang Model judge chim giẻ cùi, jay Manuel…

Kristen Stewart is going to have to find some thêm confidence from somewhere if she wants to be a contender in the fashion world, according to America’s tiếp theo hàng đầu, đầu trang Model judge chim giẻ cùi, jay Manual.

When discussing which young Hollywood stars are currently leading the fashion pack, Manuel picked out Gossip Girl’s Blake Lively and British actress Carey Mulligan for special praise.

“Yeah Anna [Wintour] has picked Blake [Lively]. bạn know everyone’s talking about Carey Mulligan. I tình yêu her short hair, and I tình yêu that she tries different things and...
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After yesterday’s announcement that Maggie Grace was joining THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, I was expecting thêm announcements like this one, in which a talented but little known actor hoặc actress would be taking on a small role. In this case, 9 year-old Mackenzie Foy will be playing Renesmee in the final chapter. Foy has appeared in a few things, most notably TV’s ‘Flash Forward’ and ‘Til Death’. Again, I don’t know who Renesmee is, but what little I know says that they’ll have to get creative with how they use her in the film, either having her be ageless hoặc some kind of...
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K-Stew reveals why she was so drawn to the titular character of ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ — we’re so excited to see her in action!

Kristen Stewart is a gifted actress, and she admits that her new role in Snow White And The Huntsman pushed her to the emotional brink!

Kristen, 21, admitted to Empire that this part was very unique for an action epic.

“Snow is someone who has a lineage of leadership in her blood, and she has been beaten down, along with her entire kingdom and her people,” she said. “I know it sounds really obvious, but it’s a story that should champion people who aren’t obsessed with vanity, someone who has a true heart. It’s a really simple story but it really knocks me out.”

Are bạn so excited to see K-Stew in this epic movie, HollywoodLifers?