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It's Kowalski's poem for Doris the dolphin! XD
cá heo
ppenguins of madagascar
The song sung bởi Kowalski (Jeff Bennett) featuring Rico (John DiMaggio) and Fred (Fred Stoller) from ep. 12 of season 2 POM "Concrete Jungle Survival"
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Not my vid but who ever took it got bad quality :/ Oh well only one I found
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It's afternoon, and the penguins are relaxing at HQ. Skipper is working on intensive trainings, Private is watching the Lunacorns, and Rico is looking at the "Kaboom Monthly" Magazine. Kowalski, having nothing else to do, decided to go to Doris and try to talk to her. Unfortunately for Kowalski, he is very shy, and he is afraid he might say something to upset her.
Kowalski stands behind her habitat, anticipating what he should say.

Kowalski: *Takes deep breath* Ok, here it goes.
Kowalski jumps up and stands at the rim of the large cá heo habitat, his tim, trái tim beating at a fast-paced rhythm. Doris...
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