Vương quốc trái tim Suzu's fanfiction. Chapter 1:The Memories of a Nobody

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My eyes opened and saw myself sitting on a beach with two strangers. "Mary...Ron?" I rubbed my head confused. How in the world did I know their names? They looked familiar but..I..I couldn't remember a single thing about them. They turned away from me waving and called someone. Their lips were moving but not a sound was coming out. I rubbed my ear. Was I going deaf? A boy with light spiky brown hair walked up. Hex? I couldn't see him..he was out of focus. Before I could get a good look on him I found myself standing by the ocean. The sky was a demonic black and a storm cloud rose over the island. I looked around no one was in sight. I heard someone yelling and calling out looking for help. "Mary! Ron! Anyone!" the voice called. I turned and say the boy again. "Hex?" I said. He turned and looked straigh tat me. My eyes met with his for a single instant and a strong wind blew by picking him up blowing him away. "Hex!!" I yelled. But it was too late....darkness has surrounded him and he dissapeared. I looked around and found myself surrounded by heartless. They piled onto me and I soon found myself being captured in the cold lonely darkness.
I awoke to the sound of guitar being played too loud and a sound of a yell. My dolls were piled on my stomach fast asleep. "Get up everyone." I called. They let out cute little peeps and all rolled over onto the floor letting me up. I streatched yawning and went out starting my day.
~In The Living Room of The House~
I sat in my chair upside down sewing up one of my dolls. I was upset that Xemnas sent me out to Twilight Town to collect more hearts. It was so boring. I sang "Sanctuary" as my voice echoed the house. I looked up and say Hex stepping out her room. I decided not to tell him about the dream. He was sort of new so I didn't want to freak him out so easily. "Hey Hex!" I called jumping out the chair walking up to meet him. "Hey Suzu." He said. He oddly looked at his wrist. I saw he had the roman numeral of nineteen on it. "Oh! You're mark came in! That's good! Mine just appeared a few days ago." I told him undoing my robe showing my bare back. "I had to be rank 999" I laughed nervously. I thought it was dumb. I mean come on! 999? I don't even see 10 of the over members besides Hex and Leo! Speak of the devil...Leo entered the room eating some fruit. I hope he planned on cleaning that up. "Yeah I had that dream again." Hex said going to get him some breakfast. Dream? Hex had millions of dreams. I wonder if any of them was like the one I had.
Hex soon turned around looking at me. He looked like he was looking for someone else. "Did you hear that?" he said putting some Sea Salt Ice Cream on a plate. I leaned my head to the side listening. "No, I don't hear anything." I said. "Hey guys!" Leo called walking up to us. "Soooo you had that dream last night? Odd...i did too...and my neck hurts...I must've slept wrong. These fruit smell funny." He looked around "Anything new for missions? I want something to do...Maybe Roxas would want to go get some hearts or something. Or you guys." He took a bite out of one of the fruit. "They don't taste bad." He shrugged and ate them up. I just looked up at him. Leo sometimes worried me. I use to hate when he would just fight me or Hex out of nowhere.Hex looks at Leo with intrest. "You have the same dream?", he asks as he pulls his black hoodie on. I looked at Leo also. I KNEW Leo wasn't in my dream. If he was I knew something was wrong. I thought Hex was in my dream becuase I had a crush on him. But...could it be for some other reason? "Well I gotta go to the Mansion." said Hex as he messed up Leo's hair breaking me out of my distant thoughts. Score one for Hex. I turned watching Hex leave for the mansions. My dolls peeped at me telling me they were hungry. They looked at Leo and piled on top of him wanting his fruit. Score 1 for me.
I waved my tail as a messenger butterfly landed on my head whispering a message. It was my turn to check on the people in the pods today. I sighed. "Okay Okay I'm going." I whispered. I followed Hex silently hoping to reach the mansion before he did.

Hope you guys enjoyed it! I'll put up chapter 2 as soon as possible!
 My eyes opened and saw myself sitting on a bờ biển, bãi biển with two strangers. "Mary...Ron?" I rubbed my head c

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