Vương quốc trái tim Roxas can't be with Namine.

glneal posted on Jun 22, 2014 at 01:55AM
Alright here I go.I know what you are thinking...WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS ASSHOLE!!!But,before the fanboys tear me to shreds,let me explain.You see,in the original Kingdom Hearts Sora did spawn Roxas.A common misconception is that Namine spawned from Kairi.The truth is that Namine spawned from Sora as well.Xion came from Kiari.Where Sora got amount of life to spawn both,no-one knows,but I have a theory that Sora is the mortal incarnation of Kingdom Hearts itself.I think that Kingdom Hearts had the urge to protect what little light was let in the world,so it incarnated itself into something that could fight back and balance the world.But back to the question at hand.With that theory stated,Roxas and Namine can't be together or technically Sora would be dating himself.

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hơn một năm qua rigo1315 said…
I find it weird that Namine is Kairi's nobody in the game. Who the hell is she?!

Roxas is Sora's nobody, but takes on the appearance of Ventus.

That makes Roxas his own person. So wouldn't that make Namine her own person as well?

grasping at straws, but I'd like to think that Namine lived in the old mansion of Twilight Town. One day darkness consumed it and her heart found it's way to Kairi.

I think my mind is stuck on the idea Namine and Kairi are the same. It is true Namine was born from Sora's sacrifice in KH1, but Kairi's and Ventus's heart were both asleep inside Sora. Creating the Roxas and Namine nobodies.

Then later Xion. <-- ((way out there, but she has color scheme Vanitas, Apperance Kairi and Sora's memories. Is she a three person nobody? dun dun duuun))

I like that incarnation idea ajaja :3
glneal commented…
bạn see,that would be accurate,but in the making of the game Namine was supposed to be Kairi's nobody.But technical errors and glitches along with lazy producers made Namine spwan from Sora.Take this and believe what bạn want.I'm just here to give the facts. hơn một năm qua
glneal commented…
And yes technically they would be thier own people,but Roxas joined with Sora.It would just be weird.I mean they are technically brother and sister,both coming from Sora. hơn một năm qua
hơn một năm qua IamMio said…
Everyone knows that Namine 'spawned' through Sora. But she isn't his nobody, she's Kairi's, because it was Kairi's heart that was lost. Heart takes priority, apparently.

But, Namine's existence hasn't ever been fully elaborated on because it breaks rules that we've been told. Nobodies are suppose to be what is left of the body after the heart is taken. Since she was taken from Sora's body (the second time), why didn't she look like Sora's body? Why is she a girl instead? Only the heart was a girl, but she was lost in a boy's body. And what specifically gives her the powers to control Sora's memories? The girl is just a crazy bag of suprises (love her though, lol).

That being said, though, Roxas can't be with Xion either.

First off, Xion did not come from Kairi. She came solely from Sora; they tried to make a replica of him -- it's the same thing they did to Riku Replica, except they messed up on Xion, somehow. She is made from Sora's memories. She actually doesn't really look like Kairi. She actually originally is just a blank person-shape. But when Sora's memories were put on to her, she took on the shape of the most prominent thing in Sora's mind -- Kairi.

Now, where did they get these memories from if Sora wasn't around? Roxas.

Remember how he constantly has dreams that are actually Sora's memories? These are some leaked memories. The Organization took these leaked memories, and put them on Xion (who, as said before, was just a blank person-shape). Since Sora's memories are fundamentally a "part" of Roxas, that means she came from him. She is him. Moreso than Namine, might I add. That's why he had to absorb her. Because she was literally just pieces of him and Sora anyways.

Basically, all of Roxas's "love interests" are either him, or his weird spirit sister.