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No god modding!
No killing others without permission.
Curing allowed.
Violence allowed.
Sexual content allowed.
Just have fun.
Prolong: in the new world of kingdom hearts old foes once thought defected as return to cause chaso but luckily one mouse with his school of keyblade welders are ready to combat this evil.
KMA staff:

Mickey.M= Head master
Minnie.M= counselor
Daisy.D= Nurse
Yen Sid= Mission Holder

Prof. Merlin= History of Islands (worlds)
Prof. Ansem= Study of the Heart
Prof. Donald.D= Magic class
Prof. Riku= Study of Nobodies
Prof. Kairi= Study of Heartless
Prof. Sora= Keyblade & Combat Class
Prof. Goofy= PE
Prof. Chip 'n Dale= Gummi Tech & Building
Enrollment letter:

Dear, parents or guardian.
Your child have been selected to be a student at our school, Key Meister Academy on Disney Castle Island here not only your will learn the basic school teaching but also how to summon & welded the keyblade inside them as well, here at Disney Castle we have many activities to keep your child happy. So parents if you wish to enroll your child into K.M.A, then please fill out the info sheet that with, this letter and mail it back.

Thank you.
From: head master Mickey
Student info:

Sexual Orientation:
Home Island:


Power Element:
Keyblade name:
Keyblade abilities:
Extra info:

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