Last episode Roxas came and Sora and Roxas were talking about what Sora should do.So we heard Sora's part of the story now let's hear Kairi's

Sora lies down in his giường thinking about what Roxas đã đưa ý kiến and what he should do.

Now let's see what Kairi's up to
Kairi is in her trang chủ on her giường still crying when....A big flash of light comes....

Namine:Kairi........You ok??
Kairi:(She looks up)Huh?? Namine??( She wipe's her tears)
Kairi:Umm......Hi...But why are bạn here?
Namine:That does'nt matter right now.What matters is bạn and Sora
Kairi:How did bạn know??
Namine:Kairi i'm half of what bạn are i know what bạn know
Kairi:Oh yeah i guess i forgot
Namine:Yeah are bạn feeling any better yet??
Kairi:No not one bit i dont know why sora is so mad not like i kissed riku.I mean riku kissed me......He should be mad at riku not me.
Namine:Hey maybe he thinks bạn kissed riku maybe that's why he's mad
Kairi:Yeah but i pushed riku away
Namine:Maybe when he saw bạn kissing he turned away and never saw bạn pushed him.
Kairi:Well if that's true then he's mad at me for nothing.
Namine:Well go tell him what happened then he will forgive you.
Kairi:I tried but he would'nt listen.I know sora my whole life he can get really jealous.
Namine:Oh then get someone to do it for you.
Kairi:Yeah that's a great idea ill get riku they are my bestfriend. And i can talk to him about the plan and at the same time talk about what happen.
Namine:Yeah that's Perfect!!
Kairi:Thanks namine your the best!
Kairi hugs Namine........
Namine:Well what are bạn waiting for girl go get
your man back.
Kairi:Ok............ill talk to bạn later ok Namine oh
and once again thank you.
Namine:(She smiles)No problem

Awww.......Namine is so nice they really are true friends!!Well the plan is on Kairi going to get Riku to explain to sora about what happened so let's hope it works!!Find out on:

A kingdom hearts tình yêu story#13