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This KH: Organization XIII bức ảnh contains anime, truyện tranh, phim hoạt hình, and manga.

posted by ILoveKingMickey
 King Mickey and his Keyblade of Darkness
King Mickey and his Keyblade of Darkness
As seen in Part 2...

"Oh no... We don't have time for you! MOVE!!" Sora cried. Hundreds of heartless creeped and crawled from every direction towards the hidden light of the dark alley. The Queen paced quickly towards Sora with the others right behind her, "What?! What is it Sora...?"
"Whaaaaaghhhh!" Donald complained, "We're never going to get through this!" Sora looked over to the Queen who had a peculiar expression on her face, "What's up your Majesty? If bạn have an idea, I'm all for suggestions." The Queen looked up. "I think I know how to clean up this mess, but it's going to take a lot...
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A vid I made. Enjoy!
This is a âm nhạc video of kingdom hearts that i made. Enjoy the vid and thêm will be coming soon hopefully!
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
Roxas, Xion, and Deanxra is searching for heartless in the Thế giới ngầm while Jaxson was fighting in the tournament.
Roxas: Alright the Thế giới ngầm has two paths
Xion: sure looks like it
Roxas: Let's got to.....
Deanxra: The Right(walks to the right path)
Roxas: What? xin chào Wait!
At the tournament
Announcer: And that's the end of round one and the winner is Jaxson!
Jaxson: that was easy, xin chào I think I'm forgetting something
Announcer: Now to Round two
Jaxson: Oh, Right
At the Underworld
Xion: this is really weird
Roxas: Yeah there are no heartless, I told bạn Deanxra we should have gone to the left
Deanxra: Sorry...
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After Breakfast Xion, Roxas, Deanxra, And Jaxson are going on the mission they were assigned.
Roxas: Okay everyone got your things ready
Jaxson: Sure
Deanxra: Yeah
Xion: Then let’s meet up with Saix for A briefing
Jaxson: bởi the way what the thing about Saix the Puppy-
Roxas: Don’t ask
Jaxson: What? But wh-
Roxas: look just don’t ask
Xion: Can we just meet Saix now
Roxas: Sure, come on
They found Saix
Saix : ah, yes the newcomer
Roxas: So you’re sending us to Olympus
Saix: Yes as usual collect as many hearts possible
Xion: yes easy enough
Saix: Alright go through the dark portal that leads to Olympus...
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posted by JasonOrgXIII
xin chào Organization XIII Fans, I'm a new fanpop member JasonOrgXIII. Okay I'm nghề viết văn A story about organization 13 where anyone can tham gia just post a bình luận about your org character and maybe you'll be in the story.I'll try to write a new one every week so just wait. So this is the beginning and i'm a new member, Zexion found me while he's on a mission at Twilight town. So
He takes me to Xemnas Knowing I'm a Nobody. And Xemnas đã đưa ý kiến I'm the new number XIV. Zexion showed me to my room and to meet the other Organization XIII members. I tried to bond with Marluxia but appears to me to be gay. so tiếp theo I tried Xaldin but he was in a bad mood and almost stab my arm. So I decided to go back to my room.
In this story we have our own roommate. and I was paired with Xigbar. End
If anyone wants to tham gia the story just put a bình luận below with your org 13 name,who bạn like, and what is may power
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