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Starring posted on May 18, 2010 at 08:02PM
Please copy and paste the below forum and fill out your character information before joining the roleplay. Thank you and have a great time! :)

Weapon(s) and/or Powers:
Personality and Description:

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hơn một năm qua K5-HOWL said…
Name: Kathena (doesnt know that)
Age: 12 (doesnt know that)
Weapon(s) and/or Powers: Wolf Blade (details shall be added a soon as I find the paper i wrote it down on >.<)
Personality: Mysterious and quiet.
Story: (shall be added a soon as I find the paper i wrote it down on >.< but umm she has lost all memory)

Description: Human with the soul of a Wolf, White. Dirty blonde hair, and hazel eyes. Wears pink shorts and T shirt, with a white cloak, and black mask
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hơn một năm qua DestinyGirl said…
Name: Darkra

Age: 16 (Really 216 like hiddennobodie said about Forgottens)

Weapon(s) and/or Powers: Her weapon is a black and white Keyblade but she can change it to a bow and arrow and the arrows change to Key Arrows. Her powers are darkness and light, which she can wield and manifest freely.

Personality and Description: Her hair has changed to silver and is long with bangs covering her forehead, her outfit is black - the top is a tank-top with a small short-sleeved jacket over it, and then kaprees that are baggy a little for more movement and then black sandals. Personality: Usually quiet natured, but not around her friends and people she trusts! Worries easily and will fiercely protect her loved ones. Can now remember everything in her past due to the events in War of Hearts. She's fun-loving, giggly, and easy to get along with and has a kind heart.

Story: In War of Hearts, she teamed up with Charlie (now Kira) and many other friends to defeat Arie. Along the way, her other half, Serenna, started remembering her past as the 'Guardian over Darkness' the one who is suppose to keep the darkness balanced and now the light too. After defeating an evil man named Slade, who held her memories hostage, she remembered everything about herself and assumed her rightful position as Darkra - her true form.
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hơn một năm qua technosavy said…
Name: Gemini infinity
Weapon(s) and/or Powers:can wield the key and use an eye technique known as the star scar. (can also use other powers related to the star scar but doesn't know them yet).
Personality and Description:he is related to the Gemini twins, but is shorter than them both. being the smallest of the trio he is often treated like a five year old and overprotected by his brothers. this often leads to him running away to a meadow to clear his mind. when at the meadow he can use his star scar to communicate with the constellations, which often give him wisdom and advice on how to resolve his family problems. he's never quick to judge people he doesn't know but is quick to fight people he thinks are dangerous. he usually wears all black.
Story: he finds the ruins of Disney castle and puts a barrier up to protect whats inside. if anyone enters the castle, he'll know and he'll fight to protect what he found.
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hơn một năm qua hiddennobodie said…
Name: Kira(was Charlie until Kingdom Hearts: War of Hearts)

Age: 19 but is actually 219(Forgottens age slowly)

Weapon(s) and/or Powers: Forgotten Keyblade and powers of seeing Forgotten Memories with just a single touch and cannot forget what he seen

Personality and Description: strong-willed, brave, stubborn, understanding and kind. Long spiky light brown hair, wears Leon's old jacket and pants. and has golden-brown eyes

Story: After the Great War that is now called "The War of Hearts", Kira returned back into his true form after being a Shadow named "Charlie" for a year and a half. And of course he returned to The Forgotten City to live as the leader of Forgotten Organization.

His sister Mira(Fantasia)became the key for him not to forget the promise that he made with his best friend, a wizard named Raol.

"When I look at the city, I will remember when we fought against Light. And when Mira is around me, I will remember the bond that we had when we first met."

Then in the middle of the night, while patrolling the city a bright light appeared out of the middle of nowhere and then he finds himself in Disney Castle's Ruins.
hơn một năm qua Synned_Ghoul said…
Name; Cain of Chaos
Race; Tiefling/Demigod
Weapon; Ragnarok keyblade, Shadowfist gloves.
World; Born in the Underworld
Age; 17
Description; 6 foot 7, black hair now down past his shoulders, hidding his onyx eye. Horns are shattered off at the base, leaving stumps..
History; After finally stopping the chaos broght on his family, Cain and his friends make it to the Door to the Kingdom. After unlocking it, Cain is sucked in. instead of being delivered into the Heartland, he is sent to another time, to find the true Kingdom. Everyone's true form is brought out, all spells reversed. Cain has lost all of his memories, and thinks his name is simply Chaos. he has also lost the ability to call out Ragnarok. his only weapons he can use at this time are his Shadowfist gloves he personally made.
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hơn một năm qua Axel1313 said…
Name;Taichi Utsuro
Age; looks 16, but is alot older than appears
race;Vadorian( a Ridorian [imagine a really ancient race or humans,but usually taller,smarter and lives longer] turned vampiric)
Weapon/ powers;Bane a pitch black blade.His ablities gained as a vampire and eventually a keyblade named Ketsurui(pic is on my profile now.)
personality and description; 5 foot 5,medium length Silvery white hair that covers his right eye, his other eye is a deep clear crimson. He prefers to keep to himself, and often cuts conversations short. He shows an innocent darkness,and hides his emotions which makes him even more mysterious and cold(Sometimes he lets his emotions get the best of him though.)
He almost never talks about his past and gets lost in thought if it's brought up, which is then followed by a nasty additude and the cold shoulder. He never preys on the innocent and hates those who do.History; He had been around for several decades already and had heard of the keyblade wars before, but this time he somehow got caught up in one and lost most of his memories and feels like he's losing more. Now all he wants to do is return home, and figure out how it all happened. Finaly I found a picture. I didn't draw it but whoever did must have read my mind, because this is almost exactly what I envisioned him looking like.
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 Name;Taichi Utsuro Age; looks 16, but is alot older than appears race;Vadorian( a Ridorian [imagine
hơn một năm qua Roxas1314 said…
Name: Yami Tod
Race: Half Somebody, Half Nobody, full bloodthirsty being.
Weapon: Touch of the Void (u can find it on DeviantART)
Element: Darkness mostly, but on occasion she uses Light as a defense.
Homeworld: Castle Oblivion
Age: 20
Height: 6 foot 3 inches.
Personaility: Quiet(talkative to her friends or a person she trusts), protective, easily angered, friends with Axel1313's character.
Background info: Lost all of her family due to a rogue Light wielder. She wants to know who did it and is looking for them. Her family was blessed with their first Keybearer in years, and they were training her for greatness in the realm of Light near Castle Oblivion. Then they were murdered while she was practicing alone in a room not too far off from where they were. She heard their screams and rushed to them. They were already fading away as a Dark Portal opened in front of her. A man threw her current Keyblade into her hands. 'Let the Darkness guide you, it can help you find the culprit' she heard as she held the Key. As her mother faded she said: "Someone of the Light has betrayed us..." She went to her mothers side" Mom!" She cried. Now she is searching for that betrayer with her newly acquired Darkness.
Appearance:BEFORE: Black curly hair, very long, and bright eyes, she wore a striped jacket, a pair of camo shorts, and an old pair of mismatched converse shoes. She had nicely colored skin and was 5' 8"...NOW:(Below) Yes, it may look like I ripped off Sephiroth, but it absolutely had NOTHING to do with me repeating One Winged Angel over and over because I love that, not a thing to do with it at all*sarcasm*...But yeah I drew this on paper first and tried using my brainpower to figure out a way to get it on the computer, and this is what resulted. A freaky, long necked, only color version I'll ever have, only photoshopped one I'll ever have...version.
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 Name: Yami Tod Race: Half Somebody, Half Nobody, full bloodthirsty being. Weapon: Touch of the Void (
hơn một năm qua Invader-Tak said…
Name: Jade (Jaedx)

Age: young adult (about Axel's age)

Weapon(s) and/or Powers: Flame-berges called Dawn and Dusk(named after the Nobodies I can summon and the time when my power is at it's strongest), I get my power from the sun or any source of light.

Personality: Optimistic, cheerful, friendly, shy but talkitive to friends, can be easily swayed by emotions, persistent, romantic, calming, relaxed and somewhat cheeky and annoying.

Description: Wears Organization XIII clothes, brown hair with a slight tinge of red-brown, big-ish brown eyes, slim.

Story: I had finally escaped from the realm of darkness. "Axel?" I say waiting for him. No responce as well as no movement in the small dark corridor.
"Axel? Quit playing!" I start to get worried, "Axel! Please!" I run to the dark corridor but it closed.
The last thing I heard was Axel's muffled voice: "Jade! I can't...! The Heartless! I'll find you, promise! Don't worry...! I'll see ya soon...! I love yo---!"
I collaspsed on my knees and wept. "Axel, I love you too... I know we'll meet again." I gather hope and start to look around. This place seemed oddly familiar.
Then it hit me. This was Disney castle. Ruins of what's left. Pillars were crushed, doors were ripped, and the marble floor was... Black?
"Heartless!" I yelled and summoned my flame-berges.
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hơn một năm qua onix11 said…
Name: Blaze
Age: 17
Height: 6'0
Weapon: For now he wields the two become on Keyblade.
Personality: He is always thinking. Trying to find answers to diffucult questions. He does talk alot and always inserts his opinion.

Description: He wears his Great Grandfathers uniform which has been passed down for generations. He even looks alot like. this makes forgottens think it is his grandpa.

Story: Given the duty of guarding Destiny Islands. He always searches for a heartless threat, unless he hangs out with his friends. One night while he was strolling a beach he was sucked up by some light. He was sent to the ruins of Disney Castle. He prepares for whatever is next.
hơn một năm qua JasonOrgXIII said…
Name: Storm
Age: 13
Weapon: Quick Silver Keyblade
Personality: Easily confused, Shy

Description: A 13 year old boy with silver hair and emerald eyes, wears jeans, and a jacket
and ten different color rings on each fingers, and a necklace given by his deceased grandmother

Story: He never gets any attention from his parents, and the only one he can talk to was his grandmother. But after his grandmother died of illness he was alone with no one to be with him.
So he decided to run away from home and after a month since his escape. he was suddenly chased by wild animals and entered a cave. And there he was sucked by a light and transported to disneyland ruins.