Katy Perry New Spot Look 2015 - Closed

misanthrope86 posted on Feb 07, 2015 at 09:19AM
Hi guys! I created this forum on behalf of valleyer, who was unable to create a forum due to Fanpop being dumb! Lots of glitches at the moment... Hopefully we will all be able to upload stuff properly...

Please submit your icon and banner suggestions for the new spot look here.
Please note:
~ Banners MUST be 800x100 or must scale down to 800x100 (ie 1600x200 works the best!). If banners are not 800x100 or to scale, they will be distorted/stretched/blurred/pixelated etc if they are uploaded as the spot banner. If your banner is not exactly the right size, you will have to re-do it!
~ Please take into account the ugly Fanpop imposed text/fading/black mirroring! Please have a look at DarkSarcasm's helpful advice for how to accommodate these dumb things: link and link
~ Icons must be 200x200, for best results. 100x100 icons can be accepted but will likely turn to fuzz... so aim for 200x200.

Picks tend to work better with fewer options, so please don't submit a thousand banners or icons!

So I guess we will see how many people contribute and then decide on a deadline.

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