Katherine Pierce Round 8 - Katherine biểu tượng contest {Now OPEN!}

Juilet1234 posted on Mar 10, 2011 at 10:03PM
1. You must make the icons, not find.
2. You cannot vote for yourself.
4. All icons must be 100x100.
5. No repeating icons.
6. Each user can only enter one icon each session.
7. No changing icons when session is closed.
8. Must stick to the theme, if the winner wants one.

I know this is already done, but I can still probably add another. Can't I?

Round 1: Katherine Pierce smiling
Winner: minimew037

Round 2: Katherine Pierce in 2x07 'Masquerade'
Winner: Invisible-Tears

Round 3: Katherine & Stefan
Winner: el0508

Round 4: Katherine in 2x15 'The Dinner Party'
Winner: CullenSisters-X

Round 5: Katherine in 2x01
Winner: DustyMoonlight

Round 6: Katherine in 2x19
Winner: CullenSisters-X

Round 7: Katherine in any episode {VOTE!}

Round 8: Katerina Petrova {OPEN!}

1st place: 10 props
 [i]Rules:[/i] [u]1. bạn must make the icons, not find. 2. bạn cannot vote for yourself. 3. NO ST
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