Katherine Pierce Katherine Pierce biểu tượng contest *New Home* CLOSED

Desara posted on Jan 22, 2012 at 09:20AM
I asked if you wanted this icon contest to start again. And most of you said yess, soo here it is


1. MUST be made by you
2. MUST be square.. Dont care of size
3. Please dont vote for your self
4. The pick will last 3 days
5. Keep with the theme
6. Can only enter one 1 icon each round
7. Have fun


First - 6
Second - 4
Third - 2

Good Luck

Round 1. Katherine in 1x06 CLOSED
Round 2. Katherine and stefan CLOSED
Round 3. Katherine in 1920's flashbacks CLOSED
Round 4. Katherine's quote CLOSED
Round 5. Katherine in a dress CLOSED
Round 6. colourless CLOSED
Round 7. Katherine and Damon CLOSED
Winner:TIEBREAK: EllieLupin91
Round 8. Katherine in 1x13 CLOSED
Round 9. Katherine in 3x04 CLOSED
Round 10. Katherine Vampire face CLOSED
Winner:TIEBREAK CullenSisters-x
Round 11. Katherine in the tomb CLOSED
Winner: el0508
Round 12. Scenery CLOSED
Winner: Stelenavamp
Round 13. Katherine in 2x19 CLOSED
Winner: escada
Round 14. Katherine and Lucy Bennett CLOSED
Winner: Modernfan
Round 15. Smirk CLOSED
Winner: EllieLupin91
Round 16. Katherine in 1x22 CLOSED
Winner: CullenSisters-x
Round 17. Katherine Smiling CLOSED
Winner: escada
Round 18. Walking CLOSED
Winner:TIE-BREAK: CullenSisters-x
Round 19. Name CLOSED
Winner: CullenSisters-x
Round 20. Kiss CLOSED
Round 21. Katherine and Elena CLOSED
Round 22. back CLOSED
Winner: Katherine1731
Round 23. Katherine and Elijah CLOSED
Round 24. Half a face CLOSED
Round 25. Given PictureCLOSED
Winner: KaterinaNina
Round 26. Favorite Outfit CLOSED
Winner: TIEBREAK - Modernfan
Round 27. Angry CLOSED
Winner: Cullensisters-x

Round 27 winning icon... Katherine Pierce angry
 I asked if bạn wanted this biểu tượng contest to start again. And most of bạn đã đưa ý kiến yess, soo here it is
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