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Opening 1: Drawing Days bởi Splay
Opening 2: Boys and Girls bởi LM.C
Opening 3: Dive to World bởi Cherryblossom
Opening 4: 88 bởi LM.C
Opening 5: Last vượt qua, cross bởi Masami Mitsuoka
Opening 6: Easy Go bởi Kazuki Kato
Opening 7: Funny Sunny ngày bởi SxOxU
Opening 8: Listen To The Stereo bởi Going Under Ground


Ending 1: Michishirube bởi Keita Tachibana
Ending 2: One Night ngôi sao bởi The Arrows
Ending 3: Echo Again bởi Splay
Ending 4: Friend bởi AIDORINGU!!! (IDOLING!!!)
Ending 5: Sakura Addiction bởi Takashi Kondo and Toshinobu Iida
Ending 6: STAND UP! bởi Lead
Ending 7: Ameato bởi W-inds
Ending 8: Cycle bởi Cherryblossom
Ending 9: Suberidai bởi Mori Tsubasa
Ending 10: Sakura Rock bởi Cherryblossom
Ending 11: Smile For... bởi Ueto Aya
Ending 12: Aoi Yume bởi Mori Tsubasa
Ending 13: Yume no Manual bởi Cherryblossom
Ending 14: Gr8 Story bởi SuG
Ending 15: Famiglia bởi D-51
Ending 16: Canvas bởi +Plus
katekyo hitman reborn
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In a dark and big court. A lone man stood in the middle. The air was tense and everyone was having một giây thoughts. The silence was broken...
"Tsunayoshi Sawada with the crime of murder, bạn are hereby banished from Vongola"
Gasps were heard all around. No one dared to speak.
"I understand" the man hoặc should I say boy said.
The boy is otherwise known as Tsunayoshi Sawada the suposedly tiếp theo boss of the Vongola but...
"You are no longer boss, please give back your ring and gloves"
Tsuna walked quietly to the judge with head lowered down. He did not resist for he knows no one believed...
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katekyo hitman reborn
katekyo hitman reborn
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