Kate & Leopold When Kate began to believe that Leopold's from the past?

Pick one:
When she first met him
When they met in Stuart's apartment
When they went into the đường phố, đường phố, street with Bart
When they ate together in her apartment
At work when he showed how to ad margarine
When he catched the thief
When he debated with JJ at restaurant
After đọc Leopold's apologising letter
When they had bữa tối, bữa ăn tối
When they danced etc
During that ngày which they spent together
When the visited his house and she saw his things
In that evening which they spent together
In that morning which they spent together
After their quarrel
When she saw that bức ảnh where she was
When she, Stuart and Charlie were in taxi
When she was thinking to fall hoặc not
When she found herself in the past and saw Leopold
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