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This KARA-Korean Girls Group bức ảnh might contain cocktail, vỏ, đầm cocktail, vỏ bọc, cocktail ăn, váy thu thập, thu thập váy, and sundress.

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 Goo Hara
Goo Hara
2009 yielded many surprises for the entertainment industry - some good, some bad. While there was an unfortunate series of events that plagued Korea throughout the year, a few chosen ones experienced an explosive popularity that prompted the big question, 'Where have bạn been hiding?'

The IS Entertainment team created a shortlist of Korean người nổi tiếng who could be classified as an unexpected sensation this year. Here are their biggest surprise celebs of 2009.

Kara's Goo Hara was selected bởi the IS Entertainment team as the celebrity that took them bởi surprise the most. Although the ISE team predicted...
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In a gần đây interview with a âm nhạc site, the Brown Eyed Girls revealed for wanting to have a piece of some delicious Kara.

The girls said, "We want to raise Kara. If we were presidents of a âm nhạc entertainment group, we would like to scout Kara. We especially like the diligent Seungyeon and the sassy Gyuri."

If bạn recall, the two girl groups joined forces as they mixed it up on the stage at MAMA. They donned on sexy black outfits and mixed their hits Abracadabra and Mister together, leaving the những người hâm mộ with an unforgettable performance and taking sexy to a whole new level.

Watch the video:

Back to the topic, this news shows us that Kara's talent had been seen clearly and their seniors believe that they can success in the industry. So we as their những người hâm mộ should support them no matter what happen because that is our biggest responsibility.
 Kara and BEG @ MAMA
Kara and BEG @ MAMA