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I felt like a baby bunny smelling like a spring flower. I felt good...like salt hoặc freshly baked bread

Although I might not agree with her at the time, she's always right. (concerning his mother)

bạn ready? Are bạn ready? I was born ready.

I want my world to be fun. No parents, no rules, no nothing. Like, no one can stop me. No one can stop me.

So remember, this is Bieber's world. You're just living in it. Bieber hoặc Die.

Sometimes this is the most fun ever. Other times its really hard and there's so much pressure.

To all the haters out there I wish bạn the best. bạn can't bring me down. I wake up everyday grateful for the opportunity and grateful to the fans.

Baby when you're with me, it's like an Angel came by, and took me to heaven.

Baby know for sho', I'll never let bạn go.

When I met bạn girl my tim, trái tim went knock knock
Now them bướm in my stomach won't stop stop

She's got everything I need, and I'mma tell her one time. Give bạn everything bạn need down to my last dime.

I'm kind of like living in a suitcase, travelling so much.

I think that being a gentlemen is what matters; taking them out to a nice dinner, open the doors, stuff like that.

hoa are great, but tình yêu is better

Baby take my open tim, trái tim and all it offers 'cause this is as unconditional as it'll ever get

For you, I would have done whatever. And I just can't believe we aint together

While I'm losing you.... Shake me til' bạn wake me from this bad dream, I'm goin down

I'm in pieces, Baby fix me

Eenie Meenie Minie Mo'
Catch a bad chick bởi her toe
If she holla (if, if,if she holla) let her go

Can't make up bạn mind, please don't waste my time; Not trying to rewind
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Down to Earth Lyrics

Oh, Ou, Oh, Ouuu, Ohhh
I never thought that it be easy
Cause we both so distance now
And the walls are closing in on us
And we're wondering how
No one has a solid answer
But just walking in the dark
And bạn can see the look on my face
It just tells me apart

So we fight (so we fight)
Through the hurt (through the hurt)
And we cry and cry and cry and cry
And we live (and we live)
And we learn (and we learn)
And we try and try and try and try

So its up to bạn and its up to me
That we meet in our middle way
On our way back down to earth
Down to earth, down to earth
On our way back down to earth...
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Bieber was born on March 1, 1994, in London, Ontario, and was raised in Stratford, Ontario[citation needed]. Bieber's mother, Patricia Lynn "Pattie" Mallette, was 18 years old when she became pregnant with her son. Mallette, who worked a series of low-paying office jobs, raised Bieber as a single mother in low-income housing. Bieber has maintained contact with his father, Jeremy Jack Bieber, who married another woman and had two children. Bieber's paternal great-grandfather was a German immigrant to Canada. His mother's ancestry is French Canadian.

During his childhood, Bieber was interested...
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