His âm nhạc took the globe bởi storm - now it's the haircut. The Justin Bieber haircut is now in hot demand according to many of Sydney's hairdressers. The 16-year-old Canadian's look of carefully crafted long bangs and polished fringe is starting to appear all over Sydney. The manager of Bondi Junction hair salon Stylz, Jenny Barker, đã đưa ý kiến it was mostly teens who are requesting "the Bieber", but đã đưa ý kiến the cut was được ưa chuộng with all ages of men, with one client nearing 60 requesting something similar. "It's mostly the younger generation ... they don't bring in a bức ảnh hoặc anything but they say, bạn know, that they want it," she said. "It seems to happen often in our time, when a celebrity has the 100 per cent of the fame, it happened with Jennifer Aniston too, when everyone wanted the [hair] bob." Ms Barker đã đưa ý kiến the haircut was "impractical" for clear vision but easy to manage. Even the Brad Ngata "Uptown" salon, at Ivy off George đường phố, street in Sydney, says thêm of its clients are asking for a Bieber-style look - despite charges in excess of $105 for a cut. Manager Elise Idiens đã đưa ý kiến the clean-cut style was replacing the "shaggy" look that many of her male customers asked for. "That [Bieber] look is becoming [more popular]. Lately ... a lot of my guys are wanting to grow it, grow their hair out and have something neater," she said. "They used to get it a bit shaggy, but ... now they want it a bit thêm polished." Ms Idiens đã đưa ý kiến the Bieber style involved regular blow drying and hair products, and for some men, it could mean ironing their hair. For the average man, she said, the look should take no longer than 10 phút to perfect each morning. But Andy, a stylist for Toni and Guy's in Park Street, Sydney, đã đưa ý kiến the cut was nothing new and was first perfected "by the emos" in Britain. "But you're lucky, bạn don't have many of them [emos] over here. [The cut] has always been in, it is popular, I wouldn't say it is up to being the latest but, yeah, it is being asked for," he said. "It is a được ưa chuộng style for kids, I have not had someone bring in a picture yet, but that's just me."