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posted by pattimaepink
why dont he come to the little places like where the city Grand Rapids it's small but lots of girls there have his pic's on their walls like me i have his pic all over my tường saving up the money so if he ever came to Grand Rapids hoping to get away from all the cute được ưa chuộng girl that boys fall for and all the jerks that talk stuff about the geeks that don't look as good hoặc as hot as them the geeks at my school (west wood middle) have the worst ngày every ngày wishing the ngày would just go faster to get trang chủ and stare at the Justin Bieber posters me my Những người bạn and that's it.all the girls in his video are cute skinny and that's it all the truth see bạn till the tiếp theo time i write.
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Everyone asks the SAME các câu hỏi about Justin OVER AND OVER on the answer section, so I felt like this had to be made. I'm here to answer the incessant các câu hỏi :)

Q: What is Justin Bieber's phone number?
A: If you're looking for his personal phone number, then you're going to be disappointed. He doesn't give his personal, private phone number out to the public. However, there is a người hâm mộ number bạn can call and leave a message for him. The người hâm mộ number is: (404)665-3410. Yes, the phone number will work. I got it from his official website.

Q: What is Justin's email address?
A: Once again, he won't...
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