When I first heard of Justin Bieber's song, I sung along. About two years later, I heard people saying horrible things against him. Here is the hàng đầu, đầu trang reasons Why Everyone Hates Justin Bieber based on what I have been told, seen, and grabbed ideas.

1. He has succeeded in his life bởi the help of Usher.

When Justin was a little kid, he played the drums and started singing. A few of us knew that he loves the R&B artist Chris Brown. Watching his old video made the audience become awestrucked. He succeeded in his life to do what he loves and what he is good at. Everyone should accomplish there dream to work hard and accomplish doings that they are good at. Who doesn't?

Shia Labeouf - Don't Let Your Dreams Be Dreams

2. He Has Made A Few Mistakes & Bad Decisions in His Life

Such as what? He drove a car without a license on drugs, spat on những người hâm mộ from a different country, try to avoid a fan, and peed on a mopping bucket. This shows that Justin Bieber was diễn xuất ignorant. This is the only conceivable reason to hate Justin Bieber excluding the other two reasons. Justin has done a mature thing last năm to aplogize to his những người hâm mộ though.

3.People Had Problems With Justin Bieber's Voice

When some people heard him in the radio, they might have đã đưa ý kiến "OMG Who the F**k is in the Radio?!?" until there daughter, girlfriend, hoặc friend đã đưa ý kiến "It is a guy name Justin Bieber" Some people find his voice annoying and girly. Because he was 16 years old, people assumed that "Justin Bieber is gay" The evidence did not prove he was gay because những người hâm mộ and people who báo cáo news knows that he has been in a long relationship with a Disney and Pop Artist Selena Gomez But hey? Justin Can't help it. He has a beautiful voice and he can sing better than the haters who wants attention to put him down.

Did bạn know? Some people say that they hate Justin Bieber but they do it to never be ashamed bởi others? Some people like Justin Bieber but rather not stand up for him so they would not be embarrassed bởi others who hate him. There are possibly thêm people who hate JB than like him. Those people who pretend to hate Justin Bieber, likes his songs. Maybe there are a few who have an obsession with him. This can happen because a youtuber name Vailoc was teased for being a huge người hâm mộ of Pewdiepie so he decided pretend like a hater.