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posted by shafiqua
xin chào dude! Believe in us.
We are the beliebers
We will never leave you,
in the pain, in the sorrows.
bạn told us to believe...
and that's the reason, I will never leave.

What a long break that your âm nhạc took,
But don't worry,
We are not disappointed.
'Cause your âm nhạc will flow like a brook,
In no hurry,
Once bạn reveal it.

Believe in us.
We are the beliebers
We will never leave you...
....even if someone describes bạn as 'ew'

The creatures that magnify your negativeness are called people.
The creatures that signify your positiveness are called beliebers.

We believe bạn from the deepness of our heart.
Let the people bark.

We are the cá of the same river...
and that's called Justin Bieber

bạn can find me on twitter:
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