I walk into my classroom.Cold,as always.I try to deni it and sit down in my desk."Morning,"our teacher said.Since none of us where really awake,we ignored the bình luận and didn't answer."Gavin,go pass out the field trip papers.""A field trip!"I thought,but then again,most of the time it's never really that exciting.It's either going to a mueseum hoặc going to the beacon for lunch.Nothing exciting.Gavin sat a paper with a dinosaur picture on it.Yep,a muesuem.Lucky us.I thought i might as well skim down the paper.It read,HAVE bạn EVER SEEN A REAL LIVE DINO.OF COURSE NOT.THAT IS UNTIL bạn SEE THE WONDERS OF JURASSIC PARK.SCIENTISTS HAVE FIGURED OUT A WAY TO CLONE DINO DNA AND MAKE REAL DINOS THAT LIVE AND BREATHE LIKE WE DO.I stopped right there.what kind of teachers play those kinds of tricks on their students.I looked up at the teacher,"is this right.""Fancinating,isn't it,I tình yêu the fact that we will be able to encounter these living things to ourselves.After school,i thought about the fact that this might be real.what if they did figure that out.that sent chills down my spine.even thêm chills when we where on the bus going to it a few days later.all the boys where diễn xuất Công chúa tóc xù as usual.kiatlin was beside me."what if something goes wrong.""i dought that,"i lied,"if they can make clones i'm sure they can keep us safe."kaitlin was paranoid about many things.but heck,she was even sweating on this one.a few phút later, i saw a sign with a raptor on it.it read,HELOCOPTERS TO JURASSIC PARK THIS WAY.of course,we turned,of course.when we went to a stop,the teacher spoke."we are getting on helicopters to jurassic park,stay calm.after the helicopters stopped on the remote island,5 tourists walked up.we all where in groups with a tourist.we where put on buses hooked up to each other."if bạn look to your left,ther is a stegasourus.""can we touch it,"a boy said."no,we shouldn't touch any of the động vật here."just then,his walkie-talkie rang."hello,he đã đưa ý kiến with a smile.his smile started to fade as the person on the line talked.he turned it off."we have to go.""why""well.the security to the carnivores has broken,they can get out any time."kaitlin was right,something did go wrong.then we heard wires break.i looked up and screamed.it was a t-rex coming toward us.the t-rex bit at the hatch that kept the buses togethor.it broke and he pushed a bus with kids on it's side."noooo,"a tourists screamed as the t-rex tore him in half.i jumped out of the bus and helped the other kids out of the broken bus.we all sat still back on our bus.as the t-rex was going to bite into the teacher's bus with all the tourists that ran inside,another t-rex came out of the trees.they both started to fight for the teachers.as they were fighting,they pushed the teachers down a hill.so they both turned to us.we all jumped out of the bus and ran as far as we could go.the t-rexes following us.