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posted by JBLUV11
if u dont kno ccdiggs, then u hav 2!!!!
she is the bestest friend u can ever hav on fanpop! she will always help u out, even if there a lil crazy. shes sweet, kind, trustworthy, and always there 4 u. and also she is the #1 jb luvr ik. dont even think bout her bein bratty, gossiper, anythin tht u can think of. if u ever get in a fight w/ her, u guys will alwys b bffls bởi the end. i will always b a friend of ccdiggs till im done w/ fanpop, which is a looooonnnnnnggggg time, cuz im only 13. sooo plez add her, ull kno bởi the time u hav ur 1st conversation w/ her, u guys will b bffls!!!! and also, plezzzz tham gia her awesome club ccdiggs!!!! hope u lik her as much as i do.
luv ya girl. <3
My Những người bạn say im a fool to think that your the one for me, i guess im just a sucker for love,
cause honestly the truth is that bạn know im never leavin, cause your my Angel sent from above,

baby bạn can do no wrong, my money is yours,
give bạn a little thêm because i tình yêu ya, tình yêu ya,
with me girl is where bạn beling, just stay right here,
i promise my dear ill put nothing above ya, above ya,

love me, tình yêu me, say that bạn tình yêu me,
fool me, fool me, oh how bạn do me,
kiss me, Kiss me, say that bạn miss me,
tell me what i wanna hear,
tell me bạn tình yêu me.

people try to tell me but i still refuse to listen,...
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ik there has been alot of fuss about who is jb hoặc not. these r some ppl who r the posers:





i can name a bunch thêm but the real justin bieber is JustinBiebsReal. he has proof all over his tường and even though he's not on alot, tht doesnt mean he's not jb, hes on buổi hòa nhạc and hes realyy busy 2 so thts y hes not on all the time. belieb me guys! i wood not b lying! hav i ever lied??? i dont think i hav. if any of u guys think he is not the real jb. idc, but ur making a mistake. im not trying 2 b mean but its true.
and jb mite not người hâm mộ u bak in time, cuz of wat i said. hes busy and all tht. so plez belieb me!! thank u!
posted by JBLUV11
Justin Bieber, when i first saw his videos, i was stunned. He was really good and i knew tht one ngày tht he would be on american idol hoặc something, before i knew it, he was on the hit tv hiển thị True Jackson VP. i knew after tht hiển thị i knew he was going to be a great singer, so this has what has happened so far.
In 2010, he wrote a book about how he got discoverd and how he got here. Its called First Step 2 Forever: My Story. In 2011, he got his own movie about his life and on the road called Never Say Never, and he has been in a couple of magazines like Time, US, Rolling Stone, Toger Beat, and Pop star.
He is currently dating Selena Gomez who does the hiển thị Wizards Of Waverly Place, and sings. Justin is 17 years old. I know he has got a long way to go still but for now, he is doing awesome. I know he will have his own hiển thị someday, I know tht he will be really hot still when hes 20, and he has tought all of us những người hâm mộ to Never Say Never!!! <3