Jason: Even if I never remember, I want to say with you.

Jason to Sam:I didn't realize how much I missed bạn now that were spending a lot of time together, and it all just came back how simple it is to be with you, it just, I don't know it just feels right, I'm grateful.

Jason to Sam:You wanna know if I loved you...when bạn were pregnant...I wanted to be a father to your child...and after the baby died...I asked bạn to stay with me...when bạn were in the hospital...I was bởi your side willing bạn to live because bạn mean everything to me. I have never loved anyone as much as I loved bạn and I never will.

Sam:Close your eyes.
Jason:I can't...I can't stop looking at you

Jason to Sam: Since Mexico everything changed...and I don't know if bạn want to hear it...because I don't want bạn to feel pressured...but with everything going on...I think I should tell you...that I tình yêu you...and I'm just glad your back in my life...

Jason: When I, when I sleep, bạn know there’s moments when I wake up and I, I still reach for you. And I remember why you’re not with me, and everything comes flooding back to me. And I gotta move, I gotta get up, I gotta go to work, I gotta do everything I can to make myself stop thinking of you. bạn like to think I don’t miss you...I miss you.....all the time.

Jason: Before I knew you, my life was pretty empty. And I was fine with it. Really I was fine with it because I didn't know any different. Until bạn moved in and bạn showed me how to live. bạn changed me, and I'll never forget that.

Jason to Sam:I want bạn with me, even if it means I have everything to lose.

Sam to Jason:I just figuered it out Why I sleep so much better at your apartment"You make me feel safe.

Jason to Sam:And I'm grateful for another thing, US, that we got past whats wrong, and were getting back to whats right.

Jason to Sam:You have the power to hurt me....

Jason to Sam:I want bạn in my life, no matter what happens.

Sam to Jason:Jason bạn did thêm than that, bạn changed my life and if bạn never remember who bạn are hoặc the tình yêu we shared I can live with the loss as long as i know that bạn are alive and well.

Sam: Close your eyes.
Jason: What are bạn going to do.
Sam: Distract you!

Jason(to baby Lila): I tình yêu your mother thêm than anything. She has made me happier than anyone in my entire life. And now I'm hurting her. It's the only way I know how to save her. I'm sorry.

Sam:You hussled me in rock, paper, scissors.
Jason:Now be a good little loser and go trang chủ and rest.

Sam to Jason: What makes bạn think bạn can fail me?
Jason to Sam: Because I have brain damage...And I pretend it doesn't exist, but it does. I don't think hoặc feel like a normal person.
Sam to Jason: Like a normal person?Jason, what is normal? Normal is way overrated. Until I met you, normal meant being used and dumped. And meant lying to myself to protect my tim, trái tim and having it stomped on anyway. What is so great about that?

Sam:Come on, I'll be quiet.
Jason:Your never quiet.

Sam:You like me?
Sam:Thanks, I like bạn too.

Jason to Sam:I just never want to to hurt bạn again.

Jason to Sam:It's selfish but I can't lose even one một giây of the time I have left with you. Yours is the last face I want to see.

Jason to Sam:And I need you, and if I made bạn feel I didn't hoặc that bạn don't matter to me, I'm sorry.