DEAR Beau,Luke,JAI,James,Daniel (JANOSKIANS)

i herd that the janoskians were having an Austrlian tour im so excited but when are bạn guys coming to Adelaide i really want bạn guys to come your just so amazing wonderful kind and just so so sweet i tình yêu all of your video ill name a few of your video
there videos:

awkward train situations part 1

awkward train situations part 2

A ngày in the Life of A Dysfunctional Family

make them move

awkward vocal situations and much more.........

i tình yêu The janoskians thêm then anything in the would and if i got to meet them that would just make my day.... there my idols i tình yêu them they make me so so happy im so glad and great full that the janoskians were created i can name a 1000 thing why i tình yêu the them but ill name a few..

Reasons Why I tình yêu the janokisns:

R.1 they are so kind sweet and they are just very nice people...

R.2 they are cute hot sexi adorable good looking handsome and much more..

the final reason

they treat people like they wanted to be treated they are nice to people they spend time on there những người hâm mộ there just lovely people...

if someone ask me if i like them thats a trick queastions i freaking tình yêu them there the air that i breath there my life if someone ask me whos ur fav i say i tình yêu them equally i cant live without them if i didnt have them my life would be hell they put joy in my life they dont just make me happy they make lots of people happy they mum loves bạn guys ao much (but i tình yêu u guys more) i hope u guys never ever break up i tình yêu bạn beau luke jai james daniel tình yêu FROM UR BIGGEST người hâm mộ BROOKE.CARDNO