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posted by Radkr
Okay. The other ngày I received "Boulevard of Broken Dreams, The Life, Times and Legend of James Dean" bởi Paul Alexander in the mail. I really did not want to have this book as part of my collection of James Dean memorabilia, because it supposedly takes the "was James Dean gay?" thing a bit over the edge. And bạn know how I feel about that!

But, I figured that, at the very least, I could get some new pictures of him that maybe I didn't have. I was not counting on the one I found while flipping through the book. It appears on page 284. My jaw hit the floor as I found myself staring at a fuzzy,...
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I wrote this blog on myspace on March 2, about three hoặc four days after I watched "Rebel Without A Cause" for the first time ever. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe that I'm this old and I never once thought to watch a James Dean movie. Gimme a break, okay?


Well, then, there, now. It seems I've turned fascination into obsession, This is nothing new to me.

When I found out that "Candle In The Wind" was written about Marilyn Monroe, I had to know everything about her. When ABC showed a movie about Ruffian last year, I downloaded every image I could find of her. This one was particularly...
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posted by ballaholic
“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.”

I’m so sorry, Jimmy. I know I’m letting bạn down. bạn wanted me to dream big, live big, and be great. I’ve done none of that. I’ve settled for ordinary. I’ve được trao up on my dreams. I’ve all but stopped living. I don’t know how it happened. Time’s just been flying by, and I don’t know how the days have managed to slip past me so many times without my notice. Before I know it, I’ll be twenty-four, the age bạn were at your death. Who knows if I’ll get much thêm than that, hoặc if I’ll even get that far?...
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posted by Radkr
bạn were something
I was not
bạn were cool, bạn were hot
bạn had talent, bạn had style
And bạn had a killer smile!

Mercurial, impolite, a giant, a rebel
A work in progress, an unpolished pebble
A dreamer, a charmer, a restless soul
How much we loved you, you'll never know

bạn were gone before bạn had the chance
To prove your worth, to dance the dance
Yes, bạn were something, everything
Still, time has not erased the sting

The years crawled by
We lived, we cried (some committed suicide)
And I was something bạn were not
I was 25
Was James Dean gay? He never admitted it, except to say, rather enigmatically, "I am certainly not going to go through life with one hand tied behind my back."

Based solely on this statement, and the secret hopes of many a smitten homosexual male, one would have to assume that this was the case. I say, "HOGWASH!" (Actually, I say something much stronger, but this is a family show).

James Dean was NOT gay. Sure, he may have dabbled a bit, but just because bạn know how to swim, it doesn't make bạn an Olympic vàng medalist. The only reason gay people say James Dean was gay is that they WISH he...
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posted by Radkr
So I was online the other day, searching Jimmy (again!) and I came across a page that had a fictionalized story of James Dean surviving the crash and becoming a private detective. It was stupid. Then I read about how someone thought that if James Dean HAD survived and gone into hiding, that it would eventually come out because too many people knew, and not all of them could be trusted to keep their mouths shut for very long. It got me to thinking: I'm going to write a story about James Dean surviving the accident. My theory is, only five people really needed to be in on the "cover-up" - Bill...
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posted by Radkr
Some people just don't get it. This is a note I found from my daughter on my computer bàn as I was preparing to log into yet another James Dean web search:

"Mom -
I think the cup of psycho bạn have been drinking lately has completely overflowed. Please stop."

I AM psycho, but that is a whole other thing. James Dean once told someone, "I am well aware that there are those who think a net should be dropped over me." I know a few people who feel the same about me, besides my daughter, of course. If I let what people think dictate every di chuyển I make, I might as well just stand still and give them an easier target.
posted by deanmonroe550
we all miss bạn james dean,so happy birthay your legend lives on in my heart,the first time i watched rebel without a cause i fell in tình yêu with bạn and i didnt know anything about bạn so i bought some sách and i leared alot,but some sách were true and some were false,at first i thought bạn were a bank robber untill i read and i learnd that bạn worked hard to become a actor and a good person and bạn had self respect for your self and alot of people dont like that in hollywood they want to make bạn than break you,but bạn didnt take shit from no one thats what made bạn strong and people now ngày need to know that they dont need to sell them self and do anything to become a ngôi sao they need to be them self,like bạn didnt dress like anyone else to be noticed and bạn didnt Kiss đít, mông, ass to be on every time magazine bạn earned it because bạn worked very hard,and bạn belived in your self!!!! and every body else should...
Now, my daughter thinks I REALLY need help! I have picture frames. Most of them hold các bức ảnh of my family: kids and grandkids. I had a few that had các bức ảnh of my ex-husband in them, but after he got remarried last fall, I took them down. Didn't take his pictures out of them, just took them down.

Over the last couple of days though, I have replaced the các bức ảnh of my ex with các bức ảnh of James Dean (about damn time,too -- we've been divorced for four years!!)

I now have a mini-gallery of James Dean các bức ảnh in my bedroom. Here they are! I would have them all over the house, but out of respect for my daughter,...
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