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"SKYFALL" (2012) Review

Before I had sat down in a movie theater to watch the latest James Bond movie, "SKYFALL", it occurred to me that four years had passed since the last movie about the MI-6 agent. During those four years, EON Productions endured another round of legal entanglements regarding the Bond franchise, delaying the production and release of "SKYFALL" bởi at least two years. But in the end, producers Barbara cải xanh, bông cải xanh and Michael G. Wilson came through and released the company's 23rd James Bond film.

"SKYFALL" begins in Istanbul, Turkey; where MI-6 agents James Bond and "Eve" go after...
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Hilarious 007 theme song parody bởi Goldentusk.
james bond
Coldplay offer up a live rendition of the James Bond theme originally performed bởi Nancy Sinatra in 1967.
james bond themes
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