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Truth Be Told

Jacob has allowed me to draw his blood on the bờ biển, bãi biển before driving me home. We đã đưa ý kiến nothing to each other on the way. When we pulled up to the house I was my dad waiting for me on the porch. As I got out of the car, Jacob took off letting the car door hang open as he pulled away. I climbed the steps slowly trying to keep my cool and empty my head, but it was already too late. My father knew what I was hiding.
“Nessie, I know what bạn have been up to. I guess I can’t blame your…curiosity.”
“So that’s why bạn allowed me to go to Boston U. That’s why bạn allowed Jacob to ask me to marry him”
“Yes, and bạn know as well as I do that there is no possibility-“
“You don’t know any thêm than I do dad! bạn don’t know anything!”
“I know enough to say that there is less than a twenty-five percent chance that bạn and Jacob will be successful. And after I saw what your mother went through…I can’t let that happen. bạn can’t have a normal baby Nessie. The odds are stacked against you. bạn know that!”
“No I don’t. I not going to believe that.”
“Say what bạn will Nessie…but deep down, bạn know. bạn just have to accept the facts.”
“Well I’m not going to! I refuse to believe that.”
“Nessie…give me the vial.” He đã đưa ý kiến to me holding out his hand.
“No.” I whispered as I cradled the vial close to me.
“Nessie! Give me the vial, I’m not going to ask bạn again!” he snapped
“No!” I hissed back as I saw the impatience in my father’s eyes turn to vengeance. He was so fast in his actions as he snatched my wrist and lifted me off the ground in front of him. Fury was in his eyes as he applied thêm pressure to my wrist. I clenched my teeth as the pain increase. I tried to defend myself and took a swing, but he grabbed my other arm in restraint. I could feel my hand trembling as I was losing my grip on the vial. He kept squeezing knowing I was close to letting go and then I Mất tích my grip and a gasp escaped my lips. I watched the vial as it spiraled in the air. It shattering into tiny pieces when it hit the ground as my father held his grip on me.
All the commotion going on sent Carlisle and Emmitt running for the door. Emmitt threw him arm around my father’s neck in a choke hold as he shouted “Put her down, Edward! My father lowered me to my feet and let me go while Emmitt held on to him tightly. Jasper came out tiếp theo and they both took hold my father’s arms restraining him and began to drag him away from the house into the woods. I held my wrist as I saw them disappear from sight. Carlisle was bởi my side now.
“Nessie let me see bạn wrist.” Carlisle asked “Did he hurt you?” as he turned my hand over for examination. But I couldn’t answer him. I looked at the remains of the vial on the ground and began to cry. My mother came running outside to me.
“Carlisle, Nessie? What happened?” she asked.
“Edward grabbed Nessie. I think she’s okay. But she may have bruises later though.” He answered her.
I say my mother’s eyes turn nearly red as she demanded.”Where is Edward!”
“Emmitt and Jasper took him that way” as he gestured towards the wood.
My mother bounded off the porch and went racing into the woods after them. A furious growling was in her voice. Carlisle realized his mistake immediately and yelled for Alice and Rosalie to go after her. Esme remained behind with us. Carlisle looked down to where I had been staring and saw the evidence of the fight. He spoke to Esme “This is really getting out of control” and she nodded in agreement.

I returned to school completely frustrated with an ace bandage around my wrist hiding the bruises my father had được trao me. I was heading to my dormitory and I was suddenly stopped bởi Noah’s voice behind me.
“Nessie wait up.” He đã đưa ý kiến as he sprinted towards me.
“Hey Noah…” I sighed as he now stood in front of me.
“Hey, I’m sorry about the diner. I heard about the emergency room. Are bạn okay?” he đã đưa ý kiến as he looked at my wrist. I suddenly put my arms around my back.
“Yeah, I’m fine”
“Hey I want to make it up to bạn if that’s okay with bạn and I hope bạn will let me” I could see the honesty in his face.
“Good, let me take bạn to bữa tối, bữa ăn tối then, tonight. I know this great restaurant.”
“Great, I’ll meet bạn here…at seven?”
“Seven is good”
He laughed and staggered away from me. “See bạn later, Nessie”
Noah was waiting for me right outside the dorm at seven just as we planned. He must have arrived early. He was holding a bouquet of hoa and was dressed in a freshly pressed blue áo sơ mi the same color as his eyes and kaki, khaki pants. I couldn’t help but think that he looked nice as he smiled at me. I was wearing the best dress I had in my closet at least as I timidly approached him.
“Wow, bạn look beautiful. Here I saw these and…well” he đã đưa ý kiến as he handed me the bouquet.
“Come on, let’s go we have reservations waiting for us”
Noah drove us to the restaurant. It was a small bistro style Italian restaurant. The waiter brought us to the bàn and Noah held the ghế, chỗ ngồi out for me as I sat down at the table. He quickly sat himself. I watched him fidget with his silverware as the waiter gave us our menus and walked away. I was about to open mine and his voice stopped me.
“Nessie…I’m really, really sorry I left bạn in the diner. I just suddenly got sick and I had to go. I didn’t hear about the xe cứu thương thing until I went to your dorm. Your roommate told me your mom had taken bạn home. I didn’t know your number though.”
I looked at him weirdly and asked “You got sick?”
“Yeah, really sick…It’s hard to explain. bạn see my family has this…rare blood disease.”
“Blood disease, what kind is it?”
“I’m not sure. Medically speaking that is. I haven’t found any documentation in any medical journals about it. I’ve asked my parents a thousand times, but they won’t tell me anything. The not knowing doesn’t seem to bother my brothers. I think they kinda like the idea of being unique. But I don’t. I hate being sick. It’s the reason I’m at Boston U. I have been searching for…a cure. “
“Well what are your symptoms?”
“That’s the part I can’t explain. I wish I could. Most of the time I’m completely fine. But once in a while I suddenly get sick. Kind of like a…err…I don’t like when a girl has her monthly thing.” I got the gist of what he was saying about the monthly thing as I remembered what happened to me.
“That doesn’t sound good.”
“No it’s really not good. That’s why I’m trying to stop it. I’m trying to break the cycle. I can’t stand being sick anymore. I want this disease out of me.”
I felt really sad for Noah as he đã đưa ý kiến that. I started thinking of my own uniqueness. I thought he might feel better if he wasn’t alone in the world. “Noah I know how bạn feel. My blood is unique too…”
“Really, how so?”
“Well, bạn know how most people have twenty-three pairs of chromosomes, well for some strange reason I was born with twenty-four.”
“Wow that is odd.”
“That’s why I’m here. I trying to get a better understanding of it.”
“So I guess we are just to freaky individuals” he finally smiled
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Well how’s your research going? I meant to ask bạn that before.”
“It’s not. I almost had the answer, but it… slipped through my fingers. I don’t really want to talk about it though.”
“Okay, say no more. How about we just completely change the subject”
As we began to talk about normal thing. Common interests and stuff, I began to feel better about Noah. Noah and I were a lot alike. I felt comfortable around him and began to relax. I could see he had done the same. He smiled thêm easily. We laughed a lot over dinner. After bữa tối, bữa ăn tối he drove me trang chủ and began to walk me to my door. He suddenly took my hand and I tried to pull it back from him, when I did he let go.
“Nessie, what did I do?”
“Noah, I told bạn already I have a boyfriend.”
“Yeah, I know bạn do. Back in Forks, right?”
“So what’s the big deal. I thought we were friends. I can’t hold your hand.”
“No bạn can’t”
“Nessie I’m just trying to say…I like you, okay. bạn are the only one on campus who seems to be okay with me. You’re like my best friend. My only friend actually” He hung his head.
“I like bạn too, Noah. You’re really cool. I just can’t-“
“I’m not trying to pull anything on bạn Nessie. I just like bạn that’s all. I know bạn have a boyfriend.” He promised “Listen I have to get back to the lab, I’ll catch up with bạn later. I had a lot of fun tonight, I hope bạn did too.”
“Yeah, I did. Thanks Noah”
“No…thank you” he smiled at me as he watched me enter the dorm.
I went straight to bed. I couldn’t have been sleeping for too long when I heard someone knock at the door. I looked at the clock, and it was 3:00am. I rubbed my eyes as the knocking became louder. When I opened the door, I saw Noah standing in front of me. He was wearing the same clothes and had his lab áo, áo khoác on.
“Noah, what’s wrong”
“I’m sorry to wake you, but I need bạn to see something really important. Can bạn come to the lab with me.”
“Noah, It’s 3:00am, can I just see it tomorrow?”
“Please Nessie, for me?”
“Okay, but I have to get dressed first”
“I’ll wait for bạn outside”
I threw on some clothes and met Noah. He took my hand and briskly led me to the lab. I was so tired I didn’t pull away from him. When we got to the lab I saw that his station was covered in notes and medical journals. He brought me to his microscope.
“Nessie take a look at this”
I peered into the microscope with confusion. I knew I was looking at blood, his very unique blood as I took a better look. The sleepiness disappeared as I stared deeper repositioning the lenses.
“This is your blood, Noah?”
“Yes, it is. Can bạn see the differences?”
“Yes, it’s…fascinating, but I don’t-“
“Nessie remember at the restaurant when bạn told me about your blood having twenty-four pairs of chromosomes?”
I looked up at him, I could see he was on to something. “Yes, I remember, why?”
“I had never thought to count my own before bạn đã đưa ý kiến that to me. I have twenty-six.
“Yeah, look at this” He put the break down sheet in my hand and pointed to the red circles.
“See here…and here. He đã đưa ý kiến as I examined the sheet carefully. I could definitely see what he was talking about. Everything else looked completely normal except for the ones that were circled. “This has got to be what is causing the abnormality in my blood. I just don’t know yet if my brothers have the same thing. If they do then…it’s not necessarily a disease. It could be hereditary.”
All of a sudden Noah grabbed me in a huge hug. His massive arms had lifted me off the ground. He wasn’t crushing me hoặc anything, but it did make me feel really uncomfortable.
“Thank bạn Nessie, you’re a genius. I would have never found this out if it wasn’t for you” he softly whispered in my ear. He gently placed me back on my feet and smiled at me. “Listen, we’re both tired. I’ll walk bạn back to your dorm, okay”
Noah did walk me back to my dorm. He thanked me again as I went back to my room. I tried to sleep, but there just wasn’t enough evening left to benefit me. Morning came too quickly. The ngày dragged as I did. I was so exhausted, and thirsty. I hadn’t hunted since I left Forks. I decided it would do me good if I recharged my battery. When nightfall came I snuck out of my dorm. As I was crossing over the campus football field I was my shadow and looked up. I full moon hung over me in the sky. It made me think of Jacob, but I was so thirsty I didn’t linger to long. I went thru the cây line as my instincts kicked into high gear. I heard rustling ahead of me and began to hunt. Crossing through the forest I sensed I was onto a herd of deer. Easy targets as my thirst deepened. I set out in chase as one of the deer caught wind of me. Running after the herd was too easy. I caught up fast and lunged taking out my target. I began to drink getting Mất tích in the taste as my thirst began to fade. So engulfed I was that I was paying no attention until I heard a long, growl. The sound caught me off guard as I dropped my prey and froze in place searching around me. Then I heard it again, behind me. I turned quickly to defend myself flashing my teeth and hissing hoping to scare off whatever it was. Through a slight clearing in the trees something stepped into the moonlight. It was huge, definitely not a chịu, gấu and it definitely wasn’t human. The massive beast let out a huge roar as I frantically ran away. I could hear it give chase after me. I was running with all the speed I could find and yet I felt like I wasn’t going to make it out of the trees. It was right behind me. Catching up to me fast. With every last ounce of my energy, I blasted out of the tree, not turning to look behind me. I ran and ran, I didn’t stop running till I got back to the dorm. I slammed the door closed on the main entrance and slid to the ground for a moment. I was covered in blood from my kill. I had to clean myself up and quick before someone saw me. I headed to the vòi hoa sen first. When I got out I crept into my room. My roommate was still snoring. I got dressed quickly and went to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. When that chore was done. I went back to my room. But there was no way to sleep. Not after what I had seen. I kept thinking of the creature in the wood. I had never seen anything like it before.
Daylight came thru my window. Even though it was a Saturday and I could sleep in, I wasn’t tired. I was frightened and anxious. Not wanting to wake my roommate I got up and headed for the lab. I was almost there when I heard Noah call my name.
“Nessie. Stop I have to talk to you.”
“What up Noah”
“Not here though, come with me” he took my arm and led me away heading for the football field. I could barely keep pace with his long strides. I had to jog to keep up with him since he wasn’t letting go of my arm. When we got to the middle of the field he stopped short and spun around still holding on to me.
“Nessie…what are you?” He spoke each word individually at me in an accusing tone.
“I don’t know what bạn mean-“
“I saw bạn last night, in the woods. I saw bạn with the deer. bạn were drinking its blood!” he sneered.
“You saw me?!” I gasped
“Yes!” he hissed
“How could bạn see me, I-“
“What are you! I mean I know the answer already but I want to hear bạn say!”
“I’m a girl-“
“Nessie stop playing dumb with me! I already saw you! I know what bạn are!”
“I’m nothing, nothing at all”
“Stop lying!”
“Noah what do want me to say!”
“I want bạn to say it. Out loud! Tell me what bạn are!
“How did bạn see me?”
“Nessie! Say it!”
“No! How did bạn see me! All I saw was-“ a sudden gasp escaped my lips. I made the connection. It was like an electric shock hit me. He saw my reaction. He knew what I was thinking.
“I’ve seen bạn and you…you’ve seen me.” He said
“Impossible…” the words just drifted from me. He let my arm go.
“ What’s so impossible. You’re a vampire and I’m a werewolf.”
“I’m not a vampire!”
“What are kidding me! Nessie I saw you! I know what bạn are. bạn can’t hide behind that crap now! I’m not stupid!
“What the hell do bạn know about ma cà rồng anyway?”
“I’m not blind bạn know. I’m looking at one right now!”
“You don’t know anything! bạn have no idea what bạn are talking about!”
“Oh really, well enlighten me then, why are bạn not a vampire?”
“Well for one thing they are immortal…no heartbeat!”
“And bạn do right! bạn have a heartbeat! Give me a break”
“You want proof!”
“Yeah as a matter of fact I do!”
“Fine, here! I held out me wrist to him. He shook his head and eventually took my wrist in his hand and placed his thumb tight to feel my pulse. He dropped my wrist quickly.
“So what that doesn’t prove anything! I know what I saw!
At this point I had enough of the accusations spewing from his mouth. I was tired of arguing with him. If he wanted thêm proof, he was going to get it. I concentrated the image in my head, reached up and touched his face. His eyes rolled back in his head his body shuttered. I quickly pulled away from him and stepped back. He shook his head for a moment and the glared at me.
“What did bạn see?” I asked
“I’m not sure.” He blinked again and again. “ What did bạn just do to me?”
“I’m asking the các câu hỏi now. What did bạn see?”
“I think I saw your parent?”
“Yes, my parents. My human mother and my vampire father. I’m only a half breed.”
“Well that explains…some stuff, I guess?”
“Speaking about explanation! Mind explaining yourself! I mean bạn stand here accusing me of being a monster…but what about you, huh?!”I caught him off guard. He was suddenly mortified as he stared at me. He struggled for a moment.
“You’re right. I am a monster.” He đã đưa ý kiến to me and bolted away.

From that point on Noah and I avoided each other completely. I didn’t go back to the lab. There was no point. I didn’t have Jacob’s blood. I couldn’t finish my research without it. As the school năm ended all of my hopes for finding các câu trả lời were lost.
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Jacob is worried about Bella since she seems to be very depressed. Through the procession of the video Bella gets happier with Jacob and starts falling for him. Taken from YouTube.
Jacob Black
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Edward Cullen
He's just tooooo cute
Jacob Black
Taylor Lautner
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posted by mrsblack_1089
Just like it says, this is the sequel to my original fanfiction Sunbreak! I might continue if I get enough positive comments. So read, review, and rate!!

"I just can't believe how big they are!" Emily cooned as she and I watched the twins sleeping. The blue-ish, green-ish light of the bonfire flickered across their faces where they lay on Jacob's lap, breathing steadily in and out.
I could never get over how breathtaking my two little children were. When Jennifer was sleeping she was thêm beautiful than any vampire. Her cheeks were a creamy russet color, with just a hint of màu hồng, hồng in them. Her...
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Scene from New Moon :)
Jacob Black
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Taylor Lautner
Bella Swan
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Bella Swan
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Taylor Lautner
Kristen Stewart
heey sorry it took so long, i wrote it but i didnt have much time, ive been organising things for school seeing im going back tomorrow! anyways hope bạn guys like this one, it might take me longer to put up the other chapters because ill be focussing on my studies, but ill try and get them up asap :)

I sat on the corner chair in Blair’s room as she slept. She was like an Angel so relaxed and peaceful while she slept. I couldn’t sleep, I needed ideas for Blair’s ngày on Saturday I wanted it to be perfect; sunset at the beach? I’ve already seen it with her, but I wanted it to be sunset,...
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Chapter 9 is in Jacobs POV nothing interesting really happens yet, chapter 10 will be back in Blairs POV and she goes back to school.

I was sitting on the đi văng at trang chủ flicking through channels on the TV there has been no interesting shows on TV in ages. Waiting around trang chủ was getting boring, the only thing Im looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp too is Blair’s house tonight with the Seth. I didn’t know hoặc not if I should tell Blair about Julie, she is Nessie’s Những người bạn after all, half human half bloodsucker. Nessie must have told her about Blair and I and she probably got jealous, when I đã đưa ý kiến two years...
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Chapter Eleven

    We finally made it back to the Cullen’s. The other Người sói had already gathered there, and were lounging around outside, still in chó sói, sói form. The jumped up when we showed up, snarling softly, and hair raised. Evan was holding on, but his voice was fading. Our little group was met bởi Emmett, Edward and Carlisle, looking wary.
“ Carlisle!” I ran to him quickly.
“ Please help us. There was a little, um, misunderstanding and now Evan is hurt badly…Please, can bạn help?” I cried.
“ Evan?” Emmett asked.
“ It’s a long story! But if we help him,...
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“Children of the Moon”


I was never really a superstitious person. I had a normal upbringing. I’d seen my share of horror films when I was a kid. But, never imagined in my wildest dreams any of the Hollywood fiction was real. I never bought into any of Billy Black’s stories about the Quileute legends down in La Push. Not until the time Jacob had shown me he could changed into a gigantic chó sói, sói right in front of my eyes. That image was ingrained in my memory forever. Bella had tried for a little while to keep her secret about being a vampire. That didn’t...
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Jacob Black