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This Jacob và Bella bức ảnh contains chân dung, headshot, and closeup.

 Keila Waterfalls
Keila Waterfalls
Part 11 contiunes from part 10

“It doesn’t matter what he thinks, his lucky I don’t leave him” she said.
“Are things getting worst” I asked.
“Yea, we argue all the time, he is so cold towards his daughter”
“Bella give him a chance his new at this”
“Jake, I wish he was thêm like bạn with her, at least bạn hold her, you’re going to be a great dad one day” she said.
“Thanks Bell, but Edward would get the hang of it”
“It’s been months, plus we argue for the smallest things”
“Really, like what?” I asked.
“Okay like yesterday I was feeding Renesmee, he thought I...
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This is Part 8 Holiday edition it contiunes from part 7.

Emily ran down the porch and looked up to see the bathroom window open, Leah was drying her hair; she had a white towel wrapped around her.
“How many times do I have to tell bạn don’t open the windows in the winter” đã đưa ý kiến Em.
“Oh come ‘on bạn know I get had faster than you” đã đưa ý kiến Leah
“You don’t pay the bills here Leah, remember I’m not a chó sói, sói and I feel the cold, I don’t get bạn run up my heat bill while bạn live less than a mile away” Emily đã đưa ý kiến as he made her way back to the house. Leah just rolled her eyes and slammed...
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 Keila Waterfall
Keila Waterfall
Part 5 continues from where part 4 ended.

“Good, his punk anyway” he giggle I giggled with him. “Let’s get something to eat    “I told him. He agreed, we went to a new spot it was called Worrier’s the place was semi packed. The Waiter sat us bởi a window the lights was dimed. It was very relaxing, Jake orders a doubled beacon chesses burger with fries and củ hành, hành tây rings, I order a chicken sandwich, bánh sandwich with coleslaw. I felt like we were bonding. When our meal came he fed me a củ hành, hành tây ring, it looked like his eyes sparkled. “Could it be that he finally realized I’m the...
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Part 4 continues from part 3 ended.

    The tiếp theo morning I woke up to my cell phone ringing. I check the caller I.D. to see Jacobs name. “Hello” I said.
    “What time are bạn going to the phim chiếu rạp with Ernie?
    “I dunno, maybe around 7, Why?”
    “Cause I’m joining you” he said.
I sat up on my bed, “It’s my date, what bạn mean you’re joining, bạn didn’t even ask”
    “I’m joining, that’s the end of it” he quickly hung up the phone. I placed my hand on my face and...
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Part 3 continues where part 2 ended.

I started to get a little mad; he truly didn’t notice my tình yêu for him at all. I didn’t have anything else to say, I just kept on driving until we got to the beach. I pulled up to the space, I quickly turned off my car. He noticed me upset, he grabbed my arm.
“What’s the matter with you?”
“Nothing Jake, I just wished that bạn could open those eyes and realize”……I stopped myself.
“Realize what?” he asked. He looked at me with concerned written in his face.
“That……that….that she isn’t the one for you” I know I lied but I didn’t...
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Part 2 continues from where part 1 ended.

“I over reacted when I was in your room last night, it’s just that she just drives me there”
“Oh, ok” I wrote back.
“Are bạn okay?” he wrote to me.
“Yes, just peachy” I wrote. For some reason he found that funny and wrote me “LOL” I smiled and handed him back the letter, he opened it as if he expected to read something, he looked surprised to just see what he last wrote. From the corner of my eye I seen him glanced at me. He smirked; it made me blush, my cheeks turned red. I was hoping he didn’t notice. After class he walked me...
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 Jacob Black
Jacob Black
Hey fanpop heads, this story just came to me, i alway written about Bella and Jacob getting married, but this time i did something different. Hope bạn enjoy....HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Music flowed through my ears as I wrote a verse of the song; I paused and glanced at a picture of Jacob, Sam, Seth, Leah, Quil, Embry, Paul and Jared they was bunched together but the only person I couldn’t keep my eye off of was Jacob. I whipped a tear as I continued to write.
Baby I loved bạn from the very start even though I knew that bạn break my heart.
I quickly changed the song searching for another song that...
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The Finale of the stoy, it conitues from the ending of part 7

“Well that is what us natives call imprinting, and it’s the rarest of imprints to, when we both imprint” Jake answered.
Bella had the biggest smile, she kissed him again.
A năm later Jake and Bella was preparing for their big day. It was just how Bella envisioned it the ngày they imprinted. Her mother was trying to help her with the vial.
“Mom, it’s going to start soon and where still stuck on this vial”
“Oh Bella, Jake waited this long for bạn he could wait 5 thêm minutes.” Just then they heard a light knock on the...
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Part 7 contiunes from part 6

“She needed to know” Jillian đã đưa ý kiến softly. Bella broke free of Jake’s grip and ran towards Edward, out of reaction Edward pushed her, and she flew onto a nearby cây Jacob angry ran threw is veins, his eyes grew red as he transformed onto a wolf, he chased Edward into the deep woods. Jillian ran to Bella’s side, she had a deep cut on her forehead, she quickly took off her sweater and placed it to her head to help slow down the bleeding, in the distance she could hear the rumbling and the growling from Edward and Jake’s fight. Bella sat up, “thank you”...
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Part 6 takes place from ending from part 5

“What is it about him that bạn defend him so much? Asked Edward.
“Why can’t bạn guys just be friends?” she replied.
“You totally ignored my câu hỏi Bella”
“Because Edward his my friend and he has been for a long time”
“But I’m your fiancé” đã đưa ý kiến Edward
“Don’t do this now Eddie, can we have a good time please” Bella đã đưa ý kiến as she place her hands on her head out of frustration. “Can we just tham gia them on the bờ biển, bãi biển and just have a good time” she continued.
Edward sighed “Ok, I will try for you” Bella and Edward sat on the sand...
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Part 5 takes place from where Part 4 ended.

“Jake, I’m not leaving Edward”
“And I’m not asking bạn to Bella” he đã đưa ý kiến “Listen let’s just finish the movie” he continued.
“Ok, sounds good to me” she replied. They watched the movie but fell asleep, she woke up cuddled in between his arms, she didn’t want to get out of bed, his warmth felt so good to her. She checked the time it was 10 am, she heard a car pulling up on her driveway, she quickly jumped up waking Jacob, she creped to her window to see her father staring at Jake’s discolored colored Mustang.
“What happened”...
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Part 4 takes place from the end of part 3

Bella reached her house, she sat in the driveway for a little while before she walked in, Charlie didn’t get trang chủ yet, and she didn’t want to be alone in her house but she managed to get to her room. She plopped on her giường face first. She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket; she thought it was Charlie so she didn’t check the caller I.D.
“Yes, dad I’m home” she đã đưa ý kiến while her face was buried in her thick blankets.
“Dad?, I’m your dad now”
“Oh, I’m sorry Jake” she đã đưa ý kiến as she sat up on her bed, wrapping her legs to her chest.
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The story Contiunes frome where Part 2 ended

“Not until bạn tell me why we can’t” she đã đưa ý kiến while she gripped his arm tightly.
“Because bạn want to be one of them, I can’t be Những người bạn with a blood sucker Bella, I also don’t want to be your friend because bạn allowed Edward to try to kill me” he đã đưa ý kiến while pulling away from her.
“How did I allow him to try to kill you?”
“Bella a silver Volvo hit me, who else in forks would has a silver Volvo” he đã đưa ý kiến while walking away from her, she began to walk behind him
“Jacob, I won’t let bạn destroy our friendship.” She đã đưa ý kiến trying...
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Jake looked at her but gave her a fake smile. “Maybe we should let these two talk” đã đưa ý kiến Charlie as he helped Billy out to the waiting room.
“Jake, listen, I’m sorry bout last night”
“Why should bạn be sorry, bạn made your chose Bella”
“Jake, just because I’m with Edward doesn’t mean that I won’t be your friend.”
“You just don’t understand do you”
“Maybe I don’t but, I do understand that I don’t want to lose your friendship Jake”
Jake just laughed.
“Jake, Edward isn’t going anywhere, I tình yêu him, and………………………Where engaged.”
Jake looked at...
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The story takes from the end of twilight new moon.

Bella got trang chủ from school, it wasn’t a good day, even thought she agreed to marry Edward, she still felt bad that Jacob was mad at her. She had tried calling him that night but all she got was his voicemail. She sat on the edge off her bed, she heard a light knock from her door way, she looked up to see Charlie. She notices that his expression wasn’t normal, he looked concerned.
“What is it dad?” she asked.
Charlie walks slowly to her and sits tiếp theo to her; he grabs her hand and takes a deep breath.
“Bella” he đã đưa ý kiến while looking to...
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 A Jacob and Bella tình yêu Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off, Bella was helping Jacob with his wounds and she was kissing him in his sleep)
As my lips touched against his I felt the sparks again. I couldn't believe I was doing this again. It was such a relief to know that he didn't wake up although I did react bởi wrapping my arms around his neck. I was Mất tích bởi the deep kiss. I think he was dreaming that I was kissing him although he didn't know it was really happening. I slowly departed from his lips and sat down, my tim, trái tim racing. Why was I doing this? I was so used to having him around I just wasn't sure why I did that. I took...
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posted by tayandkris4evr
I took a deep breath and gazed at the stars above my head. Dotted aimelessly in the pool of ink. I started to think of Bella again. I can't get over the fact that shes dating a bloodsucker. I-- somehow deep, deep inside feel betrayed. hoặc was it closer to the surface than I thought?
I shook the thought from my head, and rezoomed the picture in front of my eyes. The north ngôi sao twinkled brighter than the others. Which brings me back to Bella. I just thought of how much she stood out. She was like an angel. A clumsy angel..
I laughed to myself.
I stood up, shaking cỏ off my back. I wanted to go...
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 A Jacob and Bella tình yêu Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off we were at Bella's house with Bella and Jacob talking)
"What do bạn mean us?" I asked.
"I mean I want to talk about how that bl-- I mean how HE made us not have a normal relationship," he explained.
"Well it's not about what we should be, Jacob. I tình yêu him and bạn can't do anything about it," I stated, firmly.
"That's because he never gave us a chance to be together," he đã đưa ý kiến sadly.
"Well I'm sure we can still be friends," I stuttered.
"I don't think I can handle that Bella because, I can't belive I'm saying this but...," he trailed off.
"But what?" I demanded.
"I love...
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 A Jacob and Bella tình yêu Story
A Jacob and Bella Love Story
(Last time we left off at when Bella was getting ready to go to the phim chiếu rạp with Angela, Ben, Jessica, Mike, and Jacob)
I parked on the far side of the theater with everyone waiting for me at the front of the theater.
"Hey everyone," I said.
"Hi," everybody đã đưa ý kiến in unison.
"So which movie do bạn all want to see?" Mike asked.
"How about Paranormal Activity?" suggested Jacob.
"Fine bởi me, Angela?" Ben implied.
"Sure I'm up for a scary movie, Jessica?" Angela said, excitedly.
"Well fine as long as we all stay in a group," she cautioned.
"Ok, and don't worry bạn guys I'll pay for the popcorn," I...
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That night Jacob and his son came trang chủ late from training; Bella was up washing the dishes. She greeted them at the door, giving Jake a Kiss and Little Jake a Kiss on the cheek.
“Little Jake time for bạn bath” Bella said.
“Oh come’ on mom” he replied
“Little Jake go take a shower” đã đưa ý kiến Jake
Little Jake drags his feet to the bathroom, Bella sets the water to a good temperature, she then leaves and walks to the living room with Jake. He looked extremely handsome sitting watching T.V. she just had to steal a Kiss from him. She sets tiếp theo to him and kisses him. Jake puts his arms around...
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