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I never planned to say goodbye to my mother, forlike ever. I always thought i'd live with her forever.
But now that im standing in her embrace at the Arizona airport , that statement could mean nothing thêm then me actaully gettting tp my fathers.
My father charlie lives in Forks, where he still lives in the very house that his marriage between him and my mother failed, and where i was born.
I'd had to turn to my father after living with my mother had become difficult.

Charlie picked me up in his police cruisier, i never thought i could be thêm embarrassed untill he decided to turn on the lights on the main road. I should've known that he would of told all the townfolk that i was coming, and that this was the signal to all rush over and hover over the mysterious chiefs daughter.
i remember being here when i was young, but after my 12th birthday i decided that i diddnt want to keep coming back, but that diddnt stop my father. But after all this time , i never forgot my way around and the way home.
i expected Charlie to turn left into to main road the leads us to our street, but he continued down teh road, ahead the road sign i remember, to represent "La Push".
"Ahh, dad, why are we gonna La push" i đã đưa ý kiến curious.
"Ohh sorry, i forgot to tell you, Billy black, bạn remember him right, well he has a present for bạn , to welcome bạn back home" I remembered Billy black , and his two twin daughters, Rebecca and Rachel, who everytime Charlie came over to watch the super ball expected me to play with them, but they always stuck they tongues at me and told me to go away. I never really got to meet his son Jacob form what i remember.
"ohh ok," i đã đưa ý kiến thoughfull.
, We drove into the gravel driveway of a small red vựa, chuồng trại, barn house. It was just like i remembered, it was like i never left. The only things that had changed was that two little girls wern't rushing out the front door to hug "uncle charlie"
"BILLY!" dad called , its echoe quiet easily into the depth of the house.
i glided out the cruiser, watching my step, afraid that with my luck that i fall on the gravel, i was that hopeless that i took precaustions on every terrain.
A young boy came to the door, and open it, offering us inside.
He had long black hair that was silky down to his mid waist, he was really thick , tall, handsome. I tried not to blush , but i failed really badly.
"Hey bella, im Jacob, we used to make mud-pies together" He was the son i hardly remembered.
But mudpies? Now i remember, haha, gosh, my little Jacob. He đã đưa ý kiến that my mud-pie tasted like dirt not mud so i chucked a sook and he told me to grow up and that im a little pansy. It's funnier , even at that age he was still thêm mature then me.
"hey jacob, its been a long time" i gave him a quick hug, but he gave me deep tight squeese, he caught me off gaurd.
"Hey , i need your help with cooking dinner, can bạn help me?" Jacob asked sheepisly, it sounded thêm like a beg. When i lived in Arizona, i was the chief, so.
"Sure, whats on the menu?" i joked, Jacob laughed thêm then i planned.
"Umm, i don't know yet, thats what i needed your help with , and to help me cook it, and serve it" ha looked down at me with baby eyes.
"So you've never cooked Dinner"
"No, we've survived off Harry Clearwaters homemade cá Fry, and well, two một phút noodles, xin chào did bạn know that those noodles dont take two phút but four!" He admitted with a guilt as charged face. I must admitt too, that this face i instandly loved.
"haha ok sure"

At around 6:30pm ,me and Jacob called Billy and Charlie to miếng bò hầm, bít tết and vegies. It was simple and well just not stuff up proof.
Charlie wheeled Billy to the table, which stunned me, Jacob filled me in during out prepartion time.
Billy had a tragic Car collide that damaged his spine, making him live in that chair for the rest of his life. I pitied him, but then diddnt, because Billy looked as happy and as full as life then i remember him last.
During the cutting of chewy steak, Billy come forth in "So Bella, i bet your curious on what your welcoming gift is?"
I stopped, i almost forgot about my present. Now that he brought it up again, it made me nervous.
"ahh yeah?"
"Well after tea, Jacob will hiển thị bạn to it" He đã đưa ý kiến throught a mouthfull of carrot and corn.
"It's outside?" i asked.
"Ohh yeah, and its kinda big" he winked .

i set my dao, con dao ad fork down, and looked up at jacob, who had polished his off about ten phút before me.
He stood up and gentlely took my hand. His hand was warm on mine, i liked it.
He lead me outside into the massive backyard.
In the distance their old nhà để xe became into focus throught the darkness. He chuckled and began to run, dragging me behind. Making him laugh more.
"Jacob , stop , i can run, well.." i said, sounding thêm like a damsel in distress.
This make him laugh more, he stopped and in a moment lifted me onto his back, i felt like a rag doll.
I gasped at his actions. But i wouldn't fight, i liked it. He was soo warm. His smell was soo welcoming. i just wrapped my arms around him. he stopped and clutched my hands for a second. The ran ahead again.
I diddnt know what to think.
We reached the old shed, with a swinging dimp lamp from the roof.
He glided me off like a peice of light fabric. With the tin roof i heard drops fall onto the roof. I should've have remembered that forks was the ranniest place ever!
he tugged me in front of him, clucthing my hand again. He was starting to feel like my best friend again. he felt right to me.
He pointed to a shade in the corner of the shed. I looked back at him. He smiled.I returned it back.
He started to pace towards it , again dragging me behind again. I heard a snicker come from him.
A red truck stood before me.
"this is your new car, if bạn want it of course"
Oh My God, this is my welcoming present!
IT's PERFECT!, i tình yêu it!", letting go his hand, hearing the rain increase in rythem.
I jumped into the drivers seat. Looking at the old interiors. Which made me tình yêu it more.
Jacob opened my door, and offered his hand.
i took it and he lifted me down.
"Do bạn like it?" He đã đưa ý kiến curious, but scared.
"DO i ever? i tình yêu it! THANK YOU!" I said, and bởi accicdent , leaping into another hug.
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 Fernando (Nando) Rivera
Fernando (Nando) Rivera
Chapter 57.......Hope bạn guys enjoy it

I put the car on drive and made my way to my 5 ngôi sao hotel.

When I arrived I was amazed bởi how beautiful Florida was, there were palm trees and the bờ biển, bãi biển looked amazing, the water was so blue and clear. I walked into my hotel and checked in. I chose the Ritz-Carlton 5 ngôi sao luxury hotel. I walked into my hotel room and it was thêm than beautiful, I had big vịnh, bay widows in the living room area and in my room I had a sliding door leading to the balcony that over looked the beach. I decided to walk around on the beach; I sat down on the sand and stuck my feet...
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