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 160419 IU for Sony Korea 보르도 핑크 Bordeaux màu hồng, hồng
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In addition to criticizing IU for allegedly using a lolita concept for her newest album Chat-shire, netizens are also attacking người nổi tiếng who have defended the singer.
While netizens continue to attack the LOEN Entertainment singer, người nổi tiếng such as Heo Ji Woong, Jin Joong Kwon, and Yoon Jong Shin have come to her defense.

However, using screenshots and trích dẫn from past broadcasts, netizens have targeted several of these celebrities, and accused them of being những người hâm mộ of the lolita concept. Translations of the post and all the screenshots can be found below:

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Singer IU revealed that she was inspired for one song bởi a picture drawn bởi Sulli!

During her commemorative talk event 'CHAT-SHOW' on October 23 for her new mini-album, IU stated regarding one of her new songs, "Red Queen," "There's a drawing that became the motif. As soon as I saw that picture, I thought of a red queen. It's a drawing that is even in the album.

"To tell the truth, that drawing is one that my friend Sulli drew for me, and Sulli draws well. That's why I visited Sulli's house, saw that picture, thought it fit the lyrics I was thinking of, and borrowed that picture to write [the song]."

That's pretty cool!

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