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 IU & Lee Joong Ki for Le Coq Sportif
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This IU bức ảnh contains bóng rổ, trẻ con hay chảy nước dãi, người rong ruổi, dribbler, cầu thủ bóng rổ, basketeer, cager, người chơi bóng rổ, and người chơi giỏi.

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We all know and tình yêu K-pop songs, but there are undoubtedly some fabulous songs in English that even K-pop idols adore! From Bruno Mars to Beyonce, these artists have all been covered bởi many talented K-pop artists.

While some are sung bởi native English-speakers turned K-pop artist, others have been covered bởi people born and raised in Korea. Want to hear some of these gorgeous covers? Just click through the gallery to see “17 Amazing English Covers bởi K-pop Artists.”

SPICA.S – “Lost Stars” (Adam Levine)
Without a doubt, this song is one of the best of 2014. It’s hard to beat the...
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Subs and timing bởi squishy Encoding bởi LilyU_
eng sub
hidden singer story
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Another Koreaboo bài viết featuring IU! This time, it's "12 Sexy K-Pop Idols & Actors with photoshoots in bed, and like always, IU looks stunning. Taken from koreaboo's blog.

Sometimes, even we’re amazed at the themes of photoshoots that are in K-Pop! We looked through and found a collection of idols, actors, and các nữ diễn viên who have done photoshoots while in giường and put together the best ones.

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