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bạn look at me and call me oppressed,
simply because of the was I'm dressed

bạn know me not for who I am inside,
and judge the clothing I wear with pride.

I'm an individual, and certainly no man's slave,
it's only Allahs' pleasure that I crave.

I have a voice so I will be heard,
for in my tim, trái tim I carry His word.

"O bạn women, bọc close your cloak,
So bạn won't be bothered bởi ignorant folk."

Man doesn't make me dress this way,
it's only law from God that I obey.

Oppressed is something I'm truely not,
for it's liberation what I've got.

It was được trao to me years ago,
with the right to prosper and to grow.

I can climb mountains hoặc vượt qua, cross the seas,
expand my mind in all degrees.

For God Himself gave us liberty,
when He sent đạo hồi to bạn and me!
The "Dove World Outreach Center" is planning to hold an event to burn the Quran at their church, which is an insult to those people who follow đạo hồi and who read this sacred book.

There are many Christians that have also spoken out against this act and believe its not what they are taught and have shown their support through organizations like us.

Muslim Petition calls on everyone to unite against this act of evilness and sign the petition below, to hiển thị your support against this event. Your petition response will hiển thị that bạn have spoken out against this act peacefully.This petition requires 1 milion signatures before 11-09-2010.

Please complete the petition form below correctly on

Medicine, as it stands today, did not develop overnight. It is the culmination of efforts of millions of people, some we know and others we do not. The flame of civilization, including medicine, started thousands of years ago. The flame has been handed over from one generation to another, and from one country to the other. Depending on who took the sacred responsibility of hosting it, sometimes it got brighter and sometimes it got dimmer. However, it never died away, because if it did, it would have been too hard to start all over again.

Between the ancient civilizations, namely...
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